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Letterkenny is one of the shows you cannot miss. It has now been a while since the 10th season stopped airing and your curiosity about Letterkenny season 11 release date is justified.

The show has a wonderful rating of 8.7 stars out of 10 on IMDb while it has been liked by 92% of users on Google. These high ratings might be a good explanation for why the viewers haven’t gotten bored of the show and after 10 seasons of it, still wondering about Letterkenny season 11.

The first season of the show aired on February 07, 2016, and since then we have done nothing but love the show.

And without further ado, let’s talk about Letterkenny season 11 release date and other updates related to the show!

Letterkenny Season 11 – What Are The Renewal Updates On The Show?

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Yay! If you are here looking for Letterkenny season 11 release date and praying for the show to get canceled, we have bad news for you!


Yes, it is bad news for those who wanted the show to end after just 20 seasons as the show has been renewed for the 11th one and we might soon get to know when the show will hit the screens!

Still, wondering what we just said?

The show, Letterkenny, is coming up with a new season and has been renewed for the 11th season with no reluctance.

Now that you know that the show will come up with a new season, don’t you have like a million questions in your mind about the show?

What is Letterkenny season 11 release date? Who will be in the cast? What will happen? Trailer? Streaming platform?

If you do, we have answered a few of them, and they will answer almost all the questions among the million you just had.

Who Can Be In The Cast Of Letterkenny Season 11?

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There are not going to be a lot of changes in the cast of Letterkenny season 11. The main faces are going to be the same, while viewers may expect some new characters in the upcoming season of the series.

The entire cast of Letterkenny season 11 has been mentioned below for you:

  1. Jared Keeso will portray Wayne,
  2. Daryl is Nathan Dales,
  3. Michelle Mylett as Katy,
  4. Squirrelly Dan played by K. Trevor Wilson,
  5. Reilly is played by Dylan Playfair.
  6. Andrew Herr, who plays Jonesy’s role,
  7. and Tyler Johnston as Stewart.
  8. Alexander de Jordy,
  9. Dan Petronijevic,
  10. Jacob Tierney,
  11. Melanie Scrofano,
  12. Lisa Codrington,
  13. Evan Stern,
  14. and Kaniehtiio Horn.

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What Can Be Letterkenny Season 11 Plot? What Do We Expect In The 11th Season?

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As the show is coming up with a new season, what do we know about Letterkenny Season 11 plot?

If you are a subscriber to a program, you would know it was first commissioned as a YouTube video before becoming a sitcom.

In Canada, they filmed the show in a rural location. Their everyday issues and lives are the focus of the series.

The drama is however centered on the siblings Katy and Wayne. They manage a modest farm and produce business while receiving help from Wanye’s pals Dan and Daryl.

The show features three types of people – Hicks, Skids, and Natives.

One group of people getting wasted, another group going about their regular lives, and a third group interacting with some hockey players can all be part of the Letterkenny season 11 narrative.

Letterkenny residents have been competing against residents of a neighboring town in hockey. It appears that they will have to put their hockey rivalry to rest and work together to take on the foreigners in the forthcoming season!

Yet, hey! Do not anticipate a lengthy 11th season. Only 5-7 episodes will make up season 11 of Letterkenny.

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What Is Letterkenny Season 11 Release Date?

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Letterkenny’s season 11 release date was earlier expected to be in the summer of 2022. But since the summer has already passed and we haven’t seen the show, we can only assume that the release date of the show has been pushed back by a few months.

It is now a significant possibility that the Letterkenny season 11 release date might have been pushed back by a few months.

We might get the show later in 2022 or early 2023.

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What Is Letterkenny Season 11 Release Date For Trailer?

As of now, there is no news for the Letterkenny season 11 trailer.

As we mentioned earlier that the show’s release has been pushed back by a few months, we cannot certainly say when we will see the trailer of your favorite show.

But not to worry about that. As soon as the trailer comes up, we will put it right here for you. Till then we have embedded the trailer of Letterkenny season 10 below. Watch and enjoy that!

Where Can I Watch The Show?

The Canadian sitcom will be available to watch on Hulu for the show’s viewers. On Hulu Plus, you can watch every season of the comedy show Letterkenny.

You can also stream the show on the original network – Crave.

The only thing left to do is wait for the Letterkenny season 11 release date and the program itself. The viewers (including us) will binge it as soon as it becomes available!

Summing Up | Letterkenny Season 11 Release Date

Our favorite show Letterkenny is getting a new eleventh season! Even after 10 successful seasons of the show, the craze for it has not gone down, but viewers have only demanded new and new seasons. The show makers are doing it too!

Letterkenny is one of the longest-running shows in the modern history of shows. As mentioned above, season 11 of Letterkenny is on its way. However, the Letterkenny season 11 release date has not been announced.

The viewers and fans of the show will have to wait for the trailer and the Letterkenny season 11 release date to arrive. Since we are getting closer and closer to the release date of the last season, the Letterkenny season 11 release date might drop soon!

This was all for the Letterkenny season 11 release date. Hope you found this article helpful, and that you found what you were looking for. If you did, let us know through the comment section below, if there is anything else you would like to know about the show, drop the query in the comments below and Fiferst will be right at it.

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