Kota Factory Season 2 release date

The series fills a big level of confidence among the students especially those who prepare for competitive exams. It proved that if you want to achieve your goal then the proper strategy and determination will help you to accomplish your target. TVF original Kota Factory was released last year and people gave it an excellent response.

Now, after watching season-1 most people believe that Kota Factory Season 2 should be made. Do you too believe the same? Look, I also think that season-2 of the series should be made. But is it going to happen? Has the Kota Factory season 2 release date revealed in India? Let’s know the answers to these questions one by one.

What Are The Latest Updates Regarding Kota Factory Season 2?

1. When Will The Second Installment Of The Drama Arrive?

Kota Factory Season 2 Release Date
Season 1 of the series was quite successful and especially students loved it a lot and that’s why we are impatiently waiting to know the Kota Factory season 2 release date. I want to clear you one thing that the makers of the series haven’t announced yet the renewal of season 2.

Therefore, it is too early to say something regarding the Kota Factory season 2. But the ending of season-1 gives a strong signal about the renewal of season-2. But till any further updates, we can’t do anything instead of having patience.

What will be the story of Kota Factory Season 2?

Kota Factory Season 2 Release Date
In part 1 of the drama, we saw a beautiful bond between Vartika Rawal and Vaibhav Pandey. The way Vaibhav supported Vartika in studies displayed a solid understanding between them. We have seen how to make himself busier Vaibhav appeared in the Entrance test of Maheshwari classes along with Vartika and You know what happened after that?

Vaibhav qualified for the test while Vartika failed in doing so. You might remember that in the last episode of the series we were hoping for a graceful ending between them but it didn’t happen. Probably we may get a chance this time to see it in the Kota Factory season 2.

Also in the season 1 beginning episode, we saw a little glance of Maheshwari classes. And in the remaining episode, we kept hearing talks like Maheshwari Classes is a top academy. The students who study there have a higher probability of clearing the IIT exam in comparison to others.

We got to hear talks like “Maheshwari Me Aisa Bohot Kuch Hai Jo Yahan Nahi Hai Lekin Yahan Aisa Kuch Bhi Nahi Hai Jo Maheshwari Me Nai Hai”. We hope that we will get to see more about Maheshwari classes in season 2.

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How Many Episodes Will Be In Kota Factory season 2?

Kota Factory season 2 release date

In the season-1 we have seen five episodes which are:

  • Episode 1: Inventory
  • Episode 2: Assembly Line
  • Episode 3: Optimization
  • Episode 4: Shut Down
  • Episode 5: Overhaul

As per prediction the Kota Factory season 2 will probably have 6-8 episodes.

What will be the cast of Kota Factory Season 2?

Kota Factory Season 2 Release Date
The actors like Jitendra Kumar and Ahsaas Channa have performed amazingly in part-1. Especially people loved a lot the acting of Jitendra Kumar, his character of Jeetu Bhaiyya became a favorite of many ones. In fact, I too enjoyed watching his exceptionally well acting skills.

Therefore, there are maximum chances that they will be again seen in Kota Factory Season 2 episodes replicating their roles. If it is going to happen again then:

  • Mayur More will be again seen as Vaibhav Pandey
  • Ranjan Raj will deliver gis role of Balmukund Meena
  • Alam Khan will play his character of Uday Gupta
  • Jitendra Kumar will replicate his character of Jeetu Bhaiya
  • Ahsaas Channa will deliver his role of Shivangi Ranawat
  • Revathi Pillai will replay his character of Vartika Rawal
  • Urvi Singh will be again seen as Meenal Parekh

Apart from them, other stars like Arun Kumar, Harish Peddinti, Sanyam Bafna, Loveleen Mishra, Jasmeet Singh Bhatia, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Gaurav Mishra, Visshesh Tiwari, Jyoti Gauba, Amitabh Krishna, Saurabh Khanna, and Deepak Kumar Mishra will also be seen playing their respective characters.

Has the Kota Factory Season 2 Trailer Arrived?

Due to COVID-19 pandemic makers haven’t even announced the Kota Factory Season 2, ‘Trailer Toh Door Ki Baat Hai’. Hence there is not any official trailer available for the Kota Factory season 2. The Youtube contains season 1 trailer so, if you haven’t seen it yet then you can watch it above.

How To Watch Kota Factory Season 1 Episodes?

Kota Factory season 2 release date

After seeing whooping 9.1/10 stars on IMDb everyone would like to watch the Kota Factory at least for one time. If you haven’t seen season 1 of the drama I can tell you how to watch it for free? Wanna know? Let me tell you how this is possible?

If I’m not wrong your phone definitely has the most famous video streaming platform. You can go there and watch all the 5 episodes of the Kota Factory absolutely free. TVF has published all the episodes of the drama there.

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