Aarya season 2 release date in India

Have you watched Disney+ Hotstar’s Aarya Season 1? I hope you enjoyed watching part-1 of the crime drama. We all know that through the series Sushmita Sen entered into the digital industry and people loved her acting a lot.

Now, after watching the first part of the series they are curiously asking about the Aarya season 2 release date in India? If I’m not wrong you too want to know its release date. If so, then be ready as I have brought a bunch of the latest news to keep you fully updated regarding season 2? So, let me start.

What Are The Major Updates Regarding Release Date, Plot, Trailer, And Cast Of Season 2?

1. Has Aarya Season 2 Release Date in India Reavled?

Aarya Season 2 release date in India

There is no doubt that Aarya season 1 was a huge hit. Crime show lovers have praised a lot the series. By giving impressive 7.9/10 stars on the IMDb they proved that they hugely liked the drama. In recent times we have seen that If any web series performs effectively on the digital platform then makers renew it for the further seasons.

Then how can makers do wrong with Arya? We Know that Aarya season 1 ended on a very interesting note which strongly indicates the making of season 2. A few months ago Ram Madhvani in a conversation with Sushmita Sen on Instagram announced that they are going to make Aarya season 2.

But they didn’t reveal the exact release date of the second season. As per predictions it is expected that Aarya 2 will arrive in mid of 2021. The shoot of the series hasn’t started yet and therefore it is not possible to release the series this year.

How will the Arya Season 2 Plot be?

Aarya season 2 release date

In the final episode of part-1, you might have seen that things change quite fastly. Arya comes to know that her father is behind the death of her husband. His dad instructed her to murder Tej(her hubby) because he thought that he is shielding Arya by saving her from the crime world.

But when Aarya steps her feet in Don’s universe she achieves big success. She takes avenge and came to know that Bob has murdered Jawahar. Actually, Jawahar was given instruction to finish Aarya but he couldn’t do it and he killed Soundarya. Thereafter to take avenge, Bob finished Jawahar.

Then Police Officer Khan makes his solid efforts to disclose unlawful trade that Arya does. Till the ending, he collects sufficient pieces of evidence to prove the crime of Arya’s family. But still, he offers Aarya a second opportunity and opinions him to leave the nation and settle in foreign.

Then, Arya reveals the name of his dad and sibling and calls them the main culprits behind the murder of his hubby and many others. Thereafter, the Police send both men to prison. But the biggest question that came into everyone’s mind is – Whether Arya will settle in foreign or will stay here to continue his illegal trade?

That’s why Arya season 2 is going to be very interesting. It is the reason why we are impatiently waiting for it? Hence we hope it releases as soon as possible.

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Who will be part of Aarya Season 2 Cast?

Aarya Season 2 release date

There are maximum chances that previous stars will be seen in the second installment too replicating their previous. There are few chances that there will be a change in cast. The makers haven’t finalized the cast of season-2 but as per prediction, we are again going to see Sushmita Sen and others in action. If it will happen then:

  • Sushmita Sen will replicate his role as Aarya Sareen.
  • Manish Chaudhary will be seen as Shekhawat.
  • Jagdish Rajpurohit will play his character of Bhairon Singh.
  • Vikas Kumar will reprise his role as ACP Khan.
  • Priyasha Bhardwaj will deliver his role of Soundarya.
  • Ankur Bhatia will play his role of Sangram.
  • Chandrachur Singh will deliver his role as Tej Sareen.
  • Sikandar Kher will replicate his character of Daulat.
  • Sugandha Garg will portray his role as Hina.
  • Viren Vazirani will reprise his character of Veer Sareen(Aarya’s 1st child)
  • Virti Vaghani will be seen as Arundhati Sareen(Aarya’s 2nd Child).
  • Pratyaksh Panwar will replicate his role as Adi Sareen(Aarya’s 3rd child).

Has Aarya Season 2 Trailer arrived?


The shooting of the series hasn’t even started yet, the trailer is a distant thing. Then, you must have understood that there is not any trailer available for Aarya 2. The Youtube contains only the season-1 trailer, so if you haven’t seen it yet then you can watch it below.

How many episodes will be in Arya Season 2?

Aarya season 2 release date

We all watched 8 episodes in season 1 of the crime thriller which includes:

  • Episode 1: Tum Mujhpe Bharosa Karti Ho?
  • Episode 2: Aapko Shaq Hai Kisi Par?
  • Episode 3: Kaun Zimmedar Hai?
  • Episode 4: Apne Panje Bahar Nikaalo
  • Episode 5: Kaun Chalaega Business?
  • Episode 6: Ek Guru Chahiye
  • Episode 7: Aapki Mummy Don Hai
  • Episode 8: Grahan Hai Aaj
  • Episode 9: Dharm Sankat

If Aarya Season 2 arrives till mid of 2021 then we can expect that it will have 8-10 episodes.

How To Watch Aarya Season-1 Episodes?

Aarya season 2 release date

If you forgot to watch part-1 of the crime thriller then you still have a chance to watch it. But let me clear you one thing initially that Aarya is a part of Disney+ Hotstar specials hence you can’t watch it free. Firstly you have to download the official app.

Then, you have to sign up there using your SIM number. Thereafter, you have to purchase the subscription of the platform and after this step, you can watch the episodes of the Aarya web series. If you want to buy the subscription of Hotstar at a low price then I can tell you the process. Want to know?

Let me tell you how it is possible? If you have Jio or Airtel sim card then you can check out their plans as both operators are giving some special offers to their users through which they can buy the subscription plan of Disney+ Hotstar at low prices. The cheapest plan is offered by Jio where it offers 15GB data+ Hotstar subscription at just ₹222.

So, these were the latest updates regarding Disney+ Hotstar’s Aarya Season 2. The much-awaited second installment of the crime thriller will arrive in 2021. Till then stay connected with us for further updates regarding it.

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