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Trying to gather information about IT Chapter 3 release date? Fiferst got you covered, Honey. The stories of “IT” are taken out from the novel written by Stephen King, named IT.

Yes, the name of the novel and the movies have not been changed.

Should we now discuss both the movies in a little detail?

  1. IT: Chapter 1
    1. The movie has an overall rating of 7.3/10 on IMDb while 86% of people liked the movie on Rotten Tomatoes. Going 3% down, 83% of Google Users.
  2. IT: Chapter 2
    1. The second chapter of the movie was released in 2019, two years after the first chapter was released. The second chapter was liked by 62% of viewers on Rotten Tomatoes, while it has a rating of 6.5/10 on IMDb. Neither gaining nor losing anything, the movie was again liked by 83% of Google Users.

After that, it is quite obvious that you are waiting for IT Chapter 3 release date. But there are quite a few complications in that.

What are those?

As the second part of the movie ends, there is no one upon which IT can feed.

Wait, there are more.

We will discuss them further in the IT Chapter 3 release date. Keep track, guys!

What Is IT Chapter 3 Cast – Who Can Make It To The Third Chapter?

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As mentioned above in the article, by the end of the second chapter, the losers in the movie are no longer there.

What does that mean? Yes, there is a possibility that the entire cast of the movie will revamp. Wait, does that also mean we won’t see our dear Pennywise and the Dancing Clown?

The chances of that happening are very low, but never zero.

We can see our beloved characters in part 3. But we’re not sure about the losers (unless, of course, the writers go for a flashback).

There is no official announcement regarding the same. These are just speculations.

But we’ll see all these characters and this whole discussion is only worthwhile if there is going to be an IT Chapter 3 release date or a sequel to the previous movie.

Let’s talk about that?

IT Chapter 3 Renewal Status – Is The Movie Coming Back with Chapter 3?

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Is Chapter 3 coming to life?

The question might be there in your heart, and yes, it should be.

And the answer? No one knows for sure. No one can surely say that the third part is coming.

The reason for that?

2 major reasons IT Chapter 3 MIGHT not happen:

  1. If you have read the books and watched the movie, you know that by the end of both, there is nothing left to see or make a sequel about.
  2. The second reason is that it has been quite a while since the first two chapters of the movie have come out, but since then, there have been little to no official talks about Chapter 3 of the movie.

But that doesn’t mean we lose hope.

Since the first two chapters of the movie were loved by the audience, the demand for IT Chapter 3 has been crazy.

There might not be any official renewal announcement of the movie, but the word on the streets is also that the third chapter is being considered for the same.

What Is the IT Chapter 3 Release Date?

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Phew, finally, the question everyone has been waiting for.

What is the IT Chapter 3 release date?

As mentioned in the previous section of the article, the renewal of the movie is highly speculated but not confirmed.

Hence, there is no official word in the air about the IT Chapter 3 release date.

In conditions like these, it is going to be highly unstable to tell you IT Chapter 3 release date as Warner Bros don’t know it themselves.

But if you look at the release patterns of the previous two chapters of the same, the release gap is of two years. So, given that calculation, taking that the second chapter was released in 2019, chapter three should have been here by 2021.

But sadly, it is not the case.

So, all one can do is wait. Wait for the third chapter of the movie to get a confirmed renewal and the movie to get a release date soon.

And what about the IT Chapter 3 release date of the trailer? Let’s talk about that now.

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What Is IT Chapter 3 Release Date For Trailer?

Hmm, what is the IT Chapter 3 release date for the trailer of it?

The thing is, if no one yet has a release date for the movie or even the confirmation of the movie’s production, then for us to tell you that the movie will have a trailer on a date and time would be an overstatement on behalf of Fiferst.

We won’t make that statement just now.

But we can sure tell you that if IT Chapter 3 comes, then IT Chapter 3 trailer will release about 90- 120 days before the actual movie release.

The trailer of IT Chapter 3 has not yet been released. But not to worry, as the trailer releases, Fiferst will put it right here so that you don’t have to look for it.

For now, below is the IT Chapter 2 official trailer embedded for you, so that you don’t miss the third chapter’s trailer as much.

Where Can I Watch The Movie?

The IT sequel has to be one of the most famous movie adaptations of the horror genre. And if you’ve watched the movies (the first and the second chapters) you will agree.

Whenever IT Chapter 3 releases, you will be able to watch the movie on Prime Video and Netflix. Just like the first and the second parts.

You can also watch the movie on big screens once IT Chapter 3 is released.

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Summing Up | IT Chapter 3 Release Date

So, this was all for IT Chapter 3 release date. We understand the wait for the sequel is long, but, hey! At least it is going to be here soon. Well, if you ask for the release date of the movie, we don’t know yet.


As mentioned earlier, the official IT Chapter 3 release date has not yet been announced by the producing team.

But don’t worry, as soon as we get any other info and the latest updates about the show, we’ll post it right here. So if you’re hooked on the movie, all you have to do is keep going through this link as we’ll post everything here related to IT Chapter 3.

If you think there’s something Fiferst is missing out on in this article, make sure you put that in the comments and Team Fiferst will get to it right there and right then.

Hope you found this article helpful. We’ll see you soon in new articles but till then, bye!

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