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With The Flash series ending in May, the Flash (movie) was released. However, the movie did not success well on the screens as the producers expected it to. That leads us to question (even though there were 9 seasons) – Is Flash a successful series?

But now that the Boxoffice results are out, they seem to tell a different story. It seems like the audience was still grieving Flash the Series and it was a little too soon to release the movie.

But it would be wrong to say that the slow box-office performance of the movie was only because it was released close to the end of the show. Other factors led to the movie not performing very well at the box office.

A few factors that could be counted in the Flash movie being not-so-successful are judicial and private.

But, is Flash a Successful Series? This is the question we will be tackling in this article. So, hop on in the wagon before it leaves the station.

Why is Flash (The Movie) Not Successful?

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“Is Flash a successful series?” To fully understand this, we need to understand what was in The Flash movie that did not work on the screen and for the audience that it could not do in the theatres. In short, why was The Flash movie not successful?

As we all are aware of the kind of personality the lead actor of the movie has, and the juridical and personal issues the star, Ezra Miller has been dealing with… Michael Keaton’s return as Batman was made the major selling point for the movie.

Despite that, the movie’s opening box office collection was expected to be better than what it was. But we also need to mention the fact that the audience would have watched the movie only if it had a better plot line.

Warner Bros. gave the go-ahead for a Flash movie despite Justice League’s commercial and critical flop in 2017. Why couldn’t The Flash succeed at the movie office as Wonder Woman did that summer and Aquaman did the year after that? Of course, there were many other factors as well, but the vision for Barry Allen was by far the most important.

Ezra Miller’s portrayal of The Flash in Justice League was so embarrassingly dumb that it almost gave an unflattering impression of autism. Barry while in his pre-paradox condition was mostly solitary. His only real ties were with his father in jail and the other members of the Justice League, which were more about how he might help in a crisis than actual friendship.

Even reuniting with Iris West, who was a college affection of his, which would have given the film a stronger emotional foundation, was more played for humor than anything like romance.

And so it is not like the movie did not have the chance to give The Flash (movie) an emotional angle, it chose to play it off differently. 

PS: It didn’t go well.

The unfortunate passing of Barry Allen’s mother Nora has been a part of the DC canon ever since the publication of 2005’s The Flash: Rebirth comic. Barry in the 2023 movie The Flash once thought about going back in time to help his mother after realizing he possesses the power to travel through time.

He made his decision after only a few moments of thought, which started the perplexing series of events that is best characterized as a loose variant of the Flashpoint incident that resulted in The New 52 in 2011.

The public had no one to root for or feel remorse for because of that variety (known as Alt-Barry), who was immature, irresponsible, and much more unsettling than the original. As word of mouth traveled, spectators seemed to have figured this out, which ruined the film’s first weekend.

The Flash’s box office failure was undoubtedly caused by several factors, including its several reshoots, and the failure of the DCEU, but even these factors taken together couldn’t eliminate the studio’s hype machine or the excitement surrounding Michael Keaton’s return to the Batcave.

Is Flash a Successful Series?

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Now that we have a better idea of what made the Flash movie flop, we can answer our first question – “Is Flash a successful series?”

Let’s answer that. To answer that exact question, “Is Flash a successful series?”, Fiferst has for you, some pointers.

They will help you better understand the contrast between why the Flash movie failed and whether the Flash is a successful series or not.

The geeky forensic scientist won over audiences with his appearances on the network’s premier superhero program, Arrow. Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin, won the audience over with his chaotic charm, astute knowledge, and tremendous heart in the first episode of his solo series.

Viewers bonded with Barry as soon as they met him. Even though he was inspired by the initial trauma of discovering his mother’s death and his father’s unjust imprisonment for the crime, he wasn’t molded by it. Barry has an innate ability to establish peers who would later become family.

The better portrayal of the human relationships Barry had in the series is one of the reasons why the audience preferred watching the series over The Flash movie. Barry’s first encounters after he recovered from the incident that gave him powers were with Caitlin and Cisco.

The two were among the first to become aware of Barry’s abilities and they immediately supported him in his roles as The Flash. Soon later, they joined Barry’s adopted family and built the show’s emotional core.

So, to finally answer your question, “Is Flash a successful series?”, Fiferst would say  “Yes, The Flash is a very successful series. The show not only took over the Arrowverse for 9 seasons but also gave the audience some of the best TV shows to watch.”

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