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There are only certain moments that do not only shape a whole character, movie, series, or comic book, but those moments also shape what the audience is going to feel, think, and know about it.

Those moments are important and defining. Here are 15+ best Flash moments that not only formed a strong public opinion of the Flash but also made him a public hero.

It has been decades since The Flash comic books began to come out and there has always been a strong fan following for the “fastest man alive”.

15 Best Flash Moments as The Audience Describes!

The Flash and Batman
Source – Entertainment Weekly

Not just that, there is a whole community of fans that not only put forth their versions of best flash moments but also come up with alternative storylines in the Arrowverse!

But, today, Fiferst is here with a list of 15+ best Flash moments that seem unbelievable and quite debatable (sometimes).

Let’s have a look at them.

1. When Jay Garrick Arrived On The Scene!

15+ Best Flash Moments
Source – CBR

So, if you have only recently begun to follow The Flash, you have to know that the arrival of Jay Jarrick (Jason Peter Garrick) is one of the 15+ best Flash moments of all time.

“Why?” you ask.

Because he is only the first character who came to be known as THE FLASH! To be more precise, he was the first person to take up the role of the Flash, you know, besides the comic book drawings.

A pretty big upgrade, some would argue.

The legendary deity Mercury had a direct impact on Jay, who began the fast-paced narrative of a group of DC heroes that are still going strong today’s date.

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2. When we got to know a person called “Barry Allen”

How Old Is The Flash (Barry Allen)?
Source – Comic basics

He is undoubtedly the most famous and most beloved Flash to date and also, one of the 15 best Flash moments of all time.

Barry outdid Jay in almost every aspect of being a speedster, donning a more refined outfit with an all-red suit and his recognizable lightning bolt emblem.

This paved the way for a hero who had only recently started experiencing wild popularity in the DC Universe.

3. When The Flash Met His First Nemesis!

Flash meets capt cold
Source – The Direct

The first time these two clashed was in 1957’s Showcase #8, which John Broome and Carmine Infantino wrote.

Captain Cold, also known as Leonard Snart to his pals, turned to become Barry’s adversary. This initial rivalry created the foundation for Captain Cold and the other Rogues (explained below) to develop into the adversaries all speedsters must face at some point or another.

Captain Cold would eventually command the collection of Flash villains known as the Rogues.

4. Who is Wally West?

The Flash: introduction of Wally west
Source – CBR

Debuting in the comics in 1959 as Iris’s nephew, Wally was transformed into the youthful hero known as Kid Flash by being drenched in electrically charged chemicals like his uncle, he was merely a child.

Wally made his debut in The Flash #110 wearing an article of red clothing akin to Barry’s; he didn’t acquire his recognizable yellow speedster attire until later.

Well, anyhow, the introduction of Wally West is probably one of the most monumental and deserving to be on the list of 15 best Flash moments in history!

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5. Welcome The Flash To The Justice League of America!

The flash is the leader of the Justice League
Source – The Direct

Getting the first time mention in 1960 in The Brave and the Bold, serial number 28, we see Barry Allen, aka, the Flash in the 7-membered Justice League of America.

The Justice League of America’s first seven members included Barry’s Flash. Barry, the league’s quickest hero tried his best to combat whatever evil the world was facing on that particular day after being revealed to be the League’s chairman who would assign missions and responsibilities as needed.

As a result, a speedster will almost always be on the team going forward.

6. Wally, is that you?

Wally West
Source – Paste Magazine

Wally had been erased from the timeline and briefly replaced by Wallace West, The New 52’s Kid Flash, courtesy of the schemes of Doctor Manhattan of Watchmen fame.

Everyone who knew Wally had also forgotten Wally. After being imprisoned in the Speed Force for years, Wally is freed with Barry’s intervention in DC Universe: Rebirth #1 from 2016, completing the Flash Family and restoring fans’ faith in a hero who deserved better.

Wally was back in the family, hence, getting it entered in the 15+ best Flash moments.

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7. The Creation of Flashpoint.

What is Flashpoint?
Source – GamesRadar+

Barry traveled back in time to try to forestall his mother’s terrible death in Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert’s flash point tale from 2011—an occurrence that sparked the creation of The New 52.

Having completed his mission, Barry returns to a world that has undergone a significant adverse alteration, leaving him to figure out how to reclaim his speedy abilities while also coming to grips with the effects of his time travel misdeeds on the person he loves.

8. Meet Jai and Iris, Wally’s Twins

DC Rebirth's Wally West Doesn't Remember Having Kids
Source – ComicBook

One of the sweetest and thus, 15+ best Flash moments is when the twin babies were born in 2005 in The Flash, serial no. 225.

Along with their father, Jai and Iris West were also wiped out of time. As a result, they later developed Speed Force-related abilities and transformed into the heroes Surge and Thunderheart/Impulse, respectively.

Wally’s children are carrying on the heritage of the Flash even further; they haven’t yet reached their full potential, but with the way they’re going, it won’t be long.​​​​​​​

9. The Return of Barry – The Rebirth

reappearance of Barry after 20 years
Source – GamesRadar+

MIA for almost 20 years only to finally make an appearance in 2008 in Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones 2nd edition of the Final Crisis Event.

In the pages of Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver’s The Flash: Rebirth, Barry truly was reaffirmed as DC’s foremost Flash. In addition to revitalizing and redefining Barry for a modern age, this 2009 miniseries brought him back into the speedster prominence after an excessively lengthy absence.​​​​​​ as mentioned before.

Hence, making it one of the 15+ best Flash moments.

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10. Wally Takes over The Flash

Wally West becomes the Flash?
Source – Quora

One of the 15+ best Flash moments – this one is not really “best” but it is certainly a critical moment in The Flash series.

Yes, we’re talking about when Flash happily gave away his life so that no one could hurt DC Universe from unfathomable destruction.

When did it happen? In 1985.

It instantly resulted in Wally becoming DC’s primary Flash in 1986. Wally saw immense popularity as a hero and a character after emerging as the Flash of his time.

He cemented his status as a legendary hero and established himself as the Scarlet Speedster.​​​​​​​

11. Hey there! Meet Speed Force.

The Flash: What Is the Speed Force?
Source – ComicBook

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article some plots and moments in the story are so vital that they form a strong public opinion and shape how the story will go further.

Such was the moment when Speed Force was induced in the series, making it one of the 15+ best Flash moments.

Surprisingly, this notion was not presented in Flash Legend until more than sixty years after Jay Garrick made his debut.

It was initially introduced in 1994’s The Flash #91 by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo, over ten years after Wally succeeded Barry, and it swiftly came to represent everything Flash-related.

This issue’s depiction of Wally racing so quickly that he virtually freezes time, a force used to explain the Flash’s abilities, effectively popularises the idea of the speedster and alters Flash myths for all time.​​​​​​​

12. Witness The Flash V/s Superman!

Superman Vs. Flash
Source – CBR

This moment is when the two most prolific superheroes got into the debate about who is faster – yes, this is what has gotten this moment the entry in the 15+ best Flash moments of all time.

A race between Superman and the Flash? Heh! ICONIC!

In 1967’s Superman #199, by Jim Shooter and Curt Swan, Superman and Barry Allen’s Flash finally put their speed to challenge for the first time.

This was the very first event that matched Flash against Superman to determine who should be dubbed “The Fastest Man Alive.” It was a fundraiser race that ended in a draw. ​​​​​​​

13. Welcome The Reverse Flash in the House!

Eobard Thawne reverse Flash
Source – Variety

Mostly known as “the man in the yellow suit”, the reverse Flash was literally what his name tells us he is – the opposite of everything The Flash is, but morally.

Eobard Thawne, also known as Reverse-Flash, is a villain who first appeared in The Flash #139 in 1963. He is from the far-off 25th century and grew up admiring Barry Allen’s Scarlet Speedster.

Due to time travel trespassing Thawne quickly realizes he will ultimately become the Flash’s greatest antagonist.

As a result, he uses his time-warping powers to make certain that all repetitions of the Flash will never feel truly safe in any timeline, providing the Flash Family with a persistent threat that ranks among their greatest foes.

14. Say hi to the Cosmic Treadmill, you pals!

The Cosmic Treadmill
Source – CBR

First making its appearance in 1961 in the 125th edition of The Flash, Barry lets us in on his little secret – a machine that would Utilise his super-speed to successfully transverse time.

This device would later allow heroes to travel between worlds and even had a hand in the invention of the lifelong enemy of the Flash, Reverse-Flash, using cosmic energies, radioactive pulses, and his vibration powers to transport himself anywhere he wished.

15. Flash? Flash? – Barry And Garrick

The Flash 1 meets The Flash 2
Source – Screenrant

A legendary storyline from Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino’s The Flash #123, released in 1961, introduced readers to what would come to be known as the DC universe.

After vibrating out of his planet, Barry comes across a parallel realm where he meets the first Flash, the now-retired Jay Garrick, unknowingly transporting himself to Earth-Two.

The tale, which saw a group of heroes working together to fight three troublesome villains, laid the foundation for innumerable subsequent multiversal stories and featured several appearances of Jay Garrick and other Golden Age heroes from his planet.

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