characters from imposters tv series

Dark comedy as a genre, Imposters is a spellbound series created by Adam Brooks and Paul Adelstein. It is originally an American television series that got premiered on February 7 in 2017 on Bravo Cable Network.

As of now, the TV Series includes two Seasons with 10 episodes each but we as an audience do await for Imposters Season 3 Release Date quite soon. The basic centrality includes a female, a con artist who first marries people and then runs away taking along all their money for her own selfish deeds. The lady’s strategical and conspiracy-filled mind is clearly depicted throughout the drama.

Taking wrong use of her beauty and beguiling appearance she makes every boy fall into her wrath, not only does she rob their hearts but also all their money and materialistic goodies, however, she feels attacked and threatened when she gets diverted from her original goal that’s a scam and actually starts developing genuine feelings for a guy named Patrick.

Imposters Season 3 Release Date – Is It Confirmed?

characters from imposters tv series
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Not to elude from the fact that after the series got premiered in the year 2017 and later its extended version in 2018, woefully Bravo, the channel decided to cancel the TV series. This infers the fact that we may not get to hear about the Imposters Season 3 Release Date anytime soon.

This was saddening news for a lot of imposter fans which made them club up after a few months to wish Bravo or other such networks to pick up Imposters.

As a result, when Netflix decided to put forth the same, the show aired up even more than before having a tremendous fan base, hence now if  Imposters Season 3 shows up it is likely to be released on Netflix in the spring of 2022, and as far as latest details are concerned it may take as long as a span up till 2024.

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Imposters Season 3 – Flashback To Previous Seasons

characters from imposters tv series
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The beginning of the series itself starts by showing how happily Ezra Bloom believes that he gets married to his dream woman, the girl of his fantasy world and the love of his life, without realizing the unfortunate truth that she shall be using him for his money and health and she hardly cares about him in general.

later it shows how Maddie gets drawn towards Patrick and finds herself in trouble as according to her deeds she is not supposed to develop some real genuine feelings for anyone but fortunately or unfortunately Patrick seems to be the one deluding her from the actual purpose.

Later in the series, we also come to know about how the three guys that Maddie was cheating on find out about her whereabouts and decide to confront her. We by this find out how the series is a mix of drama, mystery, humor, and specifically dark humor. It has indulged a good number of audiences having a considerable rating of 7.

Season 2 of the Imposters on the other hand is the continuity of Season 1 where the Bumblers head to Richard’s hometown in an attempt to sell the ring that they stole at the end of the prior one. Later ahead in the series Maddie realizes that the ravages she has to face for what she has done in the past are not going to be just tough but extremely very difficult, with this mingle of suspense and revengeful drama, the series carries its path forward.

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Imposter Season 3 Cast – Are There Any New Faces?

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Inbar Lavi is one of the main reasons when it comes to the success of the series as she has quite a stronghold when it comes to fan base, most likely we shall see her as Maddie in the next season, also the expected cast is as follows Parker Young shall continue to play the role of Richard Evans, Stephen Bishop who is an undercover FBI agent in the show shall continue to play as Patrick.

Similarly, Katherine LaNasa as Sally, Brian BenBen as Max, and Marianne Rendon as Julia Langmore shall also be seen in Imposters Season 3. Also, as far as the latest information is concerned we are most likely to encounter some new faces playing some captivating roles in the new season as well.

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Imposter Season 3 Plot – What Will Happen Next?

characters from imposters tv series
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Recent details have shown that there might be an interesting collaboration for renewal of the Imposters Season 3, Moreover, it shall be even more interesting and full of twists and turns as there are chances for the show up of some new faces as well, that might play an important role in making it full of suspense and creating a new storyline.

The central idea shall remain the same as that of treachery and deception but the chances of the addition of new facets in the plot are apparent, also the show has an excellent fan base the creators would surely not disappoint its viewers.

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Imposters Season 3 Trailer – Is It Out?

Since the Imposters Season 3 Release date itself is not confirmed, the trailer has shown no traces on any platform, and neither the makers nor the producers have had any claim on the same. According to the present sources, the vague idea about the trailer getting released in 2024 is up otherwise there is no say when it comes to the same context.

Meanwhile, you all can have a glimpse at the previous existing trailer –


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