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Heartland Season 16 will finally see the light of the day. Heartland is a famous Canadian drama which is running long for good fifteen seasons. There is a possibility that it might get another season. This show has quite a fan base and it’s holding it for quite some time. It is a number one show for horse lovers.

The first season of the show dropped in 2013 and since then Heartland hasn’t looked back and is still performing quite remarkably and consistently. The series follows a novel written by Lauren Brooke named Heartland. The charms of the horses and the horse whisperer are taking audiences by surprise.

The story of Heartland is simple yet heart-touching. It revolves around the family of Fleming-Bartlett, including a gifted horse trainer Amy Fleming. Who doesn’t here love family drama? And that’s the secret of such a long-running show. Now, as the fans are waiting for the Heartland Season 16, we have some quick updates for you regarding it. Let’s explore all the upcoming buzz in the detail.

Heartland Season 16 – Shuffling Through Last Season 

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Heartland Season 15 is mainly about the importance of family and being there for each other in ups and downs. Two seasons of the heartland in a year speaks for its popularity. Ty’s mother and stepfather finally spilt up and as a part of the settlement, Lily gets the farm and all the winning from the horse races. Since Amy is the reason for such winning, Lily sent her a check for a significant amount. Amy seemed hesitant to take it.

Logan is sceptical about attending school given their financial condition. Later on, Amy while shuffling through books finds a letter addressed to her name written by Ty. It was meant to be given on their 6th anniversary. However, Ty died way too early and never had the chance to give it to her. This letter gives perspective to Ty.

Therefore, Amy decided to give a major part of the money to the centre and keep it running while keeping aside a sufficient amount for her kid’s future. After such a long period of internal conflict, Lou finally decides to be with Peter. On the other hand, Tim is worried that Jessica is keeping something secret from him. She was only seeing a doctor and the follow-up on her tests came normal.

On the other side, Lisa is worried about the big race as her jockey Eddie fell from the horse and got injured. She gave a chance to Carlos and in the final race the horse, Platinum beau, won.

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Heartland Season 16 Release Date- Is 2022 The Locked Year?

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Source – Netflix

The fans are waiting for the Heartland Season 16 with high hopes. The makers already released back-to-back two seasons in the past year. Now the expectations have gone through the roof. Unlike the past few seasons, Heartland Season 16 will have more episodes. It would be fifteen-hour long episodes which means more watch time, more content, more drama and more awesomeness.

There have been talks and the Heartland Season 16 was earlier scheduled to be released in April. However, the same got delayed. The fans need not worry about anything because the official announcement has come from the CBC. That only means maybe delay but renewal. However, the show would be available on CBC to watch.

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Heartland Season 16 Cast- Who Is Saved For The Last?

Cast of Heartland Season 16
Source – Netflix

The cast of any show is as important as the show itself. Because the audience connects with the characters more than it does with the plot. Heartland’s long-running secret is its strong cast and its connection with the audience. So, hopefully, everyone from the last season is returning for the next instalment.

Amy Fleming aka Amber Marshall is the heart and soul of the show. She is coming back. Jack Bartlett aka Shaun Johnston is also one of the important characters of the show. Lou Fleming aka Michelle Morgan is also coming back in the Heartland Season 16 as her social media updates show the same.

Along with them, Tim Fleming aka Chris Potter will be seeing. Lisa Stillman aka Jessia Steen, Caleb aka Kerry James, etc. will be returning as the main cast of the Heartland Season 16. The makers may try to fit in a few new faces as well. But we would know that only after the season comes out.

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Heartland Season 16 Plot- Is This The End Or The Beginning?

Amy holding hand with her kid
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Heartland Season 15 has officially hooked us with the kind of storyline it ran on. However, the makers are trying to bury the hatchet and give the characters a fresh start. This new beginning focuses on Amy’s getting closure from Ty’s killer and finally, she would move on in her life. Lou and Peter will have fresh beginnings as well because now they’ve come together as a couple once again.

The horse therapy centre could be the centre in the Heartland Season 16. It’d be interesting to see Amy heading the centre along with Logan as her assistant. Maybe, Amy would find love in Heartland Season 16 and would move on with her life. It’d be hard for the fans to see somebody else other than Ty but they would be glad to see Amy finding peace and going on with her life. Maybe Georgie and Quinn would get married if she comes back to the show. Since she did not appear in the last season at all.

The writers in the Heartland 15 did a wonderful job. They now intend to give a fresh breath of air to both the characters and the fans of the show. It’d be good to see some interesting storylines. Heartland has been in the heart of the fans for 15 years and we are hoping that it’d be consistent with the upcoming season as well.

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Heartland Season 16 Trailer- What Does It Show?

There has been an official announcement regarding the show and it’s been renewed for another season. The CBC has declared that the Heartland Season 16 will be released in October 2022. The wait is officially over and in two months, we’d have a brand-new season with brand-new storylines on air. Meanwhile, let’s refresh our memories and enjoy the trailer of Heartland Season 15.

Amy is by far one of the most consistent and loved characters of the show. After Ty’s death, she has come out strong for her family and supported them throughout. It’s a dramatic family show but one of the most heart-warming shows of this century and yet still in the run. The show is all about horses and a horse lover should binge-watch it.

It’s an amazing story about love, life, family, business, relationships and of course, horses. It’s not available on Netflix. However, all the seasons are available on Peacock. The Heartland Season 16 would be available on CBC. It’s a must-watch.

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