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The craze for anime has been growing so much recently. And adding to the list of most-watched animes, there is the Great Pretender; which we’ll be talking about right now.

Great Pretender season 3 has been one of the most awaited animes since the release of its last season. The plot, twists, voiceover, and everything are so on point that even you wouldn’t be able to keep yourself and want to watch more of the show.

What is the Great Pretender season 3 release date? Are we even getting a season 3? What is the plot? The cast? The trailer release? We have tried to answer as many questions as possible, so make sure you stick to the post till the end.

Fiferst also has some spectacular show recommendations for you towards the end of the article, so make sure you also look at that. Well, that is just another reason for you to read through this post. Now, taking no more of your time, let’s straight talk about why we’re here- Great Pretender season 3 release date!

Great Pretender Season 3 Release Date- What Do We Know So Far?

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What do we know about the Great Pretender season 3?

There are a lot of details there.

Great Pretender is a Japanese original net animation directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Ryōta Kosawa. The different arcs in the anime are called cases and there have been 4 cases until now on the Great Pretender.

Viewers are highly excited for the next season to come as soon as possible.

The show started airing first on June 2020, on Netflix Japan. Following the humongous success of the anime, it was released on the worldwide platform in August of the same year.

Apart from the general info about the show, what makes us go “WOAH!” is the amazing rating of the anime on the various huge platforms.

The show has a rating of 8.3 stars out of 10 on AnimeList, 8.0 stars out of 10 on IMDb, and 100% of users liked the anime on Rotten Tomatoes. Adding to that, 95% of people on Google liked the show.

Now, what do we think about the renewal of the show? It shouldn’t be too hard. The viewers are simply addicted to this anime. We don’t know why the third season is not here already!

What Can Be Great Pretender Season 3 Plot?

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The second season of the Great Pretender ended on a little cliffhanger and we suppose the third season will take off from where it left us in the second season.

The Great Pretender chronicles Makoto Edamura. He is a new-age con man, living in Japan. Makoto gets fooled by French Thief Laurent Thierry, who follows him from Tokyo to Los Angeles.
While in LA, both of them plot against a powerful and rich film producer and a mafia don into the worth of millions drug deal, but fake!
Now if a show like this doesn’t get a renewal, there is just one option left for us: CRY.

Is The Show Renewed For Season 3?

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As already mentioned, the last season of the show was made available for the viewers last September, i.e., September 2021. And it is since then we have been waiting for the next season to come up.

As of now, there has been no news from Netflix about the renewal of the third season of Great Pretender, but we expect some news about the renewal of the show by end of this month or in the coming months.

As far as the current scenario goes, the current renewal status of the Great Pretender season 3 is PENDING.

I am stoked that this work has received so much such support in both Japan and overseas. By streaming this anime online to viewers around the world, I am extremely happy that I could see the reactions of all the fans. – Kaburagi

This shows that there is a high probability of the show getting renewed.

But what do we know so far about the Great Pretender season 3 cast?

Let us discuss that.

What Can Be The Cast of Great Pretender Season 3?

Since the Great Pretender is an anime, no human characters are there in the Great Pretender.

  • Makoto Edamura,
  • Laurent Thierry,
  • Abigail Jones,
  • Cynthia Moore,
  • Kuda,
  • Kim Si Won, and
  • Seiji Ozaki.

In season 3 of the show, we can again expect these characters, and a few new ones as well.

Of course, if there is a season 3 of the anime made.

But if in case the show is renewed, what could be the release date expected?

Let us talk about that for a moment.

What is The Great Pretender Season 3 Release Date?

After all that hard work, the real question about which we all wanted to know! What is the Great Pretender season 3 release date? When can we watch the show? When can we access the show on our devices?

And since the show has not yet been renewed as of now, is there even going to be the Great Pretender season 3?

Here’s what Fiferst knows about the Great Pretender season 3 release date:

There is no news of the renewal of the show as of now, and hence nothing much could be said about the show’s release date.

However, if the show is renewed for the third season anytime by the end of February 2022, the show’s release date could be expected to be by the end of the year, at the earliest.

Is The Trailer for Great Pretender Season 3 Released?

Great Pretender - 22-23 (End) and Series Review - Lost in Anime
Source: Lost in Anime

Since the release date of the show is not yet announced, nor it has been decided officially as of now, the trailer’s release date is also put to a halt.

So, no. Great Pretender season 3 has not been released.

We can expect the season 3 trailer to get released 4-6 weeks before the actual show release.

Below is the trailer for season 2 of the show if you want to take a quick recap.

Where Can I Watch Great Pretender Season 3?

Great Pretender season 3 is a Netflix Original show and only can be watched there.

The first two seasons of the show are also available to watch on Netflix and you will also be able to watch the third season of the show on the OTT, Netflix, once it is released for the masses.

Summing Up | Great Pretender Season 3 Release Date

So the news for the viewers of the show is that the show is neither yet renewed nor canceled as of now. The chances of the show’s renewal are high because the anime/show had a wonderful audience, as well as critical responses.

The very last season, season 2 of the show was released on June 2021 (case 3) and then September 2021 (case 4), as also mentioned earlier.

If the show is renewed soon, the release date of the show is most likely to release at the end of the year 2022.

But to mark it again, the official release date of the show, Great Pretender season 3, has not been released yet, neither the show has been renewed.

It will be safe to conclude that meanwhile, the season 3 of the show releases, there is plenty of time to revisit the first two seasons of the show. Or if not, why not choose new shows to watch?

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