Gentefied Season 2 release date

Almost a year ago Netflix dropped an adventurous comedy-drama ‘Gentefied’ that increased its bucket of superhit shows and dramas. The hands of Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chawer were involved in making this funny drama. People loved this series so much that it jumped to hit the top position in Netflix’s list of most loved shows.

Now, enough time has passed to the first season’s release and all the fans of the series are super excited to know the Gentefied season 2 release date. They aren’t satisfied with the ending of season 1 and they believe that there is a lot left in the story. I think they are right as the latest news related to the series hints that there will be season 2. See what more has been disclosed regarding the forthcoming season –

Has Netflix Revealed Release Date Of Gentefied Season 2?

Gentefied Season 2 release date

After seeing the craze and excitement of fans for the series, on 1st May 2020 Netflix officially declared that they are amused to announce the renewal of Gentefied for the second time. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they didn’t start the filming for next season. Now, the recent reports of Production Weekly indicate that the creators are going to kick off the shooting and production for the second season from 8th February 2020.


Nowadays, it has turned quite hard for the creators to shoot the series in such severe conditions. The episodes of the series involve close body touches so they require to do all this by adopting all precautionary measures against this deadly virus. That’s why there are chances that filming dates may switch. So, right now don’t take this date as entirely authentic.

But it’s almost confirmed that production will start anytime within three months. That’s why it seems that we might get a chance to watch Gentefied Season 2 episodes by the end of 2021. If you want to know the exact release date of season 2 then wait until Netflix makes any further announcement.

How Will Gentefied Season 2 Plot Be?

Gentefied Season 2 release date

The drama shows a tale of three Mexican American Cousins. They follow their individual goals to attain their respective positions in the world. Now, as they make their best efforts to achieve their target, they face severe obstacles in their lives.

One day all of them fall into a big problem and now the crucial things that they are at risk along with their grandfather’s store.

Well, the first season finishes at a point where the lives of 3 cousins get crowded with a bunch of problems and difficulties. So, it’s obvious that Gentefied Season 2 episodes will show how they jointly fight back against all these odds and beat them.

Also, the next season will show the tactics that they are going to use to protect their grandfather’s shop. This is a major reason why all fans are keenly waiting to watch season 2. Somewhere, they all know that the upcoming season will be more fascinating and filled with twists. And, we too are expecting the same and hoping that the second season meets the aspirations of the fans.

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Who Will Be Part Of Gentefied Season 2 Cast?

Gentefied Season 2 release date

We know that you are pretty much enthusiastic to see the names of stars that are going to be part of next season. Not only you but also millions of fans are impatiently waiting to know their names. But unfortunately, nothing has been revealed by Netflix regarding the cast of the upcoming season.

But many trusted are anticipating that there won’t be major changes in the cast of the forthcoming season. However, there is also a possibility of the addition of new names in drama, but it won’t affect the lead actors. As per sources, the central characters will be played by the main actors of the Gentefied. According to that, the stars who will be seen in season 2 are –

  • Joaquín Cosío will be seen as Casimiro “Pop” Morales.
  • J.J. Soria will display the character of Erik Morales.
  • Karrie Martin will portray the character of Ana Morales.
  • Carlos Santos will play the character of Chris Morales
  • Julissa Calderon will present the character of Yessika Castillo.
  • Jaime Alvarez will be seen as Javier.
  • Greg Ellis will deliver his role of Chef Austin.
  • Annie Gonzalez will play her role as Lidia Solis.
  • Bianca Melgar will portray the character of Nayeli Morales.
  • Laura Patalano will display the character of Beatriz Morales.
  • Rafael Sigler will present the character of Pancho Solis.
  • Al Patiño will be seen as Chuey.
  • Brenda Banda will deliver her role of Norma
  • Felipe Esparza will play her role as Crazy Dave.
  • Michelle Ortiz will replicate her role of Connie.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Gentefied Season 2?

Gentefied Season 2 release date

In last season we enjoyed watching 10 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Casimiro
  • Episode 2: Bail Money
  • Episode 3: Bad Hombres
  • Episode 4: Unemployed AF
  • Episode 5: The Mural
  • Episode 6: The Grapevine
  • Episode 7: Brown Love
  • Episode 8: Women’s Work
  • Episode 9: Protest Tacos
  • Episode 10: Delfina


Presently, we are unable to provide any details regarding the episodes of season 2 as we haven’t got any information from the side of the makers. But the speculations are saying that the forthcoming season will also have 10 episodes. However, the exact metrics will be known only after the arrival of the series.


Is There Any News of Gentefied Season 2 Trailer?


Well, Gentefied is a very awesome series and we all want to watch the trailer of its second part as soon as possible. But as I mentioned earlier that the creators are planning to start the shooting of the next season in the coming few months so it will take a long time to complete. Netflix will announce the launch date of the trailer when it will be ready. Till then you can watch the first season trailer embedded above.

Source: Whats-on-netflix

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