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Can’t wait anymore for the release of Fire Force Season 3? Well, your wait is over. The makers of the show have officially announced that the third season is going to become a reality. Hop in to know more!

“Fire Force” is a Japanese action-animated television series produced by David Production, and presented to us by TBS under the direction of Yuki Yase. The drama is an adaptation of a manga book series illustrated and authorized by Atsushi Ohkubo. The series first premiered on July 6, 2019, following the end of the first season on December 28, 2019. The second season’s first episode aired on July 4, 2020, and finally saw its end on December 12, 2020.

The show received a pretty good rating of 7.6/10 as stated by IMDb. There is a total of 48 episodes till now, with 24 episodes in each season. The first season of the series received good feedback from the audience. The show gathered 83% accredited ratings from the viewers, as declared by rotten tomatoes. In this post, you will be able to discover all the latest updates concerning the Fire Force Season 3 release date.

Fire Force Season 3: What Do We Know So Far?

Before jumping right onto Fire Force season 3, let us quickly recapitulate what we already know from the first two seasons. Adversity took place about 50 years prior to the Solar year 0. Due to this calamity, the whole world was set on fire and many countries got destroyed.

The survivors of this catastrophe found their haven in the Tokyo Empire which was the only land that experienced less impact by the disaster. The ruler of the Tokyo Empire at that time established the faith of the sacred Sol temple. The sacred Sol church and Haijima industries constructed Amaterasu, a thermal power station.

fire force season 3
Source – TBS

In Tokyo’s Solar year 198, a unique team of fire brigades called Fire Force was formed to fight against the increasing cases of spontaneous human combustion in which human beings got converted into living infernos known as “Infernals.” The infernals were the first-generation people of spontaneous human combustion while the oncoming generations possessed some amount of these powers or the pyrokinesis, however, they remained in their human forms.

The fire force consisted of people with abilities similar to pyrokinesis, brought together from the sacred Sol church, the Tokyo armed forces, and the fire defense company and emerged as eight independent companies. There was a total of eight companies. Company eight’s commander was Akitaru Obi, a brave and compassionate man, and the lieutenant commander was second-generation Hinawa.

The series was focused on Shinra Kusakabe, the protagonist of the show and a third-generation pyrokinetic who earned the name “Devil’s Footprints” due to his power to ignite his feet at his own choice. He enrolled in fire force company 8 and was tasked to kill the infernals and also to look into companies 1 through 7. During his journey in company 8 and fights against the infernals, he got to know the real cause of the mysterious fire that killed his parents. The first two seasons of the show focused on the battles against the infernals.

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Fire Force Season 3 Premiere Date: When Will It Be Renewed?

Hurray! There is a good news for the fans!

After so many months of wait, Fire Force Season 3 has been finally confirmed by David Productions on May 16, 2022. Given the huge fanbase created by the show, it was obvious that the makers would surely come up with a brand new season soon.

Fire Force season 3 release date
Source – TBS

The author of the manga, Atsushi Ohkubo stated that the manga series was almost nearing its end and eventually, the final chapter of the series was released on February 22, 2022. After the release of the manga’s last episode, fans have suspected that there will certainly be Fire Force Season 3.

Although the release has been officially confirmed, there are no updates regarding the cast, storyline and other details. So, when would we get to see the show back on our screens? Since it has been officially announced, we should be expecting the Fire Force Season 3 release date to be around the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

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Fire Force Season 3 Plot: How Will The Storyline Progress?

As of now, no information has been provided to us about the plot. Therefore, Fire Force Season 3 plot is still not certain. But since the anime series has followed the manga till now, it is speculated that it will continue to do the same in the third season as well. The first two seasons followed the manga’s chapters of volume 20. Fire Force Season 3 will most likely adapt the remaining volumes.

The first season included mind-blowing twists, for instance, when it revealed that infernals were not the result of spontaneous human combustion, the white-clad organization was exposed. Some powerful characters like Shinra, Akitaru, and Captain Hinawa were in the lead roles in the first season.

Fire Force battle
Source – TBS

The second season was a memorable one. It included notable incidents such as the strengthening of Shinra and Arthur via rigorous training, Captain Hague’s death, and the inspection of the Nether. The scenes where Shinra and Charon fought for the Inca were breathtaking. In the end, Inca joined White-clad leading to Arthur’s disappointment.

The ending of the second season gives us a little peek into the storyline of Fire Force Season 3. The third season might come up with a large-scale battle between Company 8 and the infernals. We found Shinra training rigorously in order to fight his company’s increasing enemies. Company 4’s Captain Hague’s death was a significant plot twist in the second season. The third season might pick up exactly from where the second season left. Company 8 might team up with the Tokyo Empire to undertake the Evangelist’s forces.

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Fire Force Season 3 Cast: Who Will Be Seen In The Upcoming Season?

Although the makers of the show have officially confirmed that Fire Force Season 3 will be returning, there are no other updates regarding the plot, cast, or confirmed release date of the show. Keeping everything in mind, the characters and their voice-over artists are most likely to retain their roles in Fire Force season 3 too. Here is the list of the characters from the show-

Fire Force season 3 cast
Source – TBS
  • Shinra Kusakabe is voiced by – Gakuto Kajiwara (Japanese), and Derick Snow (English). Shinra is the protagonist of the show, a third-generation pyrokinetic boy who is popularly known by the name of “Devil’s Footprints.”
  • Akitaru Obi is voiced by – Kazuya Nakai (Japanese), and Jeremy Inman (English). He is the captain of Company 8, a brave and compassionate person. He is courageous to fight with the infernals head-on.
  • Takehisa Hinawa is voiced by – Kenichi Suzumura (Japanese), and Christopher Wehkamp (English). He is the lieutenant of Company 8 and a second-generation pyrokinetic, an intimidating character. He controls the power and speed of the bullets that he fires at the enemies.
  • Maki Oze is voiced by – Saeko Kamijo (Japanese), and Sarah Roach (English). She is a second-generation pyrokinetic who served as a member of the Tokyo army before being recruited into the Special Fire Force. With her special abilities, she creates living fireballs that are used as weapons.
  • Iris is voiced by – M.A.O (Japanese), and Alexis Tipton (English). She is the non-powered nun of Company 8. She is a devotee of the Holy Sol temple and joined Company 8 as a medicine woman.
  • Arthur Boyle is voiced by – Yusuke Kobayashi (Japanese), Eric Vale (English). He is a third-generation pyrokinetic, abandoned by his parents after their restaurant burned down. He lives in a misbelief of him being a knight king, but is a very powerful Fire soldier.
  • Victor Licht is voiced by – Daisuke Sakaguchi (Japanese), and Ian Sinclair (English). He is the head of the research team at the Haijima Industries, before being offered a position as a scientist in Company 8.

Other characters include Tamaki Kotastu voiced by Aoi Yuki, Lisa Isaribe played by Ayaka Asai, and Sho Kusakabe voiced by Maaya Sakamoto. There are possibilities that the creators of the series might introduce us with some new characters.

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Fire Force Season 3 Trailer: When Will The Trailer be Out?

We know that you are super excited by the news of the upcoming season, however, even after the official confirmation of Fire Force Season 3, there are still no updates regarding its trailer. Well, we have to be patient and for the time being, enjoy the previous season’s trailer. Here it is:

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