Family Reunion Season 4 Release Date

Family Reunion is a Hollywood comedy thriller series that introduces the audience to the McKellan family, which shifts to Georgia from Seattle to reside near to their nuclear family. Unluckily, going to a confined town from a megacity is hard as well as equally challenging for them. Having directionless regarding how difficult this change will be, they use their opportunities and figure out it tough to adopt the change. The humor-crowded drama first premiered on 10th July 2019.

After its arrival, the series has amused a fairly well proportion of the audience and developed a good fan base. It has scored satisfactory 6.5/10 stars on the IMDb. After the wrapping up of the third part, the ears of show lovers are yearning to hear the release date of the fourth season. If you are also one of those die-hard fans of the show and enthusiastic to watch Family Reunion season 4, you have landed in the correct place. Here are the answers to the series of questions arising in your mind –


When Will Netflix Launch Family Reunion Season 4?

Family Reunion season 4 release date

The third part of the sitcom launched on 5th April 2021 on Netflix. It has a pack of eight episodes with a duration of 27-29 minutes per episode.

Now, if we talk of part 4, here is all we have figured out about it so far. On 17th September 2019, shortly after the beginning season’s arrival, the second season of the sitcom was ordered for 16 episodes, including two parts with eight episodes per side. The production of the third part went through a very tough phase as part 3 was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was seeming that part 3 would be released by end of 2020 but that didn’t happen as showrunners filmed it under COVID-19 restrictions.

As a result of which the show suffered a loss of delay and it took a longer time than usual to air. Unfortunately, the same can happen with part 4 also. However, in the past year, the industry has learned how to manage things with the pandemic. Now, the production units know the measures and protocols they need to adapt to finish shooting on time. That’s why it’s seeming that part 4 won’t face the identical problem. So, keeping these factors in mind, we hope that Family Reunion season 4 will arrive by the end of 2021.


How Will Family Reunion Season 4 Plot Be?

Family Reunion Season 4 Release Date

The third part of the series shows a variety of thrills, sorrows, as well as desires of the McKellan family. We see Mazzi developing a love corner for someone and understanding not to get panic from his opponents. Coca has been offered a golden chance to get featured on a reality show, whereas M’Dear takes part in a protest to contradict the destruction of a famed hotel and the late mentioned gets a renovation.

At the last of part 3, inspired by a bet M’Dear enters Cocoa’s Zumba ministry while Jade supports words related to racism that is widely used in her locality. Now, Family Reunion part 4 will most probably start from where part 3 ended. Since M’Dear and Jade have faced multiple situations that will help them in developing their perspective in the next season, it is going to be fascinating to see how their personalities will transform.

Shaka is steadily figuring out the thing that attracts her most and after opting for a science field she will become more assertive and transparent regarding her decisions. Moz and his brothers-sisters are maturing so it will be delighting to see the tactics that their parents will adapt to deal with them. Now, we are expecting that Family Reunion season 4 will also have the same type of humorous episodes as were in part 3 and they will also be equally entertaining.

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Who Will Be Part Of Family Reunion Season 4 Cast?

Family Reunion Season 4 Release Date

We are yet to receive any official details about the fourth part’s cast. While the network and creators aren’t spilling beans on this topic, we have found out some clues about next season’s cast via some credible sources. Reliable sources like Cinemaholic are claiming that Family Reunion season 4 will come up with the previous lead actors and we are also expecting the same to happen as actors of part 3 have done their jobs quite fairly.

Critics, as well as viewers, have praised them for their performances. Cocoa McKellan and Moz McKellan Alabi have been dominating characters of the show. So, Tia Mowry and Anthony Alabi will return to play these roles effectively. Apart from them, Talia Jackson, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, and many others have also been main actors of the series. So, hopefully, they will also be called to reprise their roles in Family Reunion season 4.

If any new actors are going to be added to part 4, their names will be disclosed in the coming months. According to the latest details, the actors who will be seen in the fourth part are –

  • Tia Mowry will play her role of Cocoa McKellan.
  • Anthony Alabi will deliver his role of Moz McKellan.
  • Talia Jackson will be seen as Jade McKellan.
  • Isaiah Russell-Bailey will portray the character of Shaka McKellan.
  • Cameron J. Wright will display the character of Mazzi McKellan.
  • Jordyn Raya James will present the character of Ami McKellan.
  • Loretta Devine will play her role of M’Dear.
  • Richard Roundtree will deliver his role of Grandpa.
  • Warren Burke will be seen as Daniel.
  • Lexi Underwood will portray the character of Ava.
  • Telma Hopkins will display the character of Maybelle.
  • Lindsey Da Sylveira will play her role of Mikayla.
  • Lance Alexander will deliver her role of Elvis.
  • Journey Carter will be seen as Renee.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Family Reunion Season 4?

Family Reunion Season 4 Release Date

In the third part, we have loved watching 8 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Remember Mazzi’s, First Love?
  • Episode 2: Remember When Jade Broke a Nail?
  • Episode 3: Remember When Cocoa Was a Housewife?
  • Episode 4: Remember When M’Dear Changed History?
  • Episode 5: Remember the False Idol?
  • Episode 6: Remember When Shaka Did the Robot?
  • Episode 7: Remember When the Glass Passed?
  • Episode 8: Remember When Cocoa Found Her Calling?

We have already informed you earlier that the show was asked to have 8-8 episodes in the third and fourth part, back in 2019. So, Family Reunion season 4 will consist of 8 episodes.


Is There Any News Of Family Reunion Season 4 Trailer?


No, Netflix hasn’t shared any sort of teaser or trailer related to part 4. Also, the production of Family Reunion season 4 is yet to begin so the trailer will take a fairly long time to arrive. It won’t be wrong to say that trailer won’t be released before the last quarter of 2021. However, if we get any crucial updates in the upcoming months we will let you know.

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