Blue Bloods Season 12 Release Date

Created by Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess Blue Bloods is an enthralling and hypnotic detective crime drama series that throws light on the story of Reagans, a New York belonging family whose every member does their individual jobs in the law enforcement department. The drama complexly links an individual’s narrative’s to another one and in this way it shows an adventurous crime case in every episode to viewers. The journey of the show has been fantastic since its emergence on 24th September 2010.

Praised by viewers as well as critics for its intense crime storylines, fabulous acting, and thrilling drama, Blue Bloods concluded its eleventh edition on 14th May 2021. The crime thriller has got impressive 7.6/10 stars on the IMDb. After COVID-19 spoiled filming and also the number of episodes of the recently launched season, show lovers are concerned to know whether the series will go ahead or not. They are dying to know Blue Bloods season 12 release date. So, here is what you want to know –

When Are We Going To Know Blue Bloods Season 12 Release Date?

Blue Bloods Season 12 Release Date

The eleventh edition of the police procedural TV show first aired on CBS on 4th December 2020. The edition comprises a total of 16 episodes with a duration of 42-44 minutes each episode. The conclusive part of season 11 was split into two-hour episodes that arrived on 14th May 2020. You are aware of the problems that season 11 faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The scheduling dates were shifted ahead and that’s why the show failed to stand at its September premiere date and released in December 2021.

Additionally, the number of episodes was also reduced to 16. This is why drama lovers are worried regarding the comeback of the show and are eager to identify whether Blue Bloods season 12 will be commenced. However, CBS eliminated this worry of fans in the previous month, prior to the end of season 11. On 16th April 2021, CBS confirmed that Blue Bloods would definitely return for season 12. The network shared this great news via the official Twitter handle of the show.



Since the series has been renewed for the twelfth season, it seems that showrunners will begin working on its production soon as during the previous year they have learned how to film the entire season by adopting all safety measures. As no one knows when this COVID-19 will end completely, this time creators aren’t going to wait for a long to finalize scheduling plans. So, if the series is going to follow its former shooting pattern, Blue Bloods season 12 will hit TV screens by the last of 2021.


How Will Blue Bloods Season 12 Plot Be?

Blue Bloods Season 12 Release Date

The drama delivers a fresh crime tale in every next episode and subsequently goes after the Reagan family who put efforts to reveal the enigma and find out the real culprit. Though new episodes come up with a fresh crime story, there are hidden tale curves that move in the whole season. The eleventh season concludes where Reagans come to know that there is someone who is a part of their family but they don’t know who is that guy.

Later, they figure out him, he is Joe Hill, the son of late Joe Reagan. The Reagans protect secret man Joe Hill from the culprits and at the last, the family requests him to have dinner with them and decides to make him their family’s part. In Blue Bloods season 12 we will see the story proceeding ahead. The show lovers will again get to see great detective works by The Reagans for which they are popular. No officials synopsis has come yet but we hope that season 12 will tell us more about Joe Hill.

Moreover, the stress, as well as conflicts that are going on between the Reagan family and Frank’s loyal relatives, can also end on a positive note in the upcoming season. During a discussion with Deadline, creator Kevin Wade mentioned, “I think we’ll just go back to doing our homework, doing our research, and trying to come up with fresh stories for these characters and of course, for our audience.” So, Blue Bloods season 12 episodes will be jammed with adventuring scenes and exciting twists.

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Who Will Be Part Of Blue Bloods Season 12 Cast?

Blue Bloods Season 12 Release Date

Well, nothing progressive we have found about this section to tell you. But we will share with you what we have observed in most of the series. In the last couple of years, we have noticed that showrunners don’t change their lead actors when they go for the continuation of the series. It won’t be wrong to say that Blue Bloods season 12 will also follow this trend. Reliable sources like Cinemaholic are hinting that the previous core characters will be back in the twelfth edition of the show.

Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, and many others have caught viewers’ attention through their mind-boggling acting. Their combo has done a very good job. That’s what we are expecting again from them. As per trusted sources our desires can be fulfilled. However, we haven’t received any details regarding the inclusion of any new actors in the show. If showrunners add new stars in season 12, they will notify us soon. Considering all recent updates, the actors who can be seen in the upcoming season are –

  • Donnie Wahlberg will play his role of Danny Reagan.
  • Bridget Moynahan will deliver her role of ADA Erin Reagan.
  • Will Estes will be seen as Jamie Reagan.
  • Len Cariou will portray the character of Henry Reagan.
  • Tom Selleck Commissioner will display the character of Frank Reagan.
  • Jennifer Esposito will present the character of Jackie Curatola.
  • Sami Gayle will play her role as Nicky Reagan-Boyle.
  • Amy Carlson will deliver her role of Linda Reagan.
  • Marisa Ramirez will be seen as Maria Baez.
  • Vanessa Ray Officer will portray the character of Janko-Reagan.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Blue Bloods Season 12?

Blue Bloods Season 12 Release Date

In the eleventh season, we have watched 16 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Triumph Over Trauma
  • Episode 2: In the Name of the Father
  • Episode 3: Atonement
  • Episode 4: Redemption
  • Episode 5: Spilling Secrets
  • Episode 6: The New Normal
  • Episode 7: In Too Deep
  • Episode 8: More Than Meets the Eye
  • Episode 9: For Whom the Bell Tolls
  • Episode 10: The Common Good
  • Episode 11: Guardian Angels
  • Episode 12: Happy Endings
  • Episode 13: Fallen Heroes
  • Episode 14: The New You
  • Episode 15: The End
  • Episode 16: Justifies the Means

Recently launched 11th season has 16 episodes as it has suffered a loss due to COVID-19. Apart from it, most of the previously released seasons of the series have 22 episodes, so if season 12 follows an old pattern then it will also comprise 22 or 23 episodes.


Is There Any News Of Blue Bloods Season 12 Trailer?


No, we haven’t found any official trailer or teaser of the 12th season on Youtube. Since the 11th season has released a few times back, the production of the next season will begin after a while. So, we won’t get to watch the trailer in the upcoming months. It will be launched only after the finish of the filming. If we consider the current situation, it won’t be released before the last quarter of 2021.

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