Disjointed Season 3 release date

Disjointed is an English comedy-drama whose episodes were aired on Netflix. The first collection of 10 episodes were released on 25th August 2017 while another set of 10 episodes were launched on 14th February 2018. Unfortunately, the drama failed to win the hearts of viewers as well as critics. Also, it didn’t perform well on popular platforms like IMDB and many others.

It has just a 19% score on Rotten Tomatoes which is far less than the showrunner’s expectations. But as we say ‘A Coin Has Two Sides’, so is the case with this series too. Even though the drama didn’t succeed in receiving praises from the majority of the audience, but still some viewers loved the series and that’s why now they are expecting that further seasons will come.

They are also asking Disjointed Season 3 release date. If you are also a big fan of this comedy-drama then let me tell you that showrunners have declared their decisions, so have a look at it.


Are We Getting To Know Disjointed Season 3 Release Date?

Disjointed Season 3 release date

As I mentioned earlier that the first half of season 1 arrived in August 2017 while the remaining half streamed in February 2018. After the completion of the entire season, it was expected that Netflix would renew the drama and would also provide the series an extra opportunity so that it could deliver better performance. But Netflix broke all hopes of fans as the service provider announced the cancellation of drama in February 2018.

Netflix didn’t reveal the exact reasons behind this cancelation but it seems that due to low streaming views the series suffered a loss. This happened because another show named Ranch was released with the Disjointed at the same time. Ranch too faced criticism and didn’t get positive reviews from people. But apart from flaws, there were also some positive factors in the drama while there was no such case with this series.

That’s why showrunners decided to call off the series. But still, there is a slight hope of the renewal of the series if Netflix decides to alter its decision. By adding new twists and new characters the drama can be revived. But if we consider reports of trusted sources like Finance Rewind then the drama will never arrive. It means that we won’t get to hear the Disjointed Season 3 release date in the future.


How Will Disjointed Season 3 Plot Be?

Disjointed Season 3 release date

The drama delivers a story of a lady named Ruth Whitefeather Feldman. After waiting for so many years a day arrives in her life for which she was aiming as she finally opens her individual Pharmacy shop. We all know that how difficult it becomes for a single person to manage the works of a medical store. That’s why some guys help her in doing this business covering her 20 years sons, friends, and a security guard.

With each passing episode, we get to see how Ruth faces multiple obstacles. Because of marijuana web show hosts Dank and Dabby, her pharmacy shop faces difficulties. These difficulties increase as she sells cannabis to immature by fault and smoking pot in the jungle. The drama has few good comedy dialogues which sometimes make us laugh while many times they also irritate.

Even though the drama hasn’t achieved much success but whatever popularity it has got is due to the star actress. Tone Bell has played a significant role as Carter. Bates Bell has also delivered an admiring performance by portraying the character of the Iraq War who is going through PSTD. Besides them, other actors haven’t performed well which is another negative factor of the series.

Now, we all know that Disjointed Season 3 episodes won’t come in the future as creators have given a red signal to the drama. That’s why we can’t predict how its plot will be.

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Who Will Be Part Of Disjointed Season 3 Cast?

Disjointed Season 3 release date

It’s confirmed that season 3 won’t come in the future but if it arrives then the question is who will be in it. We don’t have much idea but we have some clues on the basis of which we can predict the names of stars who will be seen in the upcoming season. As per sources showrunners won’t change the lead actors of the drama.

However, they can add new faces to bring a twist to the story. But the inclusion of new names won’t affect the central characters of the show. They will be the same as before. It means that they will reprise their roles in the Disjointed Season 3 episodes. So, as per this, the actors that will be seen in the upcoming season are –

  • Kathy Bates will be seen as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman.
  • Aaron Moten will play his role of Travis Feldman, Ruth’s son.
  • Elizabeth Alderfer will portray the character of Olivia.
  • Tone Bell will display the character of Carter.
  • Elizabeth Ho will present the character of Jenny.
  • Dougie Baldwin will deliver his role of Pete.
  • Betsy Sodaro will play her role of Deborah Shapiro.
  • Chris Redd will portray the character of Steve Dankerson.
  • Nicole Sullivan will display the character of Maria Sherman.
  • Michael Trucco will present the character of Tae Kwon Doug.
  • Cass Buggé will be seen as Sabine Dortmunder.
  • Peter Riegert will portray the character of Walter.
  • Ken Marino will present the character of Angelo DeStevens.
  • Missi Pyle will play her role as Mary Jane.
  • Lateefah Holder will display the character of Chery.
  • Elizabeth Sung will present the character of Lianmin.
  • Harry Groener will portray the character of Judge Nelson.
  • Jessica Tuck will be seen as Ms. Carol Harris.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Disjointed Season 3?

Disjointed Season 3 release date

In last season we enjoyed watching 10 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: 4/20 Fantasy
  • Episode 2: Helium Dream
  • Episode 3: Buds Light
  • Episode 4: Weed of Fortune
  • Episode 5: Travissimo Private Reserve
  • Episode 6: B.Y.O.P.F.U.
  • Episode 7: Emperor Shennong
  • Episode 8: A-A-R-Pot
  • Episode 9: Dr. Dankerson’s Revivifying Wellness Tincture
  • Episode 10: Main Street, USA

As we told you earlier that showrunners have canceled the series that’s why we can’t deliver you any details about its upcoming episodes. Also, we don’t want to make any false predictions.


Is There Any News Of Disjointed Season 3 Trailer?

The showrunners have confirmed the cancellation of season 3 that’s why no question arises regarding its trailer. By the way, if you loved the previous season of Disjointed then you can watch its trailer embedded above.

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