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Is Daybreak Season 2 making a comeback? Read on to find out!

Based on the Brian Ralph comic series, Daybreak is a black comedy adventure series made by Brad Peyton and Aron Eli Coleite. It was published on October 24, 2021, and because of its funny characters and strong narrative, it quickly became extremely successful.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you loved viewing Daybreak and are curious if there will be a second season of this show. Here is what we currently know on Daybreak Season 2 status for renewal and other updates!

Daybreak Season 2 Synopsis – How Has The Story Unfolded So Far?

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The series which follows the graphic novel by Brian Ralph introduces us to Josh Wheeler, a 17-year-old high school student, as he searches for his lost girlfriend Sam in post-apocalyptic Glendale, California. The 12-year-old arsonist Angelica and Wesley, Josh’s former high school bully, are among the misfits who join him.

In the aftermath of a nuclear explosion, the group struggles to survive among the army of demonic cheerleaders and athletes who have become Amazon warriors, hordes of Ghoulies, which resemble zombies, and everything else this brave new world has to offer.

These survivors, who come from a variety of backgrounds, manage to survive in this perilous environment. A coming-of-age drama and a Battle Royale have both been used to characterize it. Various gangs, zombie-like monsters known as Ghoulies, and anything else that the terrible world can hurl at Josh are obstacles that must be overcome in order to survive.

Josh’s hunt for Sam, the growing bonding of his crew, and the rivalry between the surviving gangs as they contend for supremacy in the new world take up the majority of Daybreak Season 1.

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Daybreak Season 2 Release Date – Has The Sequel Been Cancelled?

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Daybreak was officially terminated by Netflix in December 2019, right after season one. After the show was cancelled, its co-creator, Aron Coleite, shared the news in a tweet.

‘Last week, we discovered that Daybreak won’t have a second season. We sincerely apologise for not being able to share it with you earlier, but we are also glad for the opportunity to chat with you all during these final live-tweet sessions.’

The statement continues, ‘We want to thank you for picking up what we left off, for running with it in all of your great, odd, monster ways, and for being such a crucial part of this show and our experience producing it.’

Nobody is more heartbroken than we are as we can’t take you further ahead on this journey. But we’re so appreciative that we were able to get it this far,” the statement says. The reason for the show’s cancellation is unknown, although the viewers were utterly enthralled by the series. Some people even admitted to having it seen more than once.

Many people who fervently desired to see Daybreak Season 2 were disappointed to learn of the show’s cancellation amidst all this affection. It was clear that since Daybreak Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, fans were eager to find out what would occur next. However, it appears like we can put an end to our anticipation as Netflix has formally cancelled the series.

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Daybreak Season 2 Cast – Will New Actors Join The Show?

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It is now rather challenging to guess which new actors will join the cast of Daybreak Season 2 ss second outing has been called off.

However, Daybreak Season 1 ends with the majority of the show’s ensemble still present, indicating that its main characters will undoubtedly make a comeback. The list of actors who are most likely to feature in Daybreak Season 2 is provided below:

  • Josh Wheeler, a recent transfer student looking for his love in the post-apocalypse, is played by Colin Ford.
  • 10-year-old pyromaniac Angelica Green is played by Alyvia Alyn Lind.
  • Samaira “Sam” Dean, a well-liked student and Josh’s girlfriend, is portrayed by Sophie Simnett.
  • Austin Crute plays Wesley Fists, a self-described ronin looking to atone for his previous transgressions.
  • Turbo “Bro Jock” Pokaski, a former quarterback and the irrational head of the Jocks, is portrayed by Cody Kearsley.
  • Jeanté Godlock in the roles of Mona Lisa, a Jock, and Turbo’s deputy
  • Eli Cardashyan, a tenacious and self-serving Armenian American survivor who inhabits the Glendale Mall, is portrayed by Gregory Kasyan.
  • An old biology teacher at Glendale High School Krysta Rodriguez as Ms. Crumble
  • As Michael Francis Xavier Burr Glendale High’s principal, we have Matthew Broderick playing his role.

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Daybreak Season 2 Plot – How Can The Storyline Progress In The Next Season?

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It would have been intriguing to know what type of rule Sam would have implemented during her reign if Daybreak Season 2 had ever been produced. In the climax, it seemed as though there were some intrigues behind Sam’s elevation to the kingdom.

Speaking of Josh, Sam declined his invitation to elope together, therefore Daybreak Season 2 might have concentrated on altering Josh’s opinion of Sam and helping him learn from his past mistakes in order to thrive in this new world.

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Daybreak Season 2 Trailer – Is It Out Already?

Since Daybreak Season 2 stands cancelled, the arrival of a trailer is out of a box question. However, if you feel like taking a jog down memory lane, feel free to re-watch the trailer for season 1 and thereafter head on to binge-watching the whole show!

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Is Daybreak Worth Watching?

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IMDb has given 6.7 out of 10 to this thriller series. Fans want to slap themselves for not seeing the series sooner after reading the reviews. Even if the rating isn’t particularly high, the reviews show that there isn’t much animosity toward this series and there are only a few people who didn’t like it.

The average audience score is 66%, while the average Tomatometer score is 70% on Rotten Tomatoes. Again, there are fans who are thrilled by the excellent acting by the cast and the plot lines, but there are some who believe that this series is really a collection of other works.

The comic became well-known and popular. However, the series wasn’t as well-liked as the comic. However, the creators are in complete agreement that no accolade can compare to the fan base’s enthusiasm for the show and their aspirations for the second season. It is, in my opinion, the finest honor or acknowledgment a creative could receive.

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Where To Watch Daybreak Season 2?

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Daybreak is a good adolescent dramedy series, regardless of how some people feel about it. It is fully equipped with a thrill to keep someone wonderfully entertained. Does it have any enjoyable elements, such as humour, action, or romance?

To make this possible, the actors and crew have worked very hard and with great passion. Daybreak is the best choice if you’re trying to unwind and want to start a series that you can finish quickly. Additionally, don’t let your hopes fade if you’ve already seen it and grown to be a fan.

Let’s hope for the best even if there are many things that are working against the series in getting another season. You can find all the episodes on Netflix!

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