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Alex Rider is notable for being the first ever British-scripted original series to have premiered on the Amazon Prime network. It managed to capture the interest of the viewers who looked forward to watching Otto Farrant starring as the spy-teenager, Alex Rider, in this adaptation made by Guy Burt, and produced by Sony Pictures Television and Eleventh Hour Films.

The Alex Rider show, based on a series of novels of the same name written by Anthony Horowitz, marked its Amazon Prime debut back in 2020. It has been a while since the second season of Alex Rider was released in 2021. So, what is the current status of the third season?

Do we have any updates? Does it still stand a chance, or has it been shelved? If it does, what would the Alex Rider Season 3 release date be?

Well, taste the fruit of patience and scroll down to get all your answers concerning the Alex Rider Season 3 release date. Read on!

About Alex Rider Series – About The Show

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Alex Rider is a thriller that stands apart from the mainstream because it does not have an experienced adult to fill in the typical image of a spy. On the contrary, a teenager steps into the shoes of a spy to get the job done.

Based on a series of novels, the show is built around the life of Alex Rider, a young boy, who is positioned in MI6, an organization that handles him as a spy. He is conditioned to face the challenges that follow in his life since his early days. The organization employs Alex in the Department of Special Operations to intrude on missions that are otherwise hard to complete.

The first two seasons of the show were released with eight episodes each in June 2020 and December 2021 respectively. The debut season was based on the novel Point Blanc from the series, while the second season that followed was an adaptation of the novel Eagle Strike.

The third season of the series would follow the fifth book of the novel series, Scorpio. It is now time to look forward to the revelation of the Alex Rider Season 3 release date.

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Alex Rider Season 3 Cast – Who Can Be Part Of The Forthcoming Season?

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There is no available information about any changes in the cast for the characters that appeared in the first two seasons. As the principal character, Otto Farrant would return on screen in the role of Alex Rider. Stephen Dillane would reappear as Alan Blunt, and Ronke Adekoluejo would also join the cast yet again as Jack Starbright.

Among others, Vicky McClure would reprise her role as Mrs. Jones, Brenock O’Connor shall come back as Tom Harris, and Marli Siu would also once again take over as Kyra Vashenko-Chao.

In addition to the returning cast, Alex Rider Season 3 would also feature some fresh faces. Julia Rothman, a wealthy widow and covert agent from a group at odds with Alex, will be played by Sofia Helin. As an assassin named Nile, Jason Wong is all set to join the cast, while Max Grendel, an experienced council for the same group, Scorpia, will be played by Kevin McNally.

Adding to the cast would be Shelley Conn, who will play the politician Laura Kellner.

Well, looking at this, it appears that the fifth novel in the series, which deals with the clash with Scorpia, will be followed in Alex Rider 3.

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Alex Rider Season 3 Plot – What Is Likely To Happen In Season 3?

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One might expect it to be easy to predict Alex Rider season 3 plot as it has been adapted from a series of novels, however, that is not the case. If you’d have asked us about the plot for the third season some months back, our answer would have been – The show does not follow the novels in order, so we do not know what exactly to expect next.

The story might jump or juggle between the novels if needed. However, based on the recent cast revelations that we have come across, it won’t be wrong to expect that Alex Rider 3 would be woven around the fifth novel of the series, Scorpia.

In the fifth novel, Alex meets the challenge posed by Scorpia, a criminal organization that threatens Alex with dangerous encounters. Likewise, in the third season, Alex would be seen moving forward to bring an end to Scorpia. However, this personal expedition of Alex would uncover deeper revelations than he expected about MI6 and Scorpia.

Fasten your seatbelts and wait for the Alex Rider Season 3 release date. Coming Soon!

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Alex Rider Season 3 Release Date – When Does Season 3 Release?

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The most anticipated part of this article, which certainly led you to us, is here. The Alex Rider 3 release date has not been finalized yet. Even if the creators have a specific date in mind, it hasn’t been disclosed. That, however, won’t stop us from giving you an estimated date for its arrival.

Here’s some good news for the fans. You won’t have to wait for long. According to a recent confirmation made by the Amazon Network, Alex Rider 3 is now in the making. The production of the show is currently underway in the UK and Malta. Isn’t that a good news?

The shoot is most likely to wrap up around the month of March this year. Based on this, we expect the Alex Rider 3 release date to be available soon, and for the season also to be released this year itself. Hold on folks, we’re almost there!

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Is Alex Rider Worth Watching?

Are you someone who enjoys watching detective stories packed with action, thrill, secrets, and a protagonist that is most likely to stick in your memory? Then, this is just the show for you!

Alex Rider has received a rating of 86% on the Tomatometer and an 80% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes for its first season, while the second season has a 91% audience score. This indicates that the series gets better as it progresses. Well, that should be enough to convince you to give it a shot. It’s worthwhile!

Where To Watch Alex Rider Season 3?

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The third season of the Alex Rider series would make its debut on Amazon Prime Video. Nothing about this deviates from the norm. The Amazon network telecasted the first two seasons, so it is only reasonable to anticipate that the third season would also be available for streaming on the same platform.

For viewers living in the UK and the US, Amazon Freevee would be the go-to place as soon as we hit the Alex Rider Season 3 release date.

Following the fact that the previous seasons have been available on multiple platforms, Alex Rider 3 would also be there on IMDb TV, Sony Liv, Apple iTunes, and the Sky Network for the viewers to catch.

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Alex Rider Season 3 Trailer – Has The Trailer For Alex Rider Season 3 Been Released?


Trying to find the trailer? Naturally, we do not have one. The show, however, is confirmed to be in production and will undoubtedly make an appearance soon.

So, let us sit back and wait for an official announcement for the Alex Rider season 3 release date, which would bring an end to our wait for the trailer and the series. Till then, you can watch the trailer from the previous season embedded above.

That is all we have got for this time, folks!

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