Catastrophe Season 5 release date

Catastrophe is a popular British Television sitcom whose fourth season streamed on Amazon Prime Video two years ago. The drama has been rewarded with outstanding ratings on platforms like IMDb,, and Rotten Tomatoes. The sitcom thriller has been honored with the BAFTA award which is one of the reasons why people have become its die-hard fans. And the story doesn’t end here, the show also got nominated in Prime Time and Peabody awards.

Apart from all this, Catastrophe has shown again that even today people are passionate about watching upfront and candid type dramas. The creators have already released four seasons of the series and now fans are asking about the Catastrophe season 5 release date and many more things about the forthcoming season.

If you too are a big admirer of drama and eager to know the fortune of season 5 then keep following lines to find out every update of next season. So, here we go:

Is Amazon Announcing Catastrophe Season 5 Release Date?


Initially, there were rumors that creators are planning to take the drama forward. Even fans were expecting that very soon they would get to watch another alluring season of the series. But just prior to the launch of the fourth season through the official Twitter handle of Catastrophe makers announced that the fourth season would be the winding up a season of the series.


Now, they wouldn’t continue the series for a further season. So, the fifth season received a red signal in March 2018. But it doesn’t mean that Catastrophe season 5 will never come, still, a lot more hopes are remaining. Who knows when the mind of makers changes and they again renew the drama for the fifth season. But of course, it’s not going to be happen so soon, it will definitely take some years.


How Will Catastrophe Season 5 Plot Be?

Catastrophe Season 5 release date

The series shows the story of an elementary school tutor namely Sharon who resides in London. But as she talks to an alcoholic American guy(Rob) in a hostelry soon after that her life changes drastically. Their flying tour leads to Sharon’s gestation and this news reaches to ears of Rob when he arrives in Boston.

But to stay away from duties Rob starts living in London. The duo gets married soon after Sharon becomes the mother of a baby boy. Later, the pair also got blessed with a baby girl. Delaney expressed his thoughts on becoming a partner of Sharon on the show and mentioned how the story was planned to take a turn in the future.

He revealed, “We sort of think of our spiritual forbear as the Before Sunrise, Before Sunset films. They rather beautifully dip in once every ten years on this couple, and that’s an amazing way to tell a story. That’s not out of the question; (it) wouldn’t be a crazy way to do it”.

So, it is seeming like a heart-warming love story that will give you an expectation that your short tours can change your life and make it joyful. Sharon and Rob are facing difficulties in managing together because they didn’t understand one another properly and now they are required to understand each other along with managing the duties of parents.

They are also facing troubles from their family members and buddies. The drama presents a picture of the working of a family along with raising issues including alcoholism, pain, and demise. It was clearly looking in the episode that spotted Fisher’s final appearance for the drama.

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Who Will Be Part Of Catastrophe Season 5 Cast?

Catastrophe Season 5 release date

As we already discussed earlier that people who were involved in making the drama have announced its cancellation. That’s why we can’t exactly tell you who will become part of next season. But some speculations are running over the internet which is suggesting that lead actors will remain the same whenever the series arrives.

Some fans of drama are also predicting that script makers can add new faces to the next season to make it more entertaining and interesting. But the central characters won’t change. Hence the stars that can be seen in next season are :

  • Sharon Horgan will be seen as Sharon Morris
  • Rob Delaney will play the role of Rob Norris.
  • Ashley Jensen will portray the character of Fran.
  • Mark Bonnar will display the character of Chris.
  • Carrie Fisher will be seen as Mia Norris.
  • Frances Tomelty will deliver her role as Carol Morris.
  • Gary Lilburn will present the character of Des Morris.
  • Jonathan Forbes will play his role as Fergal Morris.
  • Daniel Lapaine will be seen as Dave.
  • Eileen Walsh will portray the character of Kate.
  • Tobias Menzies will display the character of Dr. Harries.
  • Sarah Niles will deliver his role as Melissa Niles.
  • Marta Barrio will play the role of Malandra.
  • Seeta Indrani will be seen as Harita.


Apart from them, other actors like Emmanuelle Bouaziz, Amanda Hale, Lauren Socha, Kai Alexander, and Michaela Watkins will play their respective roles.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Catastrophe Season 5?

Catastrophe Season 5 release date

In last season we saw six episodes including –

  • Episode #4.1
  • Episode #4.2
  • Episode #4.3
  • Episode #4.4
  • Episode #4.5
  • Episode #4.6


We can’t give you any details about the episodes of the forthcoming season but you might have observed after watching four seasons that they all had six episodes so according to that the next season will also have six episodes. However, this is just speculation and the real number will be disclosed only after the arrival of the fifth season.


Is There Any News Of Catastrophe Season 5 Trailer?


Right now, we don’t have any genuine information regarding the trailer for next season. The recent updates of drama hint that probably we never get an opportunity to watch it as the fifth season of this superhit show have been called off.

So, we need to wait until Amazon Prime video makes any progressive decisions about the future of Catastrophe Season 5. Till then you can watch the entertaining fourth season trailer embedded above.

Source: The Cinemaholic

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