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Taking its inspiration from Jessie, Disney’s show that was telecasted in 2011, Bunk’d has traced the stories of different children at the campsite over a length of five seasons. These children try to learn and live in ways different from what they are accustomed to. Each episode brings a ride of tests, enjoyment, fun, and entertainment with itself. After five successful installments, the wait is on for Bunk’d Season 6.

Released on July 31, 2015, for the first time on Disney, the Bunk’d series has bagged back-to-back renewals that have taken it as far as the fifth season. This family comedy began with the journey of three kids (Emma, Ravi, and Zuri) who step out of their comfortable house in New York to live differently at Camp Kikiwaka in Maine, for a change. The camp also holds history in the lives of their parents.

Ever since the end of the fifth season that revolves around Destiny, Finn, Matteo, Parker, Noah, Ava, and others, there have been so many speculations about the chances of another renewal to the show. Here, we have all the details and updates that you’d need to know about Bunk’d Season 6.

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Bunk’d Season 6 – About the Show

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Bunk’d series is a follow-on of Jessie (ran on Disney back in 2011). The show starts with the children of the Ross family arriving at a summer camp and looking forward to a change for the good. What is interesting is that these kids, Emma, Zuri, and Ravi actually reach and pass their summer at the same campsite where their parents met for the first time as teens.

Lou, the head counsellor at the camp, and Xander, the ever-so-charming guy for everybody at the site, step forward to help these kids who aren’t habitual of staying in open premises. The children adapt and find some scope to enjoy the experience at the camp with this assistance.

The show next focuses on how these three young kids settle down at the campsite in a new home for themselves during the summer. They take up different roles and play them as part of their lives at the summer camp. Ravi and Emma step into the shoes of counsellors in the process. They take interest in the ways that can help them become idols for other kids at the camp who are less experienced than them. Zuri, on the other hand, finds new friends for herself. The nerd, Tiffany, and the hopeless liar, Jorge becomes friends with Zuri and makes things brighter for her.

With subsequent seasons, the leads did change, however, the basic concept of the show still remains the same. Bunk’d Season 5 had its focus shifted on Destiny and the children along with her who visit the campsite. Their arrival at the campsite struggles to settle down, their attempt to take up roles, and their adventures and activities up there with some other important characters in the backdrop have been the plot of the show.

Bunk’d Season 6 Release Date – Is it Confirmed?

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The previous season of Bunk’d released on Disney on January 15, 2021. The last episode of the season was out on August 6, 2021. The fifth instalment of Bunk’d ran for 21 episodes that lasted for half an hour each.

Kory Lunsford, the ex-vice-president of the series, said in one of his interviews before the release of the fifth season, “Bunk’d  has long been a decent driver for Disney Channel, with funny, lovable characters and stories that continue to be heard by children everywhere.”

This clearly shows that the show has been popular throughout its journey. As matter of fact, the viewership of Bunk’d has witnessed a dip with the passage of time but it has still remained solid enough to have received back-to-back renewals till Bunk’d Season 5.

There has been no official confirmation for Bunk’d Season 6 so far. But we believe that if the channel considers it, the show does have a base of the audience that would be waiting for its arrival. Hope we get to see the Bunk’d series back with a joyous and adventurous journey of children at Camp Kikiwaka sooner than we expect.

Bunk’d Season 6 Cast – Who Steps In and Who Steps Out?

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There are many things that can possibly happen, depending upon the makers and the plot. As per some, the show is expected to make a comeback with the same cast, whenever it does. This means Miranda May would be back as Lou. Mallory James Mahoney, Will Buie, and Raphael Alejandro would return as Destiny Baker, Finn Sawyer, and Matteo Silva respectively. Trevor Tordjman would be back as Parker Preston along with Israel Johnson as Noah Lambert and Shelby Simmons as  Ava King.

The cast from the first season of the show, that is Peyton List, Skai Jackson, and Karan Brar may also make an appearance. Some also expect Scarlett Estevez to be back as Gwen Flores in Bunk’d Season 6.

These speculations would all be proven wrong if the makers decide to introduce a fresh set of kids at the campsite in the coming season. Though there have been no hints about the same yet, since it has happened in the past, it may happen again.

Bunk’d Season 6 Plot – What to expect?

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It is hard to tell what to expect from Bunk’d Season 6 as of now. As we have already seen in the previous season, the limelight is on the kids – Destiny, Finn, and Matteo along with Parker, Noah, Ava, and others. The fifth season showed these children being at Camp Kikiwaka and living with fun and challenges each day.

The ending of the previous season witnessed the kids taking interest in getting the pool cleaned and they raise money for the same. They do succeed, however, Ava gets hurt by Destiny. It is Parker who comes to the aid of the girls. The season finale also saw Nadine coming in accepting of her dream.

Bunk’d Season 6 is likely to take off from where the previous season has left. We except a new set of challenges that might threaten the environment of the camp and the children would make efforts to guard it. At the same time, there are also possibilities for the entry of new characters who’d live and set up a new plot at the campsite, with the basics of the show remaining the same – attractive and lively as ever.

Bunk’d Season 6 Trailer – Out or Not?

The trailer for Bunk’d Season 6 hasn’t been released. This is obvious since the season has not been renewed for a sixth instalment yet. However, we do hope that things fall into the right places soon!

Till some official words get circulated about Bunk’d Season 6, here’s something special from the last season which is most likely to inspire you to go and enjoy that joyous ride once again –

– By Prerna Sharma(Fiferst – Author)

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