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Do you also find animation with anthropomorphic animals thrilling? Like Bagheera from “The Jungle Book” and Simba from “The Lion King?” If yes, then you will also love BNA. After the first season’s unsatisfactory ending, the fans have been demanding for BNA Season 2. Let’s check whether there is going to be a BNA Season 2 or not.

Brand New Animal (popularly known as BNA) is a Netflix original, sci-fi-based Japanese anime television show, created and produced by Studio Tiger (a Japanese animation studio company) under the direction of Yoh Yoshinari. The show’s pilot premiered on April 8, 2020, and concluded with its finale on June 24, 2020. Though the show is officially licensed by Netflix, it also ran on other networks that include Fuji TV (+ultra) and TNC.

The show consists of 12 episodes. The series has a general rating of 7.2/10 as put down by IMDb. The show received positive feedback from the audience and it has 79% approved ratings as stated by rotten tomatoes. It was one of the most widely liked anime in 2020. In the later stage, a manga and a light novel were also released based on the storyline of the show. To find out when will the show be renewed for a second season, scroll down and continue reading this post!

BNA Season 2 Synopsis: A Peek Into The Previous Season!

Talking about the storyline of BNA, the show is set in a fanciful imaginary world where humans reside with anthropomorphic (exhibiting human-like qualities, for instance, talking and feeling emotions) animals called “Beastmen”. The series talks about a teenage girl named Michiru Kagemori, who gets turned into an anthropomorphic animal called tanuki (a raccoon dog) due to a characteristic in the DNA called “Beast Factor.”

Scared and confused, Michiru flies to Anima city, a safe place especially made for the beastmen. There she meets a fierce wolf beastman, Shirou Ogami who is serving the city’s mayor, Barballet Rose.

BNA Season 2 Synopsis
Source – Netflix

Both start to investigate the reason behind Michiru’s transformation while trying not to cause any harm to Anima city. During the inspection, a shocking truth is unfolded. The awful workers of a prestigious medical research center in Anima city , named Sylvasta Pharamsecutics, are responsible for the transformation of Michiru and her best friend Nazuna as they accidentally injected the blood into them. The medical company claims itself to be the guardian deity of beastmen known as Silver Wolf.

In later episodes, Michiru learns that Shirou is a Silver Wolf when he is forced to reveal his identity while fighting Yata, a Sylvata researcher who has now transformed into a monster, causing his arrest. Later, Michiru finds out that Shirou is an immortal beastman who got his powers after being the only survivor of Nirvasyl, a city of beastmen that got demolished by humans years ago. Shirou, therefore, is determined to protect his kind.

There comes another plot twist in the show when Alan Sylvasta, the owner of Sylvasta pharmaceutics reveals that the reason for the destruction of the Nirvasyl city was a stress-influenced phenomenon called Nirvasyl Syndrome, that caused the beastmen to kill each other before getting fully vanished by humans.

He also tells that he wants to develop a drug that will prevent the beastmen from becoming monsters while pretending to be Silver Wolf in front of Nazuna to reduce stress. But his real intentions are revealed, as he actually wanted to stir up Nirvasyl Syndrome while putting Nazuna on stage and exposing himself to be the Beastmen with pure bloodline.

Shirou and Michiru finally learn that the cure for the syndrome is the blood of Michiru and Nazuna. She finally accepts the situation as it is and stays in the Anima city while Shirou protects it.

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BNA Season 2 Release Date: When Will The Anime Be Renewed?

There is no doubt that the anime was a huge success and was able to create a fanbase in very less time but the question about the fate of BNA Season 2 still lingers on our minds.

BNA Season 2 Release Date
Source – Netflix

As of now, there is no official announcement from Studio Tiger regarding BNA season 2. The creators of the show haven’t updated the fans about the making of the second season but considering the economic success of the show, it is quite clear that the production and even Netflix won’t let this opportunity slip out of their hands.

The show ended about an year ago and fans’ demand for BNA Season 2 is increasing with each passing day. If producers decide on renewing the show for the second season, it will need them quite some time to come up with the final release date. Though we are not sure, fans can expect it to be somewhere around the middle of 2023.

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BNA Season 2 Plot: How Will The Storyline Progress?

The series was a huge hit and just after the conclusion of the first season, fans have been demanding the second season. The makers have not yet officially notified us about the BNA Season 2 release date, and the show is not an adaption from a night novel or manga series, therefore, things remains unclear as far as the plot of BNA Season 2 is concerned.

BNA Season 2 Plot
Source – Netflix

The first season ended where Alan’s conspiracy is revealed and he admits that he is a pureblooded beastman and wants to destroy other beastmen residents of Anima city that are impure. After a fight between Shirou and Alan (which eventually Shirou won), mayor Rose opens the Anima city and makes humans and beastmen reconcile.

BNA Season 2 may take on from where it left since Michiru and Nazuna remained in their beastmen form as their blood was the cure for the beastmen to not turn into monsters. The second season can provide the fans with a real and more stable cure to transform back into humans without hurting anyone. In order to see how things take place, we have to wait for the release of BNA Season 2. But we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed and your wait will be worth it.

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BNA Season 2 Cast: Who All Can Be Seen In The Upcoming Season?

Talking about the cast, there are speculations that the cast (voice-over artists) from the previous season will continue to play their roles in BNA season 2 as well. As for the characters in the show, fans can expect some new faces in the upcoming season to spice things up. Here is the list of the characters and their voice-over artists –

BNA Season 2 Cast
Source – Netflix
  • Michiru Kagemori – voiced by Sumire Morohoshi (Japanese), Cherami Leigh (English)
    A teenage girl transformed into a tanuki beastman, who finds her haven in Anima city. In later stages, she realizes that her transformation was not due to any disease but a whole conspiracy.
  • Shirou Ogami – voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese), Ben Diskin (English)
    The guardian deity of the beastmen called Silver Wolf and an immortal one. He is the only survivor of the Nirvasyl city (city of beastmen) that was demolished by humans ages ago and hence, swears to protect Anima city at any cost.
  • Nazuna Hiwatashi – voiced by Maria Naganawa (Japanese), Xanthe Huynh (English)
    She is Michiru’s best friend from childhood and just like her, gets transformed into a beastman. Alan manipulates and fools her to help him in the development of the drug that will save the beastmen from becoming monsters.
  • Alan Sylvasta – voiced by Kaito Ishikawa (Japanese), Robbie Daymond (English)
    The owner of the Sylvasta pharmaceutics and a beastman of a pure bloodline. He knows that Shirou is the Silver Wolf and he wants to destroy Anima city because of its residents that are impure beastmen.

Other characters include Barballet Rose played by Gara Takashima, Marie Itami voiced by Murase, and Yuji Tachiki voiced by Hiroshi Naka.

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BNA Season 2 Trailer: Is The Trailer Out?

As you already know, there are no updates regarding BNA Season 2 and it won’t be released anytime soon. So, we recommend you to go and watch the first season right away if you still haven’t. Here is the trailer from the first season –

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