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Curious about the fate of Barkskins Season 2? Want to find out if it has been renewed or dropped? Read on to know the final verdict!

Barkskins is based on Annie Proulx’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about a mishmash of misfits who must navigate terrible conditions, opposing ambitions, and complicated loyalties at the crossroads of civilization in the late 1600s, New France. It was adopted by National Geographic into a series of the same name and premiered on May 25, 2020.

It is based on “The advent of English and French colonists to the New World is chronicled via the lives of two immigrants in New France, René Sel and Charles Duquet, who serve as wood-cutters (‘Barkskins,’ the word for indentured workers) and their successors,” according to the book’s description.

Barkskins Season 2 Synopsis – What Has Happened In The Show So Far?

Barkskins Season 2 poster
Source – National Geographic

The series’ two main protagonists are immigrants who have been sent to New France to serve indentured servitude for three years as a punishment for crimes committed abroad. René (Christian Cooke) is a barkskin who labours as a woodcutter, while Charles (James Bloor) is a burglar who refuses to serve his sentence. Mother Sabrine, a nun and a group of young girls arrived on the same ship as René and Charles. The ladies are being trained to become decent women who will be married off later.

Duquet manages to break out from his enslavement and discovers the fact that he is lost in the vast timberland. Trepagny becomes vulnerable as Mathilde is tasked with protecting the survivors of the creek massacre. While the Filles are seen practising for the matchmaking ritual, Mathilde is seen taking command of the inn. Trepagny participates in a matching session with suitable males.

The Iroquois go back to Wobik to bury their ancestors. Melissande is led back to the Doma by Trepagny, while Delphine sets off on a fresh adventure with Pierre Gasquet. Mathilde convinces Bouchard to reclaim his power and authority; Trepagny receives assistance for a perilous mission; Delphine’s fate alters.

Trepagny and Bouchard’s rescue effort sparks a battle, putting Sel and Father Gabriel’s lives in jeopardy and putting Cooke’s allegiance to the test. Melissande and Trepagny are reunited.

While Cooke is charged with gathering the dead bodies, Mathilde encourages Delphine to pique Cooke’s attention. As winter approaches, wedding preparations begin, however, Duquet’s choice to negotiate a deal with Goames might mark the death of Wobik.

Well, that ends the overview of season one. Want to find out the plot for Barkskins Season 2? You gotta dive a little deeper than this!

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Barkskins Season 2 Release Date – Has The Series Been Scrapped Or Can We Expect A New Season?

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Source – National Geographic

Scott Rudin Productions was approached by National Geographic to have the movie rights for Annie Proulx’s then-upcoming novel Barkskins.

National Geographic announced on December 3, 2018, that the project has received a series order for an eight-episode first season. Elwood Reid conceived the show and was set to executively produce it alongside Scott Rudin, Eli Bush and Garrett Basch. Fox 21 Television Studios was intended to be one of the additional production firms working with the project. David Slade will direct the series’ pilot episode and act as an executive producer – it was revealed on February 10, 2019.

The series has a 55% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 11 reviews with an average rating of 7.25/10. The series has a weighted average score of 65 out of 100 on Metacritic, based on 6 critics, indicating “generally positive reviews.”

As far as the fate of the second season is concerned, it has been revoked by National Geographic. As of now Barkskins Season 2 officially stands cancelled and there have been no talks about it being renewed anytime soon.

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Barkskins Season 2 Cast – Will There Be Any New Faces That We Might See?

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Source – National Geographic

Since the show has been revoked, we won’t be able to see any new characters in Barkskins Season 2, nor will any new actors be portraying them. So the following actors can be taken as the cast members of the show –

  • Hamish Goames is played by Aneurin Barnard.
  • Rene Sel is played by Christian Cooke.
  • Claude Trepagny is played by David Thewlis.
  • Constable Bouchard is played by David Wilmot.
  • Charles Duquet is played by James Bloor.
  • Mari is played by Kaniehtiio Horn, while Delphine is played by Lily Sullivan.
  • Mathilde Geffard is played by Marcia Gay Harden.
  • Melissande is played by Tallulah Haddon.
  • Elisha Cooke is played by Thomas M. Wright, while Yvon is played by Zahn McClarnon.
  • Gus Lafarge is played by Matthew Lillard.
  • Father Gabriel is played by Domenic Di Rosa.
  • Chief Tehonikonhraken Eric Schweig
  • Mother Sabrine is played by Leni Parker.

If ever in the future Barkskins Season 2 gets renewed, how can we expect the plot line to progress? Continue reading to find out!

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Barkskins Season 2 Plot – How Can We Expect The Story To Unfold?

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Source – National Geographic

Iroquois attacked Wobik in the final episode of Barkskins. However, we still do not know who made it through the entire conflict. Renardette had stabbed Ratahsénthos towards the end. Hamish Goames, on the other hand, was severely hurt. What happens to him, though, remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, Charles and Melissande are on their way to Quebec City. What happened to Hamish is still unknown. Is he alive or dead? We have no idea. What is going on with Trepagny? What takes place there?

All of these questions would be addressed in Barkskins Season 2. As it has been mentioned that the story has been adapted from a book, there is still some portion left in the text that has not been brought to life in the series. It may or may not serve as the source material for the future season.

So, while Barkskins Season 2 can continue recounting the first season’s plot, there is a potential that the storyline will be spun off. Is it possible that the focus may transfer to a different community in the same area? Or would the show simply move to a different region of the globe? We’ll have to wait until the next season to get all of these answers, that if we get a next season.

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Barkskins Season 2 Trailer – Is It Out Yet?

As we have already revealed that Barkskins Season 2 has been scrapped off, the availability of the trailer for the second season is out of question. But we still have the trailer for the first season linked down here for you – in case you haven’t watched it, go try it now and if you have, well you can always rewatch it –

To make it easier for you, we have linked down all the episodes for Barkskins.

You can gather your friends and family and find all the episodes on Amazon Prime for a binge-watch night!

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