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Made by Aaron Martin, ‘Another Life’ introduces us to Niko Breckenridge who departs for a space operation to look into the origin of the alien signal. A huge shape known as Artifact has established itself on Earth whose objectives aren’t looking clear. So, now Niko and her team have to figure out whether these aliens are amicable or not. The show divides its storyline amid the voyage of Niko’s craft, the Salvare, and incidents taking place on Earth.

Niko’s hubby, Erik is given work to initiate a conversation with the Artifact, and also he has to look after their little one, Jana. Shortly, the situation turns complicated as the connection between Earth and the Salvare gets disoriented resulting in Niko disconnected from her family. Thereafter, a chain of calamities keeps on menacing the people traveling through the ship and making Earth helpless against the forthcoming hazards.

The first season-ending divulges the real intent of the aliens who dispatched the Artifact and their demands leaving things on a suspenseful note. Since the first iteration has concluded on a nail-bitter, will there be Another life season 2? Let’s find it out.

Another Life Season 2 Release Date: Are We Getting To Know It?

Another Life Season 2 Cast
Image Credit – Netflix

The first iteration was launched on 25th July 2019 on Netflix. The introductory season consists of 10 episodes with a duration of 37-61 minutes per episode. Now, if we talk about the sophomore season then here is all you need to know. On 29th October 2019, Netflix commissioned the second iteration of the sci-fi thriller approximately three months after the first season premiered on the network’s platform. The renewal is slightly surprising as the show hasn’t performed well and its ratings have been substandard.

It has earned 5/10 stars on the IMDb and an approval score of 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. These numbers clear that viewers weren’t impressed after watching the first season of the series. But in spite of all this, Netflix has shown faith in the drama. It hasn’t paid much attention to the reviews of critics and the audience. The popular OTT platform is giving second chance to the series to prove its worth. I think we will have to wait for a considerable amount of time to watch Another Life season 2.

If you remember the first season of Netflix’s Lost In Space arrived in April 2018 while the second season was released after a gap of one and a half years in December 2019. We have observed that the next seasons of most Netflix shows release after the gap of one or two years and since Another Life is a sci-fi show it will take more time to get ready. The show needs more VFX work. So if we consider this point then Another Life season 2 won’t release before the end of 2021.


How Will Another Life Season 2 Plot Be?

Another Life Season 2 Cast
Image Credit – Netflix

The main plot of the first season was exploring the source of the Artifact and checking whether the aliens who dispatched it are affable. At the last, we get to know that the alien’s category is known as Achaia and their motives aren’t good. Zakir(AI) reported their aim as completely damaging, which the Achaia shows as soon as they come in their crafts and destroy Zakir after Niko and the Salvare try to release it from its own Artifact.

Somewhere it clears that protecting Earth from Achaia isn’t going to be easy and also it’s not limited to just wrecking the Artifact, as it looks to provoke instant reprisal. It’s appearing that Achaia’s objectives on Earth are more severe than just ruining it but as the first season concludes with reporter Harper Glass whose brain is commanded by the Achaia, revealing to the human beings on Earth that the aliens are pleasant and are seeing their new companions in us.

Maybe the Archaia wants to control the whole human race and utilize the planet’s resources which sounds feasible in the matter of maintaining humanity alive. Unluckily, Erik hasn’t received news regarding the Achaia’s malice and was previously spotted sauntering into the Artifact with Jana, trusting the aliens will protect her. In the Another Life season 2 episodes Erik can be seen in the same situation as Harper Glass, developing a dispute where Erik is a villain and Niko has no other option than to battle with her hubby.

The Achaia understands that Niko can create trouble for them, that’s why it seems that they will use her hubby as a weapon to block her. Prior to that, the Salvare should return safely to Earth. And if the comeback voyage is going to be like the arrival voyage then it will be filled with obstacles.

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Who Will Be Part Of Another Life Season 2 Cast?

Another Life Season 2 Cast
Image Credit – Netflix

Netflix hasn’t divulged more details about the cast of the second season. However, since the first iteration has wrapped up on a cliffhanger, it hints that story isn’t over yet. We think that lead actors will be required to give the final touch to the plot. It means that previous actors will return to reprise their roles in the upcoming season. The reports of credible sources like Looper suggest that most of the first season’s actors are joining the cast of Another life season 2.

Also, last year, Deadline revealed that some new actors have been included in the second season. Tongayi Chirisa will portray the character of Richard Ncube while Dillon Casey, Shannon Chan-Kent, Kurt Yaeger will be in recurring roles. Since Katee Sackhoff has been the prime actress of the series, she will definitely return in the second season. Apart from her other previous main actors will also come back. So, the stars who are going to be seen in the upcoming season are –

  • Katee Sackhoff will play the role of Niko Breckinridge
  • Justin Chatwin will replicate his role as Erik Wallace.
  • Samuel Anderson will be seen as William.
  • Blu Hunt will portray the character of August Catawnee.
  • A.J. Rivera will display the character of Bernie Martinez.
  • Alex Ozerov will present the character of Oliver Sokolov.
  • JayR Tinaco will play the role of Zayn Petrossian.
  • Selma Blair will replicate her role as Harper Glass.
  • Elizabeth Ludlow will be seen as Cas Isakovic.
  • Tongayi Chirisa will portray the character of Richard Ncube.
  • Dillon Casey will display the character of Seth Gage.
  • Shannon Chan-Kent will present the character of Iara.
  • Kurt Yaeger will play the role of Dillon Conner.
  • Carlena Britch will be seen as Paula Carbone.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Another Life Season 2?

In the first season, we have watched 10 episodes which are –

  • Episode 1: Across the Universe
  • Episode 2: Through the Valley of Shadows
  • Episode 3: Nervous Breakdown
  • Episode 4: Guilt Trip
  • Episode 5: A Mind of Its Own
  • Episode 6: I Think We’re Alone Now
  • Episode 7: Living the Dream
  • Episode 8: How the Light Gets Lost
  • Episode 9: Heart and Soul
  • Episode 10: Hello

Netflix is yet to disclose detail about the episodes of the second season. However, we have observed that presently most shows come up with a pack of 10 episodes. So, if the Another Life season 2 follows this pattern then it will also consist of 10 episodes.


Another Life Season 2 Trailer: Is It Arriving Soon?


We haven’t got any update regarding the filming of season 2, therefore, we can’t anticipate the release of its trailer. But since the show was renewed last year some works related to production must have been done by now. So, the trailer won’t take a long time to arrive. It will be uploaded soon on Youtube.

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