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Fiferst has always put and given the same emphasis on the antagonist as much as it is given to the protagonist. And why not? When we talk about the Flash, we HAVE to talk about Reverse Flash. Who is The Reverse Flash? Where are his origins? What are his powers?

Well, if you are as curious about the Reverse Flash and who is the Reverse Flash, then this is where you fulfill your destiny and end your curiosity.

Since the superhero series aired the first ever episode of the show, one question that everyone wanted the answer to was Who is the Reverse Flash?” At the same time, it was eventually revealed who he is, the character just got more detailed and intricate moving forward in the show.

No wonder, he is also one of the most powerful villains in the Flash series and well, when someone is complex and powerful, we want to know about it – so, let’s get to know Reverse Flash and get the answer to our question, who is the Reverse Flash.

As you scroll, you know more and more about the Reverse Flash. So, let’s go!

Who is the Reverse Flash? – The Man in Yellow Suit

Who is the reverse flash?
Source – Heroic Hollywood

Well, to answer the question in one sentence, and name the character directly, the personality of the Reverse Flash was played by the character named Eobard Thawne.

Thawne, a guy from the future, acquired incredible speed and an eye-catching costume. He developed an obsession with Barry Allen and journeyed back in time to trouble him. Now that Harrison Wells has been identified as Eobard Thawne, it should come as little surprise to anyone that he has a little Barry Allen.

The Reverse Flash was so fascinated by Barry that he attempted to have his facial features changed with surgery so that he could appear more like Barry.

Sounds cynical. Doesn’t it?

While the appearance of the Reverse Flash is consistently visible in the comics of the Arrowverse, it’s not true that Eobard Thawne contrived Harrison Wells’ fabricated persona and arrived from the future. Instead, Eobard merely incorporated Harrison Wells, who was an original scientist.

Geoff Johns, the executive producer of Flash, established a significant element to the mythos of the Flash and Reverse-Flash when he penned The Flash: Rebirth, the graphic novel series that first exposed Barry’s chaotic history.

But one question that remained very dominant was how was Nora Allen killed and who killed her. The answer screams Eobard Thawne. But before that, the only big success of the character was the murder of Iris West – what was the story? Let’s focus on that for a moment.

The story, in a nutshell, is Zoom killed Iris with a lightning-fast blow to the brain just before Barry and Iris were supposed to get married, and when Barry was preparing to tie the knot with Fiona Webb years later, Zoom had intended to do it again.

Well, how could Barry Allen, the great superhero let that happen? So, Barry unintentionally murdered Zoom while attempting to stop him. This commenced “The Trial of The Flash,” an inquiry lasting two years into Flash’s manslaughter trial, which is probably the greatest plotline in Flash’s career.

Well, coming to the actual topic of this post, Who is the Reverse Flash, for a major part of the show, the Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne was called Eddie and also mentioned as a distant relative of Barry Allen.

Who is the Reverse Flash? | Eobard Thawne; Reverse Flash #1

Eobard Thawne reverse Flash
Source – Variety

The character of Eobard Thawne was first seen in the comic, The Flash in The Flash #139. It was September 1963 then. He is Barry Allen’s archenemy and the first person to bear the appellation “Reverse-Flash.”

Other speedsters cannot influence the past without catastrophic consequences, but because he distorted the Speed Force and produced an unsavory version, he can travel through time, rewrite history, and even wipe out whole populations.

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Who is the Reverse Flash? | Hunter Zolomon; Reverse Flash #2

Who is the reverse flash?
Source – Heroic Hollywood

The Flash: Secret Files & Origins #3 (November 2001) witnessed Hunter Zolomon’s (also known as Zoom’s) first appearance. He is the second supervillain to go by the nickname “Reverse-Flash,” and he is Wally West’s archenemy.

He is quicker than any speedy, unlike the other speedsters, since he was “derailed” from the timeline after a collision with the Cosmic Treadmill, which gave him the ability to modify the pace at which he goes through time.

Who is the Reverse Flash? | Thaddeus Thawne; Reverse Flash #3

Who is the reverse flash?
Source – Nerdist

Generations would pass during the acrimonious conflict between the Thawne and Allen families. Bart Allen was half-Thawne, therefore President Thaddeus Thawne of Earthgov tried to enlist him in his crusade of vengeance against the Allens even in the third century.

After that didn’t work, Thawne combined Bart’s DNA with his genetic makeup to produce a speedy clone he called Thaddeus Thawne.

Thaddeus’ youth was the complete opposite of Bart’s; He developed extremely slowly, which caused the young speedster to become more analytical and systematic. Additionally, Thaddeus was trained to despise the Allens in general and Impulse in particular.

Who is the Reverse Flash? | Edward Clariss; Reverse Flash #4

Who is the reverse flash? Edward Clariss
Source – GamesRadar

Dr. Edward Clariss, a former professor at the institution where the original Flash, Jay Garrick, was a student. He thought he might have found the recipe that gave Garrick his phenomenal speed, which he refers to as “Velocity 9.”

Bitter by the scientific community’s repudiation of his theories, Clariss changed into a criminal and put on a more sinister version of the Flash’s attire. But when he used up his version of the formula, he lost since it was only a short-term solution.

The Rival confronted the Flash months after his defeat, surpassing lightspeed and disappearing into the Speed Force, as was revealed in JSA #16.

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