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Who wouldn’t like a great TV series such as Warrior, fully packed with action and drama? We don’t surely know someone like that. But, if you’re here, you are definitely digging about Warrior Season 3 release date and all the recent updates! Guess what? We got just that for you!

Watching something that thrills you is an adventure in itself. To be an adventurer? This is what we all want, no? Warrior season 3 will do just that for you. It has everything that you need when you want to feel like an adventurer.

After 2 power-packed seasons of Warrior, it is all set to set new records on the screen with even more energy in Warrior Season 3!

But what more? When is it arriving? What is the cast of season 3? When is the trailer coming out? Find everything as you scroll through!

Warrior Season 3 – What We Know So Far?

Great news for fans!!! Excited? Yes, for the upcoming gritty crime drama, Warrior season 3. The recently released Cinemax series Warrior has met both audience and critical acclaim.

Having also enjoyed a second run on Sky, this brilliant series has introduced the world to characters inspired by the writings of Bruce Lee.

Are you curious about the Warrior Season 3??

If you have watched the first two seasons of the series then you must be enthusiastically waiting for the third outing.


It is an American martial arts crime drama web series that first premiered on April 5 2019 on Cinemax. It is based on an original concept and treatment of the all-time famous Martial artist Bruce Lee. It is produced by the daughter of Bruce Lee, Shannon Lee, and the famous film director Justin Lee (the director of the famous action movie, The Fast And Furious).

The show has got good reviews from viewers as well as critics. In October 2020, Cinemax renewed the drama for the second run, and the makers also announced that the Warrior’s third season will be on the platform by 2021. They also revealed that the series will move to the HBO Max platform.

Reality Vs Rumors – Warrior Season 3?

One of the famous questions asked by fans is when will Warrior Season 3 premiere?

The reality is that no official date has been announced as the production of the new season is yet to begin. We don’t expect it to premiere until 2023, but check back here after some time to know updates! (HBO hints to spring 2023).

Warrior Season 3 Cast
Source – Den Of Geek

The first season of the drama came in 2019 followed by the second iteration in 2020. As per this pattern, the third iteration can be released by 2021. It’s just our guess, there is no official confirmation yet. If any such information comes out, we will convey it to you without wasting a single moment.

Well, it is being speculated by many film critics that season 3 will be released by the end of this year. If the shooting had not been stalled due to Coronavirus, we might have seen season 3 by now.

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How is the storyline of Warrior?

Gather around folks! It’s storytime!

Well, this article is not about the plot of the Warriors series, so we will try to keep it very short. In a single line, it can be said that the plot is set during the late 1870s in San Francisco, the series follows Ah Sahm, a prodigy of martial arts, who emigrates from his Country China in search of his beloved elder sister, who is sold to one the most powerful tongs in Chinatown.

Warrior Season 3 Cast
Source – Best Movie Cast

The story revolves around Ah Sahm and all the characters are somehow related to the central character.

Andrew Koji (Ah Sahm) from ‘The Itchy Onion’

Ah Sahm, who does not know this name, the entire story and all the characters are revolving around him. The character has become so popular because there is a glimpse of Bruce Lee in it.

By the way, the entire team attributed to making the whole series popular and good. Now, we hope that they will win our hearts again with their best performance in the upcoming season as well.

(‘The Itchy Onion’ is the title of the very first episode of the Warrior season 1, in which our warrior was introduced)

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Is Warrior the best action series?

The popularity of the drama can be understood by the award nomination. In 2021, Warrior is nominated as The Best action series and Andrew Cozi is nominated as the best actor in action series in the Critics Choice Super award.

Are The Fans Still Waiting For Warrior Season 3?

The ongoing conflict between Chinese and Irish factory workers came to a head in Season 2, with the climactic penultimate episode featuring a protracted brawl in Chinatown. In the Season 2 finale, Sahm’s sister Mai Ling, who is leading Long Zi Tong tells Hop Wei that Ah Sahm is her brother – a long-held secret that significantly weakens her, concerning her brother’s status and safety.

Warrior Season 3 Cast
Source – Ready Steady Cut

While it appears Ah Sahm is safe, for now, the Irish appear ready for further bloodshed, and the new acting mayor, Walter Franklin Buckley is doing all he can to do so. Meanwhile, Penelope Blake is institutionalized, Dylan Leary has entered politics and sinful Tong leader Xing may be getting out of jail by breaking it.

On a talkshow the makers of the series cleared that there will be no change in cast, none of the old faces will be replaced, however, some new faces will be added.

Warrior Season 3 plot – What Could Happen In The Next Season?

The closing scene of season 2 shows that Zing is breaking out of prison. So, the story will go ahead from here in the third season.

One thing that is more likely to happen is when Warrior will return with Season 3, there will be bloodshed. Ah Sahm is being cast out as the brother of the actor Long Zi chief, if any of the other soldiers find out, they will surely cause problems with him in the Hop Wei.

Warrior Season 3 Cast
Source – The New York Times

Furthermore, Young-Jun is already struggling with his new responsibility as Hop Wei leader, and he needs Ah Co more than ever – especially as the latter is becoming an icon within the entire Chinatown community.

Mai Ling is out for blood, and her allegiance to the corrupt acting Mayor Buckley — strengthened by her ability to blackmail him about his past as an Allied soldier — certainly results in another showdown on the streets of Chinatown.

Ah Toy, the madam who controls a brothel, survived her attack but did not face Patterson’s betrayal. Richard Lee was last seen leaving the police and putting a local black bartender to bed – something that could result in a lot of conflicts when word gets out.

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HBO Max and Cinemax conflicts

Cinemax has canceled all of its original programmings, but there’s a chance Warrior will get a third season if HBO Max continues the martial arts series.

Now, due to the dispute between these two OTT platforms, Warrior season 3 is taking a long time to release. As we all know, the first two seasons were streamed on Cinemax. But now, Cinemax has canceled the contract with the makers of the show.

Warrior Season 3 Cast
Source – Meaww

Now it will be really interesting to see who gets the contract for Season 3. And whoever takes the contract of season 3, will both its earlier parts be streamed on the same platform?

This is something we definitely look forward to!

Warrior Season 3 Release Date – Will It Return In 2022?

As excited as everyone is for the third season of Warrior, the chances stand slim for the season to be out even towards the end of this year. In April 2021, HBO Max dropped a video where the team of the series revealed that the show will surely return with more installments. Thereafter, no update regarding Warrior Season 3 has come yet. So, it seems that the show won’t be back with a brand new season soon.


But makers are on it and if all stays well, we’ll see our favorite stars from Warrior season 3 on-screen soon!

The way fans are waiting for Warrior season 3 hints that whenever it will release, it will get millions of views and will also break multiple viewership records.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Warrior Season 3 –

1. Will there be a season 3 of Warrior?

Showrunner, Jonathan Tropper while talking to Inverse mentioned that they are planning to launch the third outing by 2023. However, he didn’t tell the exact premiere date of season 3. So, it’s clear that season 3 will come but its release date is still unknown.

2. Is Warrior HBO based on a true story?

The drama follows the real story and analysis of Bruce Lee and it’s been produced by his daughter Shannon Lee, and moviemaker Justin Lin.

3. How many seasons are in Warrior?

Two seasons of the thrilling show have been released so far.

4. Will there be a Warrior season 4?

The third season hasn’t come yet so it would be too early to talk about the fourth season. The showrunners haven’t dropped any hints about Warrior season 4.

5. Is Warrior worth watching?

Yes, the show has thrilling fighting scenes and an adventurous storyline. It has secured a stunning rating of 8.4/10 on IMDb.

6. Is Warrior Cancelled?

No, the martial arts drama series hasn’t been discontinued yet. However, we haven’t got any updates in the last two years. The last update was shared by HBO on Twitter back in 2021 where the members of the drama confirmed that the show would definitely make a comeback.

7.  Is the Warrior a true story?

No, it’s quite different. The Fighter was the real one, Warrior is completely made up. The series doesn’t follow a real storyline.

8. Where is Warrior filmed?

The series has been filmed in Pittsburgh, a city in Pennsylvania.

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