Is there any news related to Utopia season 2? Will there be Utopia season 2? After some indefinite interval, such questions keep popping up in our minds. So, eventually, I tried to find out the answers to these questions and fortunately, I got answers to a few of them. If you also want to know those answers, you just keep on reading.

The American version of the Dystopian series is adapted from a British drama of the same name and written by Gillian Flynn who has written some great novels like Sharp Objects and Gone Girl. It premiered on September 25, 2020. And with Saha Lane and Rainn Wilson in the first season, it hit great heights.

But just after two months of its run on Amazon, the network announced that the second season won’t be released on prime video. At that time they didn’t reveal the exact reasons behind this cancellation.

There is a big theory behind the cancellation of Utopia Season 2 which you will get to know later in this article.

Utopia Season 2 Release Date: Are We Going To Know It?

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It’s a piece of big bad news for us as Amazon has canceled the second iteration of Utopia. The popular OTT platform took this decision soon after the launch of the first season.

But it is being speculated that the second season will arrive because the British drama on which it is based has two seasons.

So, we don’t have anything extra to tell you about Utopia Season 2 release date. But if any update regarding the second season will come we will be the first to make that available to you, so stay connected with us.

Who Will Be Part Of Utopia Season 2 Cast?

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The show has many big names from the industry. It has Sasha Lane as Jessica Hyde(main character), Rain Wilson as Micheal Stearns, John Cusack as Dr. Kevin Christie, and Micheal Smith portray the character of Thomas Christie.

All these actors have given great performances in many shows whether we talk about Rain Wilson in The Office or Michael Smith in Gotham and many more actors have appeared in big shows. So we can surely expect the best from them.

The cast does not end here, it also includes Dan Byrd as Ian, Javon Walton as Grant, Ashleigh Lathrop as Becky, Sonja Sohn as Agent Katherine Miller, Desmin Borges as Wilson Wilson, Farrah Mackenzie as Alice, Jeanine Serralles as Colleen, Jessica Rothe as Samantha, Felisha Terrell as Hailey Alvez, Dustin Ingram as Tallman, and Hadley Robinson as Lily.

It hasn’t been announced officially that these stars will be part of Utopia season 2 cast but looking at the storyline of the show, it seems that these stars will be back. Some new actors can also be added to the second outing of the thriller series.

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How Many Episodes Will Be In Utopia Season 2?

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There are eight episodes in season 1 and we are expecting the same from the second season as well. But it’s not confirmed yet as we haven’t got any official news about it.

Utopia Season 2 Plot: What’s Going To Happen Next?

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The first season of Utopia revolves around young adults who meet online to share their experiences with comic books. They start with a manuscript named ‘Utopia’ in the comic book Dystopia. And end with their eagerness to save the world from deadly pandemics.

At the same time, they understand that future pandemics written in the book will occur if the manuscript will not be found. They start their run to save the world and on the way, they meet a girl, Jessica Hyde, who claims to be a character in a comic and will help them in finding the manuscript to save the world.

In the last some episodes, when the manuscript was in hands of Jessica, Agent Katherine Miller displays that she is the main culprit. As Jessica hears this she throws the script outside from the window.

When the agent takes Jessica with him in an alone place he tells his original intentions of building a world where no one won’t be allowed to make their decisions and everyone will be puppets of his hand. But interesting thing is that Jessica’s father is also a part of Miller’s Team. And in this way, the first season concludes.

So now we can expect that Miller will use a young woman to fulfill his mission of creating such a disastrous world and the young gang would stop him from doing so. It will be great to see more intentions of Jessica’s father and Miller in Utopia season 2.

Utopia Season 2 Trailer: Is It Coming?

We haven’t received any latest news regarding the trailer of Utopia season 2 from any trusted sources. But we have managed to place the trailer for the first season. So, have a look at it.


Now I hope that you have got the all recent updates regarding Utopia season 2 release date, cast, plot, and answers to the rest of your questions.

Until you get the next dose of the drama you can go through some of our best works.

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