Upload Season 2 Cast

Made by Greg Daniels ‘Upload’ is a satire comedy-drama series that brings surprises to the theory of the afterlife. The drama begins in 2033 where livings beings are capable of uploading their senselessness and select their virtual subsequently to death. The story is about a juvenile computer programmer, Nathan, who lost his life in a car crash and sees himself residing at Lake View, the luxurious virtual, afterlife. Ultimately, queries related to his demise start coming out which increases the chances that Nathan could have killed.

The drama aired in May 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. It has earned up to scratch responses from critics for twist script, enthralling performances, and incomparable storyline with a proportional addition of science fiction and rational constituents. It has secured amazing 8/10 stars on the IMDb and an approval score of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. Since the prelusive season wrapped up on a mysterious note, show lovers are dying to know the Upload season 2 release date. So, let’s see what showrunners have decided for the second season of the show –


Upload Season 2 Release Date: When will it be Announced?

Upload Season 2 Cast
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The first season of Upload released on 1st May 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. It contains 10 episodes with a duration of 25-46 minutes per episode. Now, all eyes are on Upload season 2, and that’s why we have found out some crucial updates related to the upcoming season for you. So, here is what we know –

Amazon Prime Video officially commissioned the second iteration on 8th May 2020, just 7 days following the premiere of season 1. The drama developer Greg Daniels mentioned that he is enthusiastic to carry on his connection with the network. Sadly, the filming of Upload season 2 failed to start on time as the streaming partner suspended shootings of several shows including the popular Lord of the Rings prequel drama on 16th March 2020.

The announcement was made due to the sudden increase in the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Eventually, on 25th January 2021, star Robbie Amell shared a pic on Instagram from the sets of Upload season 2, clearing that filming of season 2 had started. But it doesn’t imply that the second iteration will be launched soon as the beginning season was premiered in May 2020 while its production was finished by May 2019.


There was almost a year gap between the last date of production and the arrival date of the season. So, if the shooting of the second iteration finishes by the summer of 2021, we can be asked to wait till the fall of 2021. Hence, Upload season 2 will be launched either in the last quarter of 2021 or at the start of 2022.


How Will Upload Season 2 Plot Be?

Upload Season 2 Cast
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During the introductory season, Nathan put effort to find out his murderer. In due course, he recovers his forgotten past and comes to know that prior to his demise, he was going to deceive his trade companion. Subsequently, Nathan passes away as a part of the dark agreement entailing Ingrid’s dad. We also witness that Nathan separates from Ingrid and has demoted his profile to Lake Views’s free edition which offers just 2GB of free data per month.

Because of these restrictions, he fails to complete his chat with Nora, who admits her sentiments for him. As a result, she believes that Nathan doesn’t have the same feelings for her. After securing her life from death, Nora follows a unique path with Byron. The episode concludes on a nail-bitter, where Nathan is slowly turning hard because of data emptying while Ingrid is transforming herself to immorality in order to stay with Nathan permanently.

Upload season 2 will go ahead in the year 2033. Nathan needs to improve his relationship with Ingrid as well as Nora. We still don’t know the person behind Nathan’s murder, although the beginning edition hints that the hands of Ingrid’s dad were involved in Nathan’s killing. The technology that Nathan was trying to develop prior to his demise displays trust as it can make “uploading” more economical.

Provided that Nathan’s new technology releases properly, it can damage trades for Horizen, the swanky digital afterlife. Daniels expressed that the iteration will show in what way Ingrid has uploaded herself to Lake View. He also mocked that maybe it was a “mistake”. If we consider the showrunner, the second iteration will carry on to show the lives of Nathan and Nora because the duo ‘vary the Lake View’.

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Who Will Be Part Of Upload Season 2 Cast?

Upload Season 2 Cast
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Fortunately, this time some official details have come about the cast before the arrival of the season. Greg Daniels has cleared that three main stars including Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, and Allegra Edwards are going to be seen in Upload season 2 episodes. Most probably, Owen Daniels will also be seen in the upcoming season as he has been witnessed in the filming location of the series. Apart from them, other actors of the first season can also return in the second season.

Credible sources like The Cinemaholic are also hinting that the actors who have played the role of core characters in the previous season can be incorporated in the Upload season 2. Besides this, there is also a new addition in season 2. Paulo Costanzo has been included in the team of actors of season 2 to play the character of Matteo. So, after going through these details, we have made a list of stars who will grace the screen in season 2. Here is the expected cast members of season 2 –

  • Robbie Amell will play his role as Nathan Brown.
  • Andy Allo will deliver her role as Nora Antony.
  • Allegra Edwards will be seen as Ingrid Kannerman.
  • Zainab Johnson will portray the character of Aleesha.
  • Kevin Bigley will display the character of Luke.
  • Josh Banday will present the character of Ivan.
  • Chris Williams will play his role of Dave Antony.
  • Owen Daniels will deliver his role of A.I. Guy.
  • Andrea Rosen will be seen as Lucy.
  • Christine Ko will portray the character of Mandi.
  • Jessica Tuck will display the character of Viv.
  • Barclay Hope will present the character of Oliver Kannerman.
  • Paulo Costanzo will play his role of Matteo.
  • Julian Christopher will deliver his role of Ernie.
  • Chloe Coleman will be seen as Nevaeh.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Upload Season 2?

Upload Season 2 Cast
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In the introductory season, we have seen 10 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Welcome to Upload
  • Episode 2: Five Stars
  • Episode 3: The Funeral
  • Episode 4: The Sex Suit
  • Episode 5: The Grey Market
  • Episode 6: The Sleepover
  • Episode 7: Bring Your Dad to Work Day
  • Episode 8: Shopping Other Digital After-Lives
  • Episode 9: Update Eve
  • Episode 10: Freeyond

No valid details have been revealed regarding the episodes of season 2 by reliable sources and that’s why we have no other option but to wait. However, nowadays OTT platforms have set a trend to release iterations with a pack of 10 episodes. So, there are possibilities that Upload season 2 will consist of 10 episodes.


Upload Season 2 Trailer: When Will It Be Released?


The production of the drama has begun in January 2021 which means that some part of season 2 has been filmed and the remaining one will be completed soon. If we consider this point, the trailer won’t take a long time to be released. It can be launched by the last of 2021. So, till then you can watch the first season’s trailer inserted above.

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