Top 10 search engines of the world

Are you curious to know about the top 10 search engines in the world? Search Engines are the ones who solve each and every query. Now, there are several search engines in the world but the question arises which one is the best. Well the answer to this question is discussed below in this article so let’s check the answer

Here is the list of Top 10 Search

Engines of the World :

1. Google

2. Baidu

3. Yahoo

4. Bing

5. Yandex

6. Duck Duck go

7. Ask .com

8. AOL .com

9. Wolfram Alpha

10. Internet Archives

1. Google

Top 10 search engines
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No doubt, Google acquires 1st position in the list of top 10 search engines. According to the statistics of net market share, Google has a market share of more than 87.35 percent. Google was founded in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Google generates maximum revenue among all the search engines. The search engine generated whooping revenue of $136.36 Billion in 2018. Google earns major revenue through its ads. Google’s parent company Alphabet, now has a net worth of more than $650 Billion.

No doubt Google is a widely used search engine because the search engine provides the most appropriate results to its users. It provides accurate results because it follows a proper algorithm before showing results. Therefore, it is the most reliable and user-friendly search engine. It has the largest index of websites in the world.

Google initially shows ads results in its search and then organic results. Many companies use this algorithm of Google to advertise their products. The advertisement feature of google also costs less to companies as compared to offline advertising. Google also provides various facilities to the bloggers to analyze their websites like google analytics, google search console, etc.

2. Bing

Top 10 search engines

Bing is the 2nd most used search engine in the list of top 10 search engines. It has a market share close to 5.53 percent (as 2020). Bing is a search engine of Microsoft which was launched on 3 June 2009. It was launched to compete against google but it failed to do so. Still, Users prefer google to make their searches in spite of bing.

Bing’s provide more accurate results in case of videos than google. Bings also show more ads searches than google on the front page. In July 2012 the revenue of bing increased by almost 12 %. Bing has an Alexa traffic rank of 33(in 2020) in terms of global internet engagement. Bing also offers better facilities to advertisers than Google.

Recently, Bing has expanded its website exclusion reach from 500 to 2000 ensuring better quality results. Bing has almost 849.5m unique monthly Global visitors according to reports of Being has a monthly search volume of 12 billion. Being is generally used by senior citizens in the United States.


3. Baidu 

Top 10 search engines
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Baidu is the first Chinese search engine in the list of top 10 search engines which was launched on 18 January 2000. The search engine is on the 5th rank in the Alexa traffic rank of websites as of 2020. Now Baidu is 3rd most used search engine after Bing.

Like Google, Baidu generates major revenue through advertisements. The search engine generated revenue of US $ 3.93 billion in the third quarter of 2019. It has a mobile user base of more than 1.1 billion.

Baidu ranks all the websites on the basis of their home page arrangement. Its first page of the result contains ad results, while google major focuses on organic results. Baidu gives more priority to the websites of china ending with .cn


4. Yahoo 

Top 10 search engines
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Yahoo is the fourth most famous search engine in the list of top 10 search engines of the world which was launched on 2 March 1995. Yahoo is on the 12th (as of 2020) spot in Alexa traffic rank of search engines. Yahoo has a market share of 2.83 % among all search engines. Yahoo was the most used search engine before the launch of Google.

Yahoo generates revenue of around $5 billion yearly. But the yearly revenue of yahoo is going down continuously after the launch of Google. In 2016 yahoo decided to sell its business at just $4.8 billion dollars dropping from 125 billion dollars in 2000 to Verizon communications.


5. Yandex 

Top 10 search engines
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Yandex acquires 5th position in the list of top 10 search engines. Yandex is a search engine of Russia which was launched in May 2010. Yandex is the highest used search engine in Russia. It is in the list of top 30 popular websites by Alexa. Yandex covers more than 65% market share in Russia. Yandex is a better search engine for the Russian language than Google.

It is the largest technology company in Russia which provides various types of products and services. Yandex is more popular in Russia because many citizens of Russian don’t believe in American companies. In 2017 Android agreed to not use Google as a default search engine in Russia.

Now Android offers to select search engine options for Russian users. In 2018 Yandex generated a revenue of $1.85 billion. Currently, Yandex has a market capitalization of more than $12 Billion.


6. Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck go
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Duck Duck Go is an American search engine that focuses more to provide privacy to its users. It doesn’t collect any private information from users. The front page of Duck Duck go is similar to Google as it shows some ads on top followed by organic results on the bottom.

Duck Duck go has more than 9.2 billion searches in 2018. It is growing day by day because of its privacy features. It’s is a good search engine but not as good as Google. It blocks spams and irrelevant results and provides accurate results to its users.



Source Wikipedia is a question-answer based search engine that was launched in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen. Earlier it was known as Ask Jeeves. The search engine doesn’t provide updated results like Google. Some times it fails to show searches of questions then it takes help from some other search engines to show results. has a market share of 0.42% among the top 10 search engines. The search engine also doesn’t provide quality searches like Google, Bing, etc. The search engine has an Alexa traffic rank of 203 as of 2020.



AOL .com
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AOL is an American company that was launched in 1983. The company launched its own search engine in 2005. It stands for American Online AOL has a market share of 0.05 % among the top 10 search engines. On 23rd June 2015, AOL sold its business to Verizon Communications.

AOL mainly provides three online safety tools which includes ID protection, data security, and a general online technical assistance service. AOL also manufactures their desktops. has an Alexa traffic rank of 349.


9. Wolfram Alpha


Wolfram Alpha
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Wolfram Alpha was launched on May 18, 2009, by Wolfram Research. The search engine shows data and facts on the basis of searches rather than showing web pages and documents like Google. Wolfram Alpha is mainly for students and Educators because of the algorithm it follows to show its results.

It is a type of “computational knowledge engine”. Wolfram Alpha has an Alexa traffic rank of 5,083 in terms of global internet engagement. The Wolfram Alpha offers some special features like an evaluation of their own Facebook profiles.


10. Internet Archives

Source Wikipedia

Internet Archive is an American digital library whose motive is to provide all the information to the world at no cost. It has large collection websites, software applications, games, music, movies or videos, etc. The search engine allows its users to upload information publicly to its data hub.

Internet archives generate annual revenue of $17.8 million (2017). The search engine has an official website name as where all the information is available. The search engine ranks 168 in the Alexa traffic rank of global internet engagement. It is on 10th Spot in the list of top 10 search engines.

So, this was all about the top 10 search engines of the world. From Google To Internet Archives, all the search engines are placed on the list according to their market share.

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