The Resident is a pharmaceutical drama that shows us day-to-day incidents at the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. The series delivers the inside picture of the lives of the health workers and demonstrates the pattern of working of a hospital from its pharmaceutic management to its bureaucracy. The drama has earned widespread acclaim for its great narrative, mind-blowing performances, and incredible presentation of the pharmaceutical industry.

Made by Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore, and Roshan Sethi, the show has been immensely loved by viewers since it released in January 2018. The fourth installment of the series has delivered way more than what we expected, covering adventure occasions, as well as sensitive moments that melted our hearts. The medical show has gathered wonderful 7.7/10 stars on the IMDb and fascinating 8.3/10 stars on After viewing the end of the fourth season, show lovers have been waiting to know whether the series will return for the fifth run or not?. The answer to the question has been revealed, so check it out below-

Has FOX Divulged The Resident Season 5 Release Date?

The Resident Season 5 Cast
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The fourth installment of the medical thriller premiered on 12th January 2021 and concluded on 18th May 2021. The edition comprises 14 episodes with a duration of 43-45 minutes per episode. As the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t gone yet, show lovers are in dilemma regarding the comeback of the drama for season 5. But on 17th May 2021, a bit prior to the conclusion of the fourth season FOX has confirmed the commencement of The Resident season 5.


Since the effect of COVID-19 has slowed down and creators have learned how to film the entire edition by adopting all precautionary measures, the production of season 5 will begin soon. If we look back, the fourth season was greenlit in May 2020 and was launched in January 2021. So, if the fifth season also moves ahead with this pace, it can be released by the start of 2022.


How Will The Resident Season 5 Plot Be?

The Resident Season 5 Cast
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The fourth iteration of the series concludes on the cheerful moment where Conrad and Nic welcome their newborn infant in this universe. It’s delighting to watch the amusing pair as they have gone through a very tough time and have faced multiple obstacles in the course of the entire season. On the other way, it turns out to be a sorrowful season for Andre Jeremiah because at the last of the season his stepmom, Carol gets diagnosed with lung cancer which reduces his life span in this world.

Additionally, we witness Kitt Voss as the newly recruited CEO of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital when it turns into a government hospital. The Resident season 5 will kick off from where the fourth season left. Conrad and Nic’s bond as well as their recently born little kid will be highlighted more in the fifth season’s storyline. We are expecting that A.J. will discover the way out of his mother’s severe issue of cancer and try to bring his life on the correct lane.

The drama generally holds a link with its relationship tale-loops, so we are hoping that the fifth installment will promote to adorable relation amid the personalities. As the Chastain is now a government hospital, it will come up with its own set of obstacles and difficulties that the health workers require to tackle with their full enthusiasm. That’s why it’s looking that the fifth version of the series will show a more heartwarming tale mixed with fantastic pharmaceutical drama for which it’s widely popular.

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Who Will Be Part Of The Resident Season 5 Cast?

The resident season 5 cast
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Even though showrunners haven’t opened their mouths in this matter, this is something that isn’t going to change much. The Resident is known for its amazing cast and the actors who are part of the series have found new fans in the audience. They are the ones for whom fans are crazy. So, if we consider these factors creators won’t alter the prime actors of the series. Credible sources like Cinemaholic and Hidden Remote are also hinting that previous stars will return in the upcoming season.

Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp, and many others have been notable actors of the third installment. The Resident season 5 won’t be as much exciting without them. This is why we are hoping to witness them again in the fifth iteration. After going through several reliable sources on the internet we realized that they too are pointing towards the return of the previous actors. So, as per this many former actors will be back to replicate their roles in season 5.

It’s unrevealed whether some new actors will be included in season 5 or not. The cast of the forthcoming season can include names like –

  • Matt Czuchry will play his role as Conrad Hawkins.
  • Emily VanCamp will deliver his role of Nicolette ‘Nic’ Nevin.
  • Manish Dayal will be seen as Devon Pravesh.
  • Bruce Greenwood will portray the character of Randolph Bell.
  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner will display the character of Andre Jeremiah.
  • Glenn Morshower will present the character of Marshall Winthrop.
  • Jane Leeves will play her role as Kitt Voss.
  • Jessica Lucas will deliver her role of Billie Sutton.
  • Morris Chestnut will be seen as Barrett Cain.
  • Michael Hogan will portray the character of Albert Nolan.
  • Tasso Feldman will display the character of Irving Feldman.
  • Jessica Miesel will present the character of Jessica Moore.
  • Catherine Dyer will play her role of Alexis Stevens.
  • Vince Foster will deliver his role of Paul Chu.
  • Denitra Isler will be seen as Nurse Ellen Hundley.


How Many Episodes Will Be In The Resident Season 5?

The Resident season 5 cast
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In the fourth season, we have relished watching 14 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: A Wedding, A Funeral
  • Episode 2: Mina’s Kangaroo Court
  • Episode 3: The Accidental Patient
  • Episode 4: Moving on and Mother Hens
  • Episode 5: Home Before Dark
  • Episode 6: Requiems & Revivals
  • Episode 7: Hero Moments
  • Episode 8: First Days, Last Days
  • Episode 9: Doors Opening, Doors Closing
  • Episode 10: Into the Unknown
  • Episode 11: After the Storm
  • Episode 12: Hope in the Unseen
  • Episode 13: A Children’s Story
  • Episode 14: Past, Present, Future

The show developers and the official streaming partner have kept details secret regarding episodes of The Resident season 5. And we think that they won’t spill details about this topic soon. Also, we haven’t found much resemblance in the pattern of the number of episodes in the earlier released seasons. So, we can’t anticipate the exact number of episodes of season 5. The pack of episodes will mainly depend on the kind of story that writers will develop.


Is There Any News Of The Resident Season 5 Trailer?


No, and also it’s not the right question to be asked at this time. The Resident season 5 has been renewed a few days back. There are plenty of things for makers to do before they decide the release date of the trailer. They have to check how much script is completed and thereafter they have to go for the production of the drama. So, a lot more things are remaining to do before they look at the trailer.

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