The Great Season 2 Release Date

The Great is a comedy-drama series that partially follows Catherine the Great, an 18th-century ruler. The lady was Russia’s biggest governing female ruler. Developed by Tony McNamara, the drama delivers an ironic edition of the historical period in her early days as she plans to kill her cruel hubby, Emperor Peter III. Since its emergence, the mystery series has earned widespread applauds for its flawlessly designed script and top-notch performances by the cast.

The show has scored stunning 8.1/10 stars on the IMDb and a remarkable 88% of critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. The beginning season of drama ended on an unconvincing note leaving many mysteries unresolved. Now, show lovers are desperate to see those mysteries getting solved in The Great Season 2. For that, they have been waiting for the second installment for a long time. If you also have a strong urge to know the status of season 2 then here is what you are looking out for –


When Will We Get To Know The Great Season 2 Release Date?

The Great Season 2 release date

The prelusive season of historical fiction arrived on 15th May 2020, on Hulu. The episodes of the series weren’t aired on weekly basis, all 10 episodes of the first season having a duration of 45-55 minutes were launched concurrently. The network was contented with the way the series performed in its initial runtime and that’s why it didn’t wait for a long to announce the commencement of The Great Season 2 in July 2020.

In May 2020, hints regarding second season renewal had started coming when Variety revealed that Nicholas Hoult, who plays Emperor Peter III had been ruled out from the team of Mission Impossible Season 7 because of time table mismatch with the filming of The Great Season 2. The shooting of the second season began in November 2020 and by February 2021, it wasn’t filmed entirely. Surprisingly, in the course of the second season’s filming, the cast members were notified that their names were on the list of 3 Gloden Globe Awards winners.

In the real, Russian way, prime actress Elle Fanning mentioned that all of them would be taking vodka on that sundown to commemorate and expected she wouldn’t be denied to smash her glass, similar to the monarchs depicted in the series. In February 2021, Hulu also shared the first glimpse of a pregnant Catherine the Great. As per The Wrap, during Golden Globe Announcements in February 2021, creator Tony McNamara had completed the writing work of beginning six episodes of season 2.


The decorated configuration, as well as the diversity of places, are increasing the filming duration of the series. Apart from this, COVID-19 is also developing hurdles in production. So, if we consider these factors, The Great Season 2 can be released by the end of 2021.


How Will The Great Season 2 Plot Be?

The Great Season 2 release date

The beginning season concludes where Catherine tries to murder her hubby, Peter. However, she doesn’t succeed in her trial and Peter becomes aware of her objectives and also figures out that Catherine is pregnant. Catherine also gets deceived by Marial and understands the moves that she should adopt to assist her nation. An agreement that looks to disintegrate ultimately, Peter and Catherine decide to be together to make their child’s future better.

As the show doesn’t accurately follow historical events, going through the background of real Catherine the Great won’t provide details of The Great season 2 storyline. However, show lovers have explored some clues regarding the incidents that can happen in season 2, with Fanning divulging that Catherine will have to do several parental duties this time. That’s what we are also hoping for as we have seen her pregnant in the final moments of the first season.

Although Catherine and Peter have planned to live togetherly, there are possibilities that Catherine’s objectives, integrated with her hubby’s insane nature, can change situations drastically. Additionally, don’t be surprised if you witness crazy and disgraceful moves of the dignified characters. In between all this, Catherine needs to properly play her role of a responsible mom.

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Who Will Be Part Of The Great Season 2 Cast?

The Great Season 2 release date

Even after multiple fights in the introductory season, no one has died. All the core characters were safe by the ending of the first season. However, the fortune of Leo Voronsky is still not transparent. That’s why it will be fascinating to see whether fortunate interfere in his punishment. This signifies that the majority of actors will return in The Great Season 2.

Trusted sources like Cinemaholic and Elle are also claiming that lead actors will be back in the upcoming installment of the series. Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult have been leading stars in the show. So, they will replicate their roles of Catherine and Peter, respectively. However, it will be difficult to say whether some new actors will be included in the second season or not. According to the latest reports, the actors who are going to be seen in the upcoming season are –

  • Elle Fanning will play her role of Catherine the Great.
  • Nicholas Hoult will deliver his role of Peter III of Russia.
  • Phoebe Fox will be seen as Marial.
  • Sacha Dhawan will portray the character of Count Orlo.
  • Charity Wakefield will display the character of Georgina Dymova.
  • Gwilym Lee will present the character of Grigor Dymov.
  • Adam Godley will play his role of Archbishop “Archie”.
  • Douglas Hodge will deliver his role of General Velementov.
  • Belinda Bromilow will be seen as Aunt Elizabeth.
  • Richard Pyros will portray the character of Count Raskolnikov.
  • Bayo Gbadamosi will display the character of Arkady.
  • Sebastian de Souza will present the character of Leo Voronsky.
  • Danusia Samal will play her role of Lady Antonia Svenska.
  • Louis Hynes will be seen as Vlad.
  • Florence Keith-Roach will portray the character of Tatyana.


How Many Episodes Will Be In The Great Season 2?

The Great Season 2 release date

In the elementary season, we have watched 10 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: The Great
  • Episode 2: The Beard
  • Episode 3: And You Sir, Are No Peter the Great
  • Episode 4: Moscow Mule
  • Episode 5: War and Vomit
  • Episode 6: Parachute
  • Episode 7: A Pox on Hope
  • Episode 8: Meatballs at the Dacha
  • Episode 9: Love Hurts
  • Episode 10: The Beaver’s Nose

There aren’t any official details that can tell the number of episodes of the forthcoming season. If the second season’s narrative will be long, the second season will have a greater number of episodes. But if writers create a script like the first season then The Great season 2 will comprise nearly 10 episodes.


Is There Any News Of The Great Season 2 Trailer?


No, as of now there isn’t any second season’s trailer available to watch. But since the production of The Great season 2 is on the way, the trailer won’t take large time to be launched. If showrunner executes their strategies successfully, the trailer can be released before the end of 2021.

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