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The Arrowverse’s The Flash season 9 is nearing completion and making episodes such as Season 9’s eighth episode, “Partners in Time,” is even more painful. With The Flash’s last season coming to its conclusion, the Arrowverse will also be finished for the time being. Talking about The Flash Season 9 Episode 8 review, the season lacks any feeling of scope or reason to celebrate the program and its common universe.

The stars have put their full efforts to justify the content, but The Flash is clearly in an innovative slump since episodes like these miss ingredients of entertainment and also aren’t very enjoyable.

The Flash Season 9 Episode 8 Review And Recap Explained

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Barry Allen as well as Iris West discover themselves collaborating with federal cops during a spontaneous audit of S.T.A.R. Labs while they get ready for the arrival of their daughter. This fairly uncomplicated occurrence becomes problematic as the crew gets locked inside the building in a timeless cycle after an essential component of cutting-edge technology is looted.

Barry and Iris have to move quickly to discover how to get out of the circle because the time spent there gradually starts to kill people who are stuck inside. They also need to identify which of the cops is truly the devil in the mask.

On the outside, “Partners in Time” appears to be a strong episode that is entirely appropriate for The Flash. It features a different timeless episode, this one with a puzzle story as Barry and Iris attempt to identify the perpetrator. The Flash frequently suffers from the terrible problem that the show’s humor isn’t nearly as hilarious as it thinks, making the episode less entertaining. Legends of Tomorrow is the best illustration of how the Arrowverse has proven itself in past episodes, but The Flash simply cannot execute it.

However, even this strategy and its predictable conclusion come out as a little hasty and empty instead of offering a gripping, though fragile tale that acts as the episode’s main plot. The red herrings are readily apparent, yet there is not a hint of danger despite the severity of the issue, and Barry’s confrontation with the criminal is hurriedly handled. Not all problems require a huge set piece to end it, but the solution is ridiculously cheap and highlights all that is problematic in the episode as an entire thing.

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Is The Cast Another Flaw?

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The way the whole cast and each of their complications is handled in “Partners in Time” is another unfortunate flaw in The Flash Season 9 Episode 8. The series strives to extract valuable things for Chester P. Runk and Allegra Garcia. It is never completely known what to do with the personalities, even though they are now involved in a relationship.

Even though there are just five episodes left in the season, The Flash Season 9 seems that it has been trapped in a loop. Of course, not each episode in the last season – or any season at all – needs to leave a big influence. The complications are equally as pointless as ever before, there’s simply no humor, as well as the superhero action is weak. Oliver Queen is coming back to The Flash when the series restarts after a two-week break. We hope that the emerald archer is going to contribute to Season 9’s strong finale.

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