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Team Flash is powerless and in grave danger because Barry Allen continues to be lost. The Flash Season 9 Episode 11 Review contains several spoilers.

The consequences of Barry Allen being moved away from The Flash’s schedule are discovered as The Flash continues its constant struggle versus the Negative Speed Force while exploring the effects of Barry Allen moving to a different period.

Team Flash now has to look into what took place to the Scarlet Speedster, but they soon run into trouble due to the destructive force. The other members of the crew need to go deep and use all of their abilities to stay alive, especially because Central City’s strongest protagonist is still lost.

The Flash Season 9 Episode 11 Review – The Search For Barry

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As the Flash squad thinks about the situation surrounding Barry’s unexpected missing Mark Blaine comebacks to assist Team Flash, mainly to Khione’s obvious delight.

Iris West-Allen is calmed by Allegra Garcia, however, a weird power unexpectedly strikes the building, killing a couple of Iris’ workers. Analyzing deeply asleep, Allegra, Chester P. Runk observes the persistent power signature fits the remains left at the location of Barry’s missing and finds that the Flash squad is being spooked by an unusual creature. He alerts everyone else, then declares curfew at S.T.A.R. Laboratories.

Mark criticizes Khione after seeing her rescuing the two workers by altering parts of their bodies to have plant physiology by scaring them. The Flash admits in secret that the Negative Speed Force has taken control of him.

Before working to kill Iris, Mark takes down Cecile Horton and diverts Chester, however, Nora, the very definition of the Speed Force, stands up for her. Nora tells Khione that just because of her unique skills she can destroy the Negative Speed Force and release Mark from its captivity before she vanishes.

Having her powers, Khione finds Mark at Killer Frost’s former Central City apartment and faces him. Khione uses all of her abilities to destroy Mark’s body and rebuild it without the harmful effects of the Negative Speed Force, but the Negative Speed Force crystal disappears before she can acquire it.

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A New World For Iris And Barry

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Iris enters into labor in the middle of the conflict, allowing Barry to get back to his regular schedule with enough time for them prior to their visit to the hospital.

While Allegra heals at S.T.A.R. Labs as well as Mark goes out to find and eliminate the Negative Speed Force crystal, Team Flash takes a jubilant Barry and Iris to the medical center where they welcome their newborn baby. After overcoming the Negative Speed Force, Khione accepts her transformation into a goddess and thinks it is better that she concentrates on her skills.

Barry plans to offer Khione his blessing in order to go missing again to surprise the team like before.

Malcolm Gilmore the exact copy of Eddie Thawne’s face, comes to the Central City Police Department in 2049 to know more regarding the record he recently found on Eddie. When Malcolm talks to Eddie’s former mates, Malcolm is troubled by a menacing voice that tells him to look out for Iris while getting glimpses of Eddie’s life.

Malcolm finds Eddie’s grave vacant after pulling it out and then understands he is Eddie. The Flash Season 9 Episode 11 concludes at a dark point as Malcolm extracts the gunshot that Eddie shot himself with.

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