When can viewers anticipate seeing a new season of the popular show after its popularity on Netflix? Read on to know all the information we currently know about The Blacklist season 10.

The Blacklist series is one of the most well-known criminal thrillers ever created in the USA. In Sep 2013 as a part of its new program lineup, NBC debuted a brand-new episode of the show.

The series was created by Jon Bokenkamp, while Joe Carnahan oversaw its direction. The series was developed by Netflix. The series has so far had nine seasons air.

When it debuted in early October 2022, Blacklist season 9  made an amazing debut on Netflix by cracking the top 10 shows. The show has an overall rating of 8/10 on IMDb. Fans have been intrigued about The Blacklist season 10’s placement since it smashed the list of the most-watched series.

The Blacklist Season 10 Preview: What Do We Know So Far?

James Spader depicts Raymond “Red” Reddington, a senior U.S. Naval Intelligence officer who goes missing and winds up on the FBI’s list of top 10 Most wanted criminals, in the television series The Blacklist.

red threatening a man
Source – Netflix

Red turns himself in after spending many years evading the FBI’s grasp. He has a list of the most horrific and lethal criminals he has seen during his time of unlawful activity. Red gives his “blacklist” of felons in return for his protection with the intention of getting rid of these bad guys.

Cooper’s task group disbanded and Reddington left the nation in the ninth season after Liz’s passing at the conclusion of the eighth. The agreement between Red and the FBI is dormant for the coming two years. Red is compelled to go back and aid Dembe Zuma when a mobster explosion nearly kills the former associate Red helped Cooper convert into an FBI agent.

Red initially makes a commitment to retire and relocate to Cuba when the mafia boss is taken out. Red betrays his pledge and opts to maintain control over what he may still manage as Red starts taking over control of what’s left of his business.

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The Blacklist Season 10 Release Date: When It Will Be Premiered?

Yes! You’ll be glad to know that NBC has confirmed The Blacklist season 10 if you recently completed streaming all of the nine seasons. The tenth season of the show was announced on February 22, 2022. The tenth season’s entire schedule of 22 episodes has been revealed.

Agent Ressler in action
Source – Netflix

For Blacklist season 10, a release date has not yet been announced. If we’re to estimate when the series will premiere, we’d suggest 2023. These are only speculative. We will need to wait till the series premiere date is officially announced.

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The Blacklist Season 10 Plot: What To Expect From The Upcoming Season?

The season 9 finale gave viewers a preview of the show’s future despite the fact that the reason for this season’s secrecy, at least momentarily, was kept from the public.

As the season closed, we learned that Marvin Gerard (Fisher Stevens), Red’s apparently loyal advisor, was actually at fault for (Megan Boone) Elizabeth’s death. Red was deeply affected by the final gift the killer left, even after he had been discovered and slain.

Red with his wife Liz keen
Source – Netflix

Now that Liz Keen’s (Elizabeth) killer has been identified, we anticipate that the series will go beyond Raymond Reddington’s pursuit of vengeance.

Marvin and Wujing (Chin Han), one of the original Blacklisters from the first season, met in prison. He said to Wujing that the FBI and Red were collaborating to catch him. Marvin then offered Wujing a list of additional individuals Red assisted in putting behind bars.

Now seeking retribution, Wujing intends to enlist the assistance of a number of other Blacklisters in order to hunt down Red and murder him. Red’s quest for vengeance is nearing a conclusion, and it appears that he will be the one receiving it in The Blacklist season 10.

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The Blacklist Season 10 Cast: Who To Expect In The Next Outing Of The Show?

In the forthcoming season, Siya Malik will play a new role (Anya Banerjee). Siya will be a flashback for viewers who started watching The Blacklist with Season 1, as she is the daughter of the tragically assassinated Meera Malik (Parminder Nagra).

cast of The Blacklist season 10
Source – Netflix

Expect her, some of the show’s most popular characters will return in The Blacklist season 10, including:

  • James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington
  • Donald Ressler, played by Diego Klattenhoff
  • Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper
  • Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma
  • Parminder Nagra as Meera Malik

Aram Mojtabi’s on-screen personality during the course of the show’s nine seasons, Amir Arison, has also left the show. Alina Park’s FBI agent for the past three seasons, Laura Sohn, will also be departing the series.

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The Blacklist Season 10 Trailer: Is It Out?

The Blacklist Season 10 has no official commercials or trailers available. We do not know anything about the season’s production schedule because it has not been disclosed by official sources.

We simply have to wait for the show’s debut in order to witness our favorite thriller. Even if it could take a while, perhaps it will be worthwhile! You may view the Season 9 trailer by clicking the link provided below:

The Blacklist Season 10: Where To Watch It?

It has never been simpler to watch earlier seasons of The Blacklist as you wait for the highly anticipated Blacklist season 10 launch. The Blacklist can be streamed on Peacock and NBC.

Nevertheless, all the seasons of the series are accessible on NBC, and it is obvious that it will air there once season 10 is made available.

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