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The Affair is a mystery drama series that first aired on Showtime on 12th October 2014. The drama is so appealing that it instantly caught the viewers’ attention and became the favorite of many sitting in the audience. The series has been developed by Hagai Levi and Sarah Treem, whose hands were also involved in House Of Cards. It has been quite popular in the entertainment industry and has also grabbed Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series.

Its five released iterations have performed well so far. It has obtained fabulous 7.9/10 stars on the IMDb, 86% of critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. Since the majority of the parameters of the show are up to the mark, expecting more seasons in the future isn’t wrong. But this is something which isn’t in our hands, we have gone through several trusted sources on the internet and what we have found about The Affair season 6 is just shocking. Here is what we have discovered –

Is The Affair Season 6 Cancelled or Renewed?

The Affair Season 6 cast
Image Credit – Showtime

The fifth installment of the Psychological drama was released on 25th August 2019 and smoothly concluded on 3rd November 2019. Now, if we talk about The Affair season 6, we have something that is nothing short of heartbreaking. In July 2018, some days before the wrap-up of the fourth iteration, Showtime officially had declared that the drama would end after the fifth season’s premiere. The channel confirmed that they aren’t terminating the series but rather it’s an ordinary conclusion.

Later, a channel executive mentioned, “Sarah Treem (co-creator) has always envisioned this as a five-season series, and we will be fascinated to see where she takes her talented cast and all of us next year in its climactic season”. So, as of now, the series is discontinued. There are fewer possibilities that the drama will be renewed in the future. But if something like this happens, we will notify you.


How Will The Affair Season 6 Plot Be?

The Affair Season 6 Cast
Image Credit – Showtime

The story of ‘The Affair’ is all about married life betrayals. We are familiarized with prime actors Noah Solloway and Alison Lockhart, who have a normal meeting at the dinner where Alison works. Noah, who is going through hard days in her journey of becoming a fictionist, is shifting to Montauk, New York with all of his family members. Despite living a well-married life, he hates the fact that they all are reliant on the money of their father-in-law to fulfill their needs.

Sentiments of insufficiency in the patriarch, after incapable to confirm economic safety pushes him to get close to Alison. We find that the regional waitress herself is putting efforts to bring calm to her marital life after the miserable demise of her four-year-old child. Mishappenings either develop space between partners or get them closer. The first one seems to be the matter for Alison, who enjoys the company of Noah.

The following iteration shows the viewpoints of Noah’s spouse and Alison’s hubby, Helen, and Cole. The pairs carry on their lives with the disintegration of their individual marriages along with handling the outcomes of the disloyalty done by their wives. The series turns more intense as soon as Alison’s brother-in-law passes away, leading to a police inspection as well as a criminal attempt. Thereafter a time gap comes in the series and we witness that Noah has been free from jail and he finds his new beloved one, Juliette.

In the next edition, Noah shifts to Los Angles in order to get more connected to his kids as his former spouse has reached there. This time the voltage of drama increases which multiplies the anxieties of Helen and her recent better half Vik. The guys deceive each other through the same lady. And things don’t wind up here because the iteration concludes with Alison’s demise. In the fifth installment, another time gap arrives and this time Alison’s daughter, Joanie Lockhart, has matured and comes back to Montauk, to decode the enigma behind her mom’s demise.

As as far as the plot of The Affair season 6 is concerned we don’t have any official synopsis to deliver to you. Since the sixth season has been canceled, we won’t be able to tell you any information related to its storyline soon.

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Who Will Be Part Of The Affair Season 6 Cast?

The Affair Season 6 cast
Image Credit – Showtime

Well, the question that must be annoying you is if season 6 premieres in the future who will play the roles of the main characters. Since the series has been discontinued we don’t have any valid details about the next season’s cast to tell you. But you will agree with what we are going to tell you regarding the upcoming season’s cast. We have noticed that lead actors are the same in all earlier aired seasons of the drama. So, there are possibilities that they will again reprise their roles in The Affair season 6.

Dominic West has been the prime actor in the series. He has portrayed the character of Noah Solloway, who is following his goal to become a novelist. He is also recognized for working in The Wire. Ruth Wilson, Maura Tierney, and many others have played notable characters in the series. We are expecting that they will reappear in The Affair Season 6 to replicate their previous roles. If the sixth iteration arrives after a long time, it can contain some new actors as well. As per recent details, the stars who can be seen in season 6 are –

  • Dominic West will play his role as Noah Solloway.
  • Ruth Wilson will deliver her role as Alison Bailey.
  • Maura Tierney will be seen as Helen Butler.
  • Joshua Jackson will portray the character of Cole Lockhart.
  • Julia Goldani Telles will display the character of Whitney Solloway.
  • Jake Siciliano will present the character of Martin Solloway.
  • Jadon Sand will play his role as Trevor Solloway.
  • Leya Catlett will deliver her role as Stacey Solloway.
  • Josh Stamberg will portray the character of Max Cadman.
  • Catalina Sandino will display the character of Moreno Luisa León.
  • Omar Metwally will present the character of Vik Ullah.
  • Irène Jacob will play her role of Juliette Le Gall.
  • Sanaa Lathan will deliver her role as Janelle Wilson.
  • Anna Paquin will be seen as Joanie Lockhart.

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How Many Episodes Will Be In The Affair Season 6?

The Affair Season 6 Cast
Image Credit – Showtime

In the fifth season, we have watched 11 episodes including –

  • Episode #5.1
  • Episode #5.2
  • Episode #5.3
  • Episode #5.4
  • Episode #5.5
  • Episode #5.6
  • Episode #5.7
  • Episode #5.8
  • Episode #5.9
  • Episode #5.10
  • Episode #5.11

The number of episodes of any season depends on its narrative. If the storyline is long, the iteration will have more episodes and vice versa. Most of the previously released seasons of this show have 10 episodes. So, it won’t be wrong to anticipate that The Affair season 6 will also consist of 10 episodes.


The Affair Season 6 Trailer: When Are We Going To Watch It?


Since season 6 has been called off, we can’t predict anything about its trailer. If we receive any updates about this matter, we will inform you. Till then you can watch the previous season’s trailer inserted above.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Affair Season 6 –

1. Will there be Season 6 of The Affair?

No, we won’t be getting season 6 to watch in the future as the show has ended officially. Makers have confirmed that the fifth season was the concluding chapter of the series.
2. Why was The Affair Cancelled?
Showrunners have mentioned that the series hasn’t been called off in fact it was just a normal ending. They have shown all whatever was there in a plot with the help of five seasons.

3. Why did Alice leave The Affair?

While talking to Stylist Magazine Ruth revealed that she wasn’t feeling secure on the sets. She wasn’t happy with the working environment of the show and that’s why she decided to leave the series.

Source: The Cinemaholic

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