Superstore is the United States comedy series that was launched on 30th November 2015. The episodes of the sitcom were telecasted on the NBC network. The initial four seasons of drama were developed and produced by Justin Spitzer and later Ben Feldman took that responsibility for further seasons. The series delivers the story of associates who work for ‘Cloud 9’, store number 1217, an imaginary big-box store in St. Louis, Missouri.

Six seasons have been streamed successfully on the network so far. The previous season was released on 25th October 2020 and it wrapped up on 25th March 2021. The American sitcom has been fantastic and has achieved multiple milestones. It has got stunning 7.8/10 stars on the IMDb, 7.5/10 stars on, and 92 % critics ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. These stats prove the love of viewers for the series.

Now, these lovers are curious to watch further seasons of the drama. They are enthusiastic to watch Superstore Season 7. So, let’s see whether their desires can be fulfilled or not?


Are We Getting To Know Superstore Season 7 Release Date?

Superstore season 7 release date

The sixth edition of the drama was premiered last time on 25th March 2021. There is a total of 15 episodes in the season and each one has a duration of approximately 22 minutes. The drama has got massive praise for its fantastic comedy scenes. It was able to do so also because of its popular cast that integrates people belonging to distinct backgrounds. Now, if we talk about Superstore Season 7 release date, here is what we have discovered so far.

NBC used a quite innovative way of sharing the news of termination of drama. The release date of the final season of the series came through an Instagram post. There were lines, “Attention Cloud 9 shoppers: We have a very special sale going on while supplies last!”. The actors also became emotional as they realized that their time to leave the show has arrived. Colton Dunn and Nico Santos also expressed their gratitude through their Twitter and Instagram handles for the series.


So, as per recent details creators are not going to continue the show. However, it doesn’t mean that the show will never hit the screen. Colton Dunn(Garrett) has disclosed that Amy can come back. He mentioned that script makers have been smartly invested in making good storylines for series characters.

A spin-off version is also on the way where Cheyenne and her hubby are expected to be seen. NBC hasn’t revealed more details about its release date, but it can be announced in the forthcoming months.


How Will Superstore Season 7 Plot Be?

Superstore season 7 release date

In the final moments of the sixth season, Glenn chooses to reinstate his dad’s hardware store. He recruits Moteo to support him when he comes to know that he is facing document problems in getting a job. Thereafter Cheynne also joins them. Amy closes her company gig at Zephra and starts doing another job. Her future hubby Jonah ultimately went for city council. Later, when they become one other’s life partner they get blessed with a son named Carter.

Dina was recruited to regulate the Ozark Highlands fulfillment center. She gives the job of assistant manager to Sandra and made Marcus and Justine, warehouse workers. Concurrently, Dina and Garett selected to continue their dating after the store shuts down. They all continue to be each other’s companions and finally meets at Glenn and Jerusha’s house for a picnic. In this way drama ended on a happy note.

If we talk about Superstore Season 7 plot, we don’t have any authentic details to tell you. We have already told you that showrunners have canceled the further seasons of the show and they believe that the series end was quite satisfactory. So, we won’t get any type of spoilers of season 7 until they announce the renewal of season 7. We will have to wait for a long time to get any progressive detail about the series.

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Who Will Be Part Of Superstore Season 7 Cast?

Superstore season 7 release date

We all have watched the ending of the previous season and also the healthy conversation characters did at Glenn and Jerusha’s house. All the lead characters of the series were seen at the climax of season 6. Luckily, they all have got professional work to do. So, if creators greenlit Superstore Season 7 in the future then these core characters can be seen in it.

In most of the series, we have observed that showrunners don’t modify the lead characters of the series when they make the next seasons. And, we are expecting the same thing in this series too. Creators can introduce new faces in the drama but they can’t make big variations in the central characters. Lead actors will come back in Superstore Season 7 episodes to reprise their previous roles. The actors who are going to be part of season 7 are –

  • America Ferrera will play her role as Amelia Amy Sosa.
  • Ben Feldman will deliver his role of Jonah Simms.
  • Lauren Ash will be seen as Dina Fox.
  • Nico Santos will portray the character of Mateo Fernando Aquino Liwanag.
  • Colton Dunn will display the character of Garrett McNeil.
  • Nichole Sakura will present the character of Cheyenne Thompson.
  • Mark McKinney will play his role as Glenn Sturgis.
  • Kaliko Kauahi will deliver her role of Sandra Kaluiokalani.
  • Johnny Pemberton will be seen as Bilbo Derek Thompson.
  • Jon Miyahara will portray the character of Brett Kobashigawa.
  • Irene White will display the character of Carol Malloon.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Superstore Season 7?

Superstore season 7 release date


In the sixth season, we have seen –

  • Episode 1: Essential
  • Episode 2: California Part
  • Episode 3: Floor Supervisor
  • Episode 4: Prize Wheel
  • Episode 5: Hair Care Products
  • Episode 6: Biscuit
  • Episode 7: The Trough
  • Episode 8: Ground Rules
  • Episode 9: Conspiracy
  • Episode 10: Depositions
  • Episode 11: Deep Cleaning
  • Episode 12: Customer Satisfaction
  • Episode 13: Lowell Anderson
  • Episode 14: Perfect Store
  • Episode 15: All Sales Final

We don’t have any authentic details about the episodes of season 7 to tell you. But we have observed that in most of the earlier launched seasons there were 22 episodes. So, if Superstore season 7 follows this pattern then it will also consist of 22 episodes. However, it’s just speculation, real information will be known only after the launch of the series.


Is There Any News Of Superstore Season 7 Trailer?


There isn’t any trailer available for the seventh season on Youtube. It’s not even clear whether season 7 will arrive in the future or not. So, we can’t predict anything about it now. You would have loved watching previous seasons of the drama. Instead of waiting for Superstore Season 7 trailer, you can watch the sixth season’s trailer inserted above.

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