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After an extremely successful run of Squid Game season 1, it is a secret to no one that the second season has officially been announced. But that’s not all what we have for you today. We have a list of shows like Squid Games for you.

We very well know that the “Squid Game” fever will not wear off soon, and till that fever is on, you should have something to watch, right? So why not more shows like Squid Game? Hell yes to that!

Do you know that the show took almost two years to make? But now when you look at it, the efforts were totally worth it. We’re not saying that. The world says so.

On that note, let us straight jump to the list we of shows like Squid Game that we specially made for you!

10+ Best Shows Like Squid Game To Level Up Your Watch List!

With an extremely successful season 1 of Squid Game, it has brought a much needed freshness in the OTT streaming giant, Netflix.
And it is not extremely understandable that viewers have gained an interest in these kinds of shows and shows like Squid Game.

We understand that. And that is why we have with us a list of 10 shows like Squid Game that will definitely level up your watch list and make you the cooler one among your friends.

Let’s check out the list of shows like Squid Game. We can bet the list is everything you would want in a show that needs to be as intriguing as Squid Game was!

1. D.P.

a man staring
Source: Netflix

With an excellent rating on IMDb, and Google as well, the first show on the list of shows like Squid Game is D.P.

The show has the rating of 8.3 and 97% on both the platforms, respectively.

D.P. is about a Korean Military police who tries to catch and find army deserters. But it is not as easy as it sounds and looks. Along the course of the show, new secrets are revealed.

The show was released on Netflix as well in August, 2021. Totally worth giving a shot of you are seriously looking for shows similar to Squid Game.

2. Move to Heaven

people sitting on a couch
Source: Netflix

Yet again, one of the best shows like Squid Game. Move to Heaven is also a Korean drama that came out in May 2021.

The show has the rating of 8.6 on IMDb whereas 94% of Google users have liked it.

Korean dramas really bring out the best!


Move to Heaven is a story about two trauma cleaners. A young man, and his uncle. They clean out the possessions of dead people along with revealing the covered stories they left behind them. Not just this, they also tell these stories to their loved ones.

The very idea of this show sends chills down the spine, no? If we were you, we would already be watching the show!

3. My Mister

man and woman sitting on stairs
Source: Netflix

A not-so-old and gold Netflix show. The show My Mister came out on Netflix in the year 2018 and the ratings don’t surprise us.

The show has the rating of 9.1 on IMDb and 85% of Google users liked this show.

The show gives us a more relatable phase of life.

My Mister is about a middle-aged man and a young woman. Both of them have their share of life experiences and pain. However, they come together and help each other.

Speaking of helping one another and shows like Squid Game? This one is the one to try to.

4. Alice in Borderland

people standing aggressively
Source: Netflix

Alice in Borderland is a Japanese Netflix show with a satisfactory rating and definitely the one to go for if looking for shows like Squid Game.

The show has the rating of 7.6 on IMDb, 83% and 95% of people like it on Rotten Tomatoes and Google, respectively.

The show is about an obsessed gamer who finds him in a different version of Japan’s capital city, Tokyo.

Now His friends and he have to do certain tasks in order to survive and get out of the “strange” Tokyo.

Will they be able to do it? What is going to happen? Too much Squid Game Vibes!

5. Stranger

shows like Squid Games
Source: Netflix

Stranger is a Korean drama released in 2017 having 2 seasons. The show also has fine ratings.

The rating of 8.1 on IMDb and 91% people like the show on Google is indeed an enormous deal.

The show is about a murder mystery. With the help of a fantastic female detective, the team solves the murder case.

If we had to choose among the shows like Squid Game to watch right now, we would go for Stranger.

6. My Name

Shows like Squid Game
Source: Netflix

If you are looking for the latest shows like Squid Game, My Name is your show to watch. With the rating of 7.9 on IMDb and 97% of people liking the show on Google, the show is all you would ever want.

The Korean drama revolves around a revenge driven daughter following the murder of her father.

To take revenge, the girl joins hands with dangerous crime mafia and follows his directions.

Intriguing, right?

7. Extracurricular

a boy/ money
Source: Netflix

People do crazy things for college, in college. But not everyone comes up with a show about it. This happened with Extracurricular.

And that so, is one of the shows like Squid Game on the list.

The show has a rating of 7.7 on IMDb and 93% of Google users like this show.

The story revolves around Oh Ji-Soo. He is a top-notch student of his class but his pockets are empty most of the times.

To take an escape from this life, he takes up “extracurriculars” so that he can pay for his college.

Do watch this show!

8. Mad for Each Other

a girl wearing sunglasses
Source: Netflix

This incredible show with 7.9 rating on IMDb is one of the shows like Squid Game you should watch.

Not just this, 94% of google users also liked the show.

How would you feel that the person living next door to you also goes to the same psychiatrist as you do?

Well, if you cannot clearly tell how you would feel, Mad For Each Other will tell you how and what. What would make the matter worse (for good) would be when you both would not just be able to stay out of each other’s ways.

9. Signal

people sitting
Source: Viki

With the rating of 8.6 on IMDb, who would want to miss a show like Signal. Also, one of the shows like Squid Games.

The show was first released in 2016 and has one season so far, which 83% of Google users liked.

The show takes you back to 1989, where a cold-case profiler and a detective team up to solve some murders related to one another that were laid down to three decades.

10. Beyond Evil

2 guys sitting looking tensed/sad
Source: Netflix

The 10th show on the list of shows like Squid Game is Beyond Evil (Yes, that’s the name of the show). The show has a rating of 8.2 on IMDb while 93% of Google users liked this show.

The show is about two fierce and fearless cops in a small town.

These two take up the charge on their shoulders to find out who did this. The murder very much resembles a murder that took place years ago.

Worth a shot, Shawty!

Summing Up | 10 Best Shows Like Squid Game!

We hope you liked this list of 10 shows like Squid Game. Now that Squid Game Season 2 is also officially on the cards, it is only understandable that viewers already want to keep themselves warmed up for it, and rightly so.

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