Many fans have been demanding for Plastic Memories Season 2 as the first season has left them with suspense over the identity of the new android introduced to Tsukasa by the end of the show. Are you waiting for the Plastic Memories Season 2 release date? Well, fiferst is here to help you. In this article, we will reveal everything that you have been searching for.

Plastic Memories is a romantic Japanese anime television series with a sci-fi approach. It was produced by the Japanese animation studio DOGA KABO under the direction of Yoshiyuki Fujiwara. The series premiered in Japan on April 5, 2015, following the final episode on Jun 28, 2015. The story was written by Naotaka Hayashi, who was also involved in writing the show’s screenplay. The show has 13 episodes in total with a length of 24 minutes each.

A video game was also adapted from the storyline of Plastic Memories. It was developed by 5pb and released on PlayStation Vita in Japan on Oct 13, 2016. Let’s dive in to check if we should be expecting the second season or not. But before that, let us take a quick recap from Season 1!!

Plastic Memories Season 2 – A Quick Recap From Season 1

Plastic Memories is set in a futuristic modern city with androids living alongside humans and exhibiting human-like qualities such as the tendency to feel emotions like love. It narrates the story of an eighteen-year-old boy, named Tsukasa Mizugaki(protagonist), who failed college exams and got a job in SAI, the world’s renowned androids producing company, because of her father’s connections.

Tsukasa & Isla in Ferris wheel
Source – Aniplex of America

As the story moves forward, we find Tsukasa falling in love with Giftias(androids whose lifespan is predetermined, and if they exceed their expiration date, it causes malfunctioning in them – they can be dangerously violent or lose their memory) named Isla. As their relationship progresses, we discover that Isla is at the end of her lifespan. This leaves Tsukasa sad who was already in love with an android.

Season 1 ends on a sad note with Tsukasa erasing Isla’s memories and leaving the viewers emotional. Also by the end, Tsukasa is introduced to work with a new android. Will it be Isla returning after getting all her memories recovered? Could you read the entire article to find it out?

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When Are We Getting To Know Plastic Memories Season 2 Release Date?

Since its last episode aired, viewers have been impatient about whether they will again get to see their favorite anime characters onscreen or not. Although the production studio, Doga Kabo has not officially announced anything regarding the second season, there do exist chances for the release of Plastic Memories Season 2.

Plastic Memories season 2 poster
Source – Aniplex of America

We are not saying it just like that. There are many points that support our statement. Firstly, it has gained huge popularity and its fans are demanding for another season by writing their opinions all over the internet. Secondly, there is a visual novel adapted from the show which has a different ending as Isla retains her past memories and gets to live beyond her expiration date. This is why we may get a season second with a brand new plot.

Fingers crossed!! Let’s hope for the best for Season 2!!

It has been six years since the first season ended in 2015. There are some serious doubts about the revival of the second season. There is no confirmation about the release of Plastic Memories Season 2, but even if we get an announcement about a brand new season, it will still take time to produce it and get it released onscreen.

It is also speculated that Plastic Memories will receive an OVA anytime this year. Taking everything into consideration, we can expect the second season but declaring a particular time will be a bit difficult. We are still not sure if Plastic Memories Season 2 will be revived or not but do not get disappointed – Keep your hopes high.

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Plastic Memories Season 2 Cast – Who Can Be Part Of It?

Tsukasa & Isla being romantic
Source -Aniplex of America

Anime has grown popular among high school students. Their storylines, screenplay, and visuals attract them. And most importantly, when their favorite stars are playing the role of voice-over artists, fans find it amazingly interesting to hear.

Plastic Memories is called “Purasutikku Memorizu” in Japan. It is an anime series that revolves around Tsukasa Mizugaki and Isla(an android), who despite being so different from each other fall in love. Being an anime, the characters are played by voice-over artists. The second season has not been confirmed yet but if it does arrive, the expected cast of Plastic Memories Season 2 can be:

  • Yasuaki Takumi as Tsukasa Mizugaki
  • Sora Amamiya as Isla
  • Megumi Toyoguchi as Kazuki Kuwanomi
  • Sayuri Yahagi as Zack
  • Chinatsu Akasaki as Michiru Kinushima
  • Kenjirou Tsuda as Yasutaka Hanada

However, there are speculations that new characters could be introduced in the show to spice it up.

Plastic Memories Season 2 Plot – What Is Going To Happen Next?

Season 1 leaves viewers with tearful eyes as Isla meets her expiration date and loses her memory. Since the first season ended with Tsukasa being introduced to a new android, it gives rise to many questions in our minds. Will it be Isla? Will she be revived with her past memories?

From the day Plastic Memories aired, it gained viewers’ love because of the unique love story between an android and a human. Keeping in mind the plot of the first season and the immense fan base that it gained, we can expect a reunion of Tsukasa and Isla in season second.

Since there is no official announcement about the coming of Season 2, predicting the plot of the anime will be a difficult task for the fans. But as we have already told you, there is a visual novel based on this anime with alternate endings. Keeping that in mind, we should be hoping to see Tsukasa and Isla together again.

Whenever Plastic Memories Season 2 will release, one thing is for sure – it won’t disappoint its fans who have been waiting for so long.

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Is Plastic Memories Season 2 Trailer Out?

As you have already read, sadly, there is no official confirmation of Season 2. Therefore, no trailer has been released for the same. But do not get disappointed. Here is the trailer from Season 1 to remind you of the spectacular anime love story of Tsukasa and Isla, who left their fans with tearful eyes and a heavy hearts.

If you still haven’t watched it, then what are you waiting for, buddy??

Since Plastic Memories Season 2 will not be released anytime soon, why don’t you hop to other shows & web series? Here are some recommendations from fiferst:

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Plastic Memories Season 2 –

1. Is Plastic Memories anime over?

The fate of the animated series hasn’t been disclosed yet. Showrunners haven’t revealed whether the anime will get a second season or not.

2. Is there Plastic Memories Season 2?

The series hasn’t been renewed for the second season. However, some credible sources are claiming that Plastics Memories season 2 may be released by the last of 2022.

3. Who does Tsukasa end up with in Plastic Memories?

Isla was Tsukasa’s partner until the end.

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