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The American Sci-Fi show, Pandora, created by Mark A. Altman, has telecasted two seasons with 23 episodes on the CW. Starting on July 16, 2019, with the first episode of the first season and ending on December 13, 2020, with the last episode of the second season, the series has taken its viewers on an adventurous journey in a surreal world.

The current topic of discussion is centered around Pandora Season 3. It has been more than a year and the questions for the third season keep popping every now and then.

Scroll down to read all the information and updates that we have gathered here for you about Pandora Season 3 –

Pandora Season 3 Synopsis – What Is Pandora All About?

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Created by Mark A. Altman, Pandora revolves around its young protagonist, Jax. In this science-fiction show, Jax loses the most precious parts of her life in an unfortunate turn of events. An unprecedented strike on the Portland Colony leaves Jax as an orphan. She makes it out alive but her parents fail to survive.

An official investigation about the incident takes place but it is not satisfactory and does not reach any reliable conclusions. Jax, who now has nothing to lose, comes back to the Earth and gets herself registered at the Space Training Academy.

Next in the story, Jax spends her time at the Academy where she develops friendships with some fellows. She comes across a new set of struggles, threats, rollercoasters, and companionships. Jax attempts and involves herself in guarding the galaxy against the intergalactic risks. In all the twists and turns, it is her new set of friends at the Academy who help her to fight and make her way through the troubles that chase her.

Pandora Season 3 Release Date – When Is Season 3 Coming?

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Two seasons of the show have already been released. The first season started airing on July 16, 2019. After running a length of 13 episodes, Pandora Season 1 released its last episode on October 1, 2019. Almost a year later, the broadcasting network came up with its second season.

Season 2 released its first episode on October 4, 2020. It covered a 10-episode long journey that was completed with the telecast of its last episode on December 13, 2020. It has been more than a year since then and fans have been waiting for some positive update from the side of the makers.

As of now, we have not been provided with the release date for Pandora Season 3. There were hints of filming to begin in the first half of the previous year, however, there are no certain updates about the same at the present moment. On an optimistic note, we believe that the third season is likely to release in 2022 itself if the filming and post-production support the same.

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Pandora Season 3 Cast – Who All Are Expected To Be A Part Of Season 3?

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The major cast members would definitely be retained for Pandora Season 3. This means Priscilla Quintana would be back as Jax, also referred to as Pandora, the young woman who faces unexpected things on her journey.

Noah Huntley would be back as Professor Donovan Osborn, the secretive professor at the Academy who is aware of more than what meets the eye and also happens to be the uncle of Jax. Oliver Dench would certainly come back as Xander Duvall who acts as the assistant of Osborn at the Academy and plays a crucial role in the series with some potential interest in Jax as well as some information that he does not share, and not to forget the role that he plays in the events.

Ben Radcliffe would also be a part of Pandora Season 3 as Ralen, a Zatarian who isn’t easily trusted by his fellow students at the Academy. Akshay Kumar is also expected to be a part of the third season as Jett Annamali, who is initially shown the doors by the Earth Space Training Academy because of his mischief but finds his way back hoping for another chance.

Other than these major members, some team members and friends of Jax are also expected to be back in the same roles that they’ve portrayed earlier.

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Pandora Season 3 Plot – What Do We Expect To Happen In Season 3?

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Looking at the journey of Pandora so far, we expect Pandora Season 3 to take up the story from where it left at the end of the second season. Towards the end of the previous season, we got to see Jax in a quest to locate the missing race of aliens which is needed to protect the galaxy. Jax is assisted by her friends in the same, however, the struggle is not so easy since the biggest of fears and threats come in the way.

Jax is assigned a mission by Osborn to bring in some information from a Sumi princess right before her marriage. Later again, Jax is sent on for a secret mission by Osborn.

On the other side, Ralen lands up in a dangerous intergalactic space. Jett and Xander are seen trying to help Ralen escape from the fight club. Later, Jett, Xander, and Ralen attempt to guard a mining colony against the threat of pirates. These three come across a cargo of illegal artillery which is being guided by Roy Scantron, the pilot. It is disclosed before them that the consignment consists of the clones of soldiers from EarthCom who are no more.

As Ralen, Jett, and Xander make their way back to the Earth, they discover that no trace of life exists on the earth except for Jax and the forgetful alien. It is clear that they would have to work as a team and unveil the hidden secrets of the unreal world.

The mysteries haven’t been fully uncovered and Jax needs to save the universe against all the odds. Xander, Ralen, and Jett have got their roles to play. Pandora Season 3 would pick up from here and answer the questions popping up in our minds. What next? Would Jax and her team succeed? How? What is the next set of challenges lined up for them?

Let us wait and watch!

Pandora Season 3 Trailer – Is The Trailer For Pandora Season 3 Out?

No, the official trailer for Pandora Season 3 has not been dropped yet. Given the current status of the third season, the unavailability of the trailer can be naturally understood. As of now, we cannot make accurate predictions about the upcoming season and the same goes for its trailer.

Till the makers come up with an update, here is the trailer from the previous season of Pandora for you to revisit and refresh –


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