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In recent times, gaming coming into reality is one thing people are working towards. The anime Overlord gives us a glimpse of that one! If you have seen the previous season, no wonder you’re here looking for the Overlord Season 4 release date!

The show speaks to all those who are fond of gaming and technology. And oh… fantasy as well. Overlord is the perfect example of that. And with the way people perceived the show, season four of Overlord is highly expected!

Is the show coming out? Is Overlord season 4 renewed? If yes, what is Overlord’s season 4 release date? What do we know about the show already?

Let’s discuss all that!

Overlord Season 4 Release Date- What Do We Know So Far About The Show?

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Three successful seasons of anime Overlord and so many things to know (no spoilers here, though).

Just to maintain the fun of it, let us not get into the spoilers and just introduce you to the anime!

The show first aired for the viewers around seven years back on July 07, 2015. Since then, there’s no going back to the anime.

The show has a 7.8 stars rating out of 10 stars on IMDb while 89% of people on Google liked the show as well.

The show has three seasons as of now, expecting the fourth one, and the show comes under the Fantasy drama.

So what about the plot of the show? And what about the Overlord season 4 release date? The trailer release? The platform where the anime would stream and so on…

What Can Be Overlord Season 4 Plot?

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What happens when something that you hoped will always remain virtual comes to life?

Well, if you didn’t, you should because that is actually what happens in Overlord.

The show starts when a role-playing virtual game comes into reality and traps the logged-in characters.

The show has a special place in the hearts of those who are into fantasy drama and live in the world of their own. The show becomes relatable to those.

Now, what about the renewal status of the show? Are we getting the 4th season? Is the show coming up with a new cast, streaming platforms, and characters?

Let’s discuss all this from here!

What Is The Renewal Status of Overlord Season 4?

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The renewal status of every show is always the most important.


It is because if it is a yes to the show, all the other doubts and questions about the show make sense, but when the show is not coming with a new season, all the queries just seem pointless.

So what is the renewal status of Overlord season 4? Is the show coming up with a fourth season? What is the release date of Overlord season 4 release date? Who can be the cast and characters of the anime? And so many more things!

Are these questions going to make sense further or the queries will be pointless?

The answer is YES!

Anime, Overlord season 4 is renewed for a fourth season!

The show’s renewal was announced back in December 2021 and since then we have all been waiting for the show to release or at least, the release date of the anime!

To conclude, Overlord season 4 has been renewed officially.

What now? Now, let us know about Overlord season 4 release date, cast, trailer release, and other things that are NOT pointless!

Who Can Be In The Overlord Season 4 Cast?

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Since Overlord season 4 is an anime, there is no “cast’ of the show, however, the main characters of the show are mentioned below:

  • Ainz,
  • Albedo,
  • Sebastian,
  • Momonga,
  • Demigure,
  • Pandora’s Actor,
  • Shalltear Bloodfallen,
  • and Zeta.

We can also expect more characters in the Overlord season 4 cast who may add more to the spice of the show!

What Is Overlord Season 4 Release Date?

Yay! After the season 4 renewal approvals, the release date of the show won’t be taking a lot of time. We knew that already, didn’t we?

Overlord season 4 release date has been told in a way and also not been told. The anime will release in 2022. This is what we know for sure.

Saying in lesser words, we just know the release date month of Overlord season 4. The show was released in July 2022.

Again, mentioning the fourth season, season 4 of Overlord will release in July 2022.

As already mentioned that we don’t have an accurate release date for Overlord season 4, we could just ask you to mark your calendars for July of this year.

There has not been a consistent release schedule based on which Fiferst could tell you something about the release date of the fourth season, but well, July 2022 it is!

When Can We Expect Overlord Season 4 Trailer To Release?

Well, good news! We don’t have to expect anything for a trailer release date!

If you’re asking “why?”… then let Fiferst make you aware of the fact that the show has been released already!

Overlord season 4 trailer has been released. Since the release date has been kept in July 2022, it is the right time that the viewers to see the trailer and think about what the fourth season is about!

Given below is the Overlord season 4 trailer:

Where Can I Watch Overlord Season 4?

This interesting anime series, Overlord season 4, can be watched on several online platforms. You can watch Overlord season 4 on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

The first three seasons of the show can be watched on the same platforms already.

You might have to wait for season 4 of the show as it comes on the OTT. The wait for the show, however, is not that long and you won’t even get to know how the time will pass!

On the brighter side, the Overlord season 4 trailer is released!

Summing Up | Overlord Season 4 Release Date

So, good news! The animated series has been renewed and the show will soon hit the screens!

Overlord season 4 release date has been set for July 2022. The animated series will be soon seen on screens in July 2022.

Overlord season 4 trailer has already been released and you can watch the show on several online platforms, including Crunchyroll and Hulu.

Catch up with all the previous seasons of the show right now on the platforms and be ready for season 4! The animated series is one of the most awaited anime in 2022.

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