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The last two years have been tough for employees and college students due to the pandemic. For students, physical classes were canceled and tutoring was moved to digital platforms. The days of catching up with friends and roaming around the college are no longer the same.

If you’re missing your college life then don’t be said. You can also enjoy at home and can have a great time. All you have to do is sit back, turn on your computer, TV, or smartphone and find some of the best shows and movies.

Let us tell you that you don’t have to waste your time and energy researching these shows as we have compiled a list of the 7+ best tv shows and movies. So, let’s begin.

List Of Top TV Shows And Movies –

1. Sweet/Vicious

Poster of Sweet Series
Source – MTV

Sweet/Vicious is one of the best MTV productions for students. It’s a story about two female students who attend a college where sexual assault against female learners is not regarded as a serious issue although it happens regularly.

Jules, a victim of sexual assault joins hands with Ophelia in chasing down people who hurt college girls. The two vigilantes hunt down the predators through a series of comic and dangerous situations.

2. Dear White People

Poster of Dear White People
Source – Netflix

White students are predominant at Winchester University campus. However, the only radio station in college is managed by an African American student. She uses the platform to propel a social activism campaign. However, most students there don’t understand her message.

This series is focused on portraying racism issues and discrimination between Africans and Americans. If you want to have a great time watching this show without worrying about your assignments, you should seek essay writer service help today.

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3. How to Get Away with Murder

Poster of How to Get Away With Murder
Source – Netflix

Even though the show has reached its sixth season, it’s still engaging and captivating as it was a few years ago. It narrates a story of a group of aspiring law students who are studying under Annalise Keating – a criminal attorney.

Their lives change when a student gets killed, after which they get a clear picture of what awaits them.

4. The Magicians

Poster of The Magicians
Source – Syfy

This is a fantasy TV show that is set in the real world. It depicts the life of a group of students who attend a university that is hidden from the world by illusion. These students face the same problems as regular learners such as completing homework on time and revising for exams.

While going through a series of challenges that can only be solved by magic. The show is set in a world where strange creatures live which are made up of special effects.

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5. Fresh Meat


It is an interesting TV show that was first aired back in 2011. This British show will excite you because its story is about six college students who have nothing in common and have to live under one roof.

The housemates are unique individuals who face issues that adapt to each other. The show contains a lot of British humor. When you start watching it, you resist yourself from turning off television.

6. Clique


This is a recent and one of the most engaging TV shows on our list. It’s about two childhood friends who go to college together. They get separated when a girl joins a group of elite students.

The story is filled with lavish parties, danger, and intrigue. The girls are put to test in the new environment.

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7. Bad Neighbors


Do you have a college student neighbor who is very notorious? If yes, you’ll probably relate to this story. How would it be if a group of college students become your neighbors? What will you expect from these students? Chaos and parties, right? When a group of college students moves in next door to a couple that just had a baby, war erupts. The film is humorous and intense at the same time.  

When it comes to the production of TV shows and movies, there is no shortage of creativity. College students go through a lot as they do their best to get good grades and land their dream jobs. Most of the stories that you are going to follow in the shows and movies that we’ve shared with you happen in real life. So, you don’t have to spend your free time scrolling on your phone or sleeping. You need to watch these tv shows.

Watching TV shows will help you to learn a lot of new things and develop the skills that you require to solve the problems that you face on a daily basis as a college student. Finally, don’t hesitate to seek help from experts if you want to stay on top in college and enjoy your free time. There are a lot of people who are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Which TV show are you going to start watching today? Drop the answers below.

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