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With the release of its first season back in 2019, Mr Iglesias has been a much-loved comedy series available on Netflix. Though the show did not enjoy the position for long, it did enter the top ten lists right after its release proving that it did have good reception. Interestingly, the drama has a decent reputation among the critics as well, however, the fate of the show for Mr Iglesias Season 3 still does not stand brightly.

Read on to know all the details and status of this American comedy on Netflix that you might be looking for –

Mr. Iglesias Season 3 – Introduction to the Show

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Created by Kevin Hench, Mr. Iglesias is an American comedy series that has already premiered two seasons on Netflix. The show revolves around Gabriel Iglesias, acting as Gabe, who attempts to generate a positive impact in the lives of some of his students who have got great potential and intelligence residing within them but they stand below par in their performances.

Gabriel Iglesias plays the lead role in the show as Gabe, a funny and loving history teacher who takes up the responsibility of helping out some defiant and challenging yet smart students. He tries to save these students from the clutches of the Assistant-Professor of the school who is no new at harassing the pupils. The show focuses on how Gabe helps these students to realize their full potential in a backdrop of comedy that will leave you light-hearted.

Season 2 of Mr. Iglesias witnessed Gabe making efforts to understand the reason behind the reluctance of the students from participating in a dance and helping them with the same. Along with this, there are important sub-plots in which Gabe plays a significant role. The journey and progress of the students are also focused upon.

Mr. Iglesias Season 3 Release Date – Is The Renewal Confirmed?

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The first season of Mr. Iglesias was released with ten episodes in June 2019. The show was renewed for a second season that premiered in 2020. Makers of the show divided Mr. Iglesias Season 2 into two parts, the first having six episodes (June 2020) and the second consisting of five episodes (December 2020).

It had been hinted by one of the cast members of the show in December 2020 that the drama could make a comeback with the next season but things have turned out differently. In July 2021, Netflix came out of the box and canceled the renewal of many of its shows. Unfortunately, Mr. Iglesias Season 3 also falls on the list of shows that have been canceled by the platform. As a result, we do not have chances for the release of Season 3 anytime soon.

Mr. Iglesias Season 3 Cast – Do the same people continue?

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Since the show takes the same story forward with each season, the cast of Mr. Iglesias Season 3 is expected to stay the same if and when it arrives. Gabriel Iglesias would be back as Gabe Iglesias, a history teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School whose loving personality is sure to win the hearts of the viewers yet again.

Sherri Shepherd would be back as Paula Madison, the principal of the school who has divorced thrice in her life and has an impressive personality. Jacob Vargas would return as Gabe’s best friend and colleague, Tony Ochoa.

Richard Gant would play the role of Ray Hayward who happens to be the English teacher of Gabe and Tony and still continues to be a part of the staff at Wilson High. Elora Casados is expected to be back in Mr. Iglesias Season 3 as Jackie who is seen dating Gabe in the show. Cree Cicchino, Fabrizio Guido, and Tucker Albrizzi are likely to be back to the show as Gabe’s students.

There could definitely be additions to the list of names but that would depend upon the plot and requirement of the season and to be sure about that, we need a renewal confirmation first.

What do we expect to happen in Mr. Iglesias Season 3?

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Towards the end, the second season of Mr. Iglesias saw Paula stepping up and getting involved in the yoga lessons, and joining others. Also, Paula is seen expressing her emotions about her upcoming college get-together while she is suggested to consider retirement for herself by Carlos.

On the other side, the dance preparation of Gabe’s students starts, however, he realizes that the students are not actually looking forward to the dance performance. He seeks Jackie’s help to know the reason behind their hesitation and change the mind of his students as he wishes for them to be a part of the dance. Later in the last dance of the day, we find Gabe and Jackie coming together to dance.

At the ending of the previous season, the viewers have seen the onslaught of a new chapter in the lives of the students as they are gearing up to enter college. Whenever the makers give a green signal for Mr. Iglesias Season 3, we expect to see a continuation from here on and an insight into their lives. The progress in the relationship between Gabe and Jackie is an angle that each fan of Mr. Iglesias would like to watch and we(Fiferst) expect the next season to cater the same while keeping the interest of the audience in mind.

All these stand as mere guesses and predictions and will continue to be so till we get solid hints from the makers and even before that, a confirmation for Mr. Iglesias Season 3. May the patience bring a good result!

Is the trailer for Mr. Iglesias Season 3 out?

Unfortunately, Mr. Iglesias Season 3 lies canceled as of now and any change in the decision seems unlikely. There could be a change of plans in the future because NEVER SAY NEVER but as of now, there are no signs even remotely.

We(Fiferst) can’t bring a new trailer for you, however, below is the trailer from Mr. Iglesias Season 2 that might feel a little good to the craving hearts of the fans of the show –

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