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We generally watch various kinds of videos on YouTube from different categories. Maximum times we watch videos according to our likes, but when we go for something new often there develops a problem. We click on a video and then after watching it, we don’t find it good. Therefore, In this article, I’m going to tell you the list of most disliked videos on YouTube so that you can avoid them if they will come on your screen. After reading this article you can prevent your internet data from watching these kinds of videos.

List of Most Disliked videos on YouTube:

1. Track – YouTube Rewind 2018

Singer – Various

Dislikes – 17 million

Channel – YouTube


YouTube Rewind 2018 was published on 6 December 2018. But the song didn’t receive positive response from the audience as there was not proper mixing of videos. There is a zigzag mixing of different videos. It sounds a bit awkward that a video from YouTube has a maximum number of dislikes.

2. Track – Baby

Dislikes – 11 million

Singer – Justin Bieber

Channel – Justin Bieber

You can’t believe it’s Justin Bieber’s Baby in the list of most disliked videos on YouTube. It’s a bit surprising as the song is in the list of most viewed videos on YouTube with more than 2.3 billion views alone on YouTube. The song was published on 18 January 2010 and still it is going very fast. There is only 2 million difference between track’s likes and dislikes.

3. Track – It’s Everyday Bro

Singer – Jake Paul featuring Team 10

Dislikes – 4.7 million

Channel – Jake Paul


It’s rare to observe a song having more dislikes than likes. Jake Paul’s ‘It’s Everyday Bro’ has received 4.7 million dislikes as compared to 2.9 million likes. The song was published on 31st May 2017, and within an interval of 3 years, the song crossed 264 million views.

4. Track – Can this video get 1 million dislikes

Singer – Pewdiepie

Dislikes – 4.6 million


As the name suggests, the goal of Pewdiepie is completed as the video received 4.6 million dislikes which are far more than the target of 1 million. The whole track is alone made by Pewdiepie.

5. Track – Despacito

Singer – Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee 

Dislikes – 4.4 million

Channel – Luis Fonsi


It’s is the most successful song in the history of YouTube in terms of views. We can’t say it’s a bad song, as it has received more than 6.7 billion views alone on YouTube. The song has received 37 million likes which are far more than 4.4 million dislikes.

6. Track – Official Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

Singer – Various

Dislikes – 3.8 million

Channel – Call Of Duty

It’s a bit surprising that the teaser of a very famous game is on the list of most disliked videos on YouTube.  Though the teaser received 3.8 million dislikes, later the game got a good response from the audience. The game has more than 100 million downloads across the Google play store. Therefore, we can predict from these figures, how popular the game is. On average the game has received 4.5 stars on play store.

7. Track – Friday

Singer – Rebecca Black

Dislikes – 3.6 million

Channel – Rebecca Black

It’s slightly surprising a song is getting continuous dislikes from the past 8 years. ‘Friday’ has been published by famous songwriter and singer Rebecca Black on 17 September 2011 across Youtube. The song has received more than 3.6 million dislikes and is in the list of most disliked videos on YouTube.

8. Track – Baby Shark Dance

Singers – Bommie Catherine Han and Hope Marie Segoine

Dislikes – 6.7 million

Channel – Pinkfong! Kids Songs & Stories


Now, kids are bored with this video and also they are no more interested in watching this song again. The song has received more than 6.7 million dislikes over YouTube, but on the other hand, the song has received 15 million likes as well. The video is also in the list of most viewed videos across Youtube.

9. Track – Bibi H – How it is ( wap bap…)

Singer – Bibi H

Dislikes – 31 million views

Channel – BibisBeautyPalace

Though the song has 610 million views across Youtube, it has received more than 3.1 million dislikes till now. The audience doesn’t accept track whether you talk about its video or lyrics.

10. Track – Cortando O Botão Do YouTube

Singer – Aruan Felix

Dislikes – 2.6 million

Channel – Aruan Felix

This 3-minute 31-second video depicts YouTuber who is trying to damage his Silver Play Button which he received for achieving 10,000 subscribers. On the other hand, the video has got 9.2 million likes as well with 207 million views alone on Youtube.

So, These are some videos that didn’t receive a positive response from the audience. They are criticized for several different reasons. If you ever wanted to check the list of most disliked videos on YouTube you can go through the above complete list.

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