Lucifer Season 6 release date

What’s better than watching the sixth season of our favorite series Lucifer with popcorn in hands and a big screen in front of our eyes. Somewhere it has become our dream to watch The Lucifer Season 6 since we have watched Season 5.

Believe it or not but we aren’t satisfied with the ending of last season that’s why we want to see some more episodes to fulfill the desire which is burning in our hearts for the last couple of months.

I think the heat of this desire has reached the headquarters of Netflix as surprisingly the OTT platform has announced the renewal of drama for the sixth and final time. The popular digital streaming service provider shared this awesome news through its official Twitter handle. The news was followed by a number “666” and lines mentioned below:

“The devil made us do it. #Lucifer will return for a sixth and final season. Like, FINAL final.” So let’s see what more has been revealed regarding the upcoming season of the series:


When Netflix is Revealing Lucifer Season 6 Release Date?

Lucifer Season 6 release date

Am I forgetting something to tell you? Can you guess what it is? If you remember the episodes of the second half haven’t arrived yet, so before I provide you any updates on the sixth season of the series see what star Tom Ellis politely shared with fans in the last week of August on his conversation with Pilot TV Podcast.

He said that he doesn’t know when will the remaining 8 episodes of season 5 arrive as they also have to shoot for the Lucifer Season 6 episodes. They have reached half of season 5, so firstly they will finish it and then will jump to Season 6. By further adding he mentioned that he is expecting them to arrive close to Christmas.

Executive producer Joe Henderson while replying to a fan mentioned, “I genuinely don’t know how long it’ll take yet, but I think everyone should prepare for it taking longer than they’d like — post is a lot of work and takes time! (definitely not December).” The reports of Digital Spy are saying that Lucifer Season 6 won’t arrive before the last of 2021.

Now, another piece of news that will bring a smile to your face is that the shooting for Season 6 has started. Joe shared this great news by tweeting, “Today is our first day of shooting #Lucifer season 6! So happy we’ve finished up season 5, and we will be working our buns off to get it finished and to Netflix! Thanks to  our incredible cast and crew for working hard and safe and delivering a kickass finale!!”

And the script of last season has also been completed as per Executive Producer Ildy Modrovich. She informed this by adding the lines “Last day in the Lucifer Writer’s Room,” in a tweet and including the script maker’s pic of Zoom’s video call.


How Will Lucifer Season 6 Plot Be?

Lucifer Season 6 release date

Look, right now it is a bit difficult for us to predict the story of Season 6 because the eight episodes of Season 5 are yet to release. But I can share some stories that fans of drama nowadays are predicting. One of the most popular theories anticipated by a fan comes from the initial scenes of the Season 5 beginning episode.

In the initial episode, Garner gets blocked in a hell loop after this Lucifer offers him a door with the help of which he can take a glimpse of his family – a door that wasn’t on his range to reach the area of living as he hasn’t committed good deeds. The theory states that the door that Lucifer has offered is actually a path to leave hell. How interesting it will be if it happens?

On the second day of DC’s FanDome treaty that took place on 12th September the creative team of Lucifer presented a short intriguing video reel of an episode whose name is “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam.” Even though this episode will become a part of Season 5b still it seems that the drama creators are trying to make their series in new locations.

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Who Will Be Part Of Lucifer Season 6 Cast?

Lucifer Season 6 release date

If I tell you we haven’t received any detailed information about the cast of the forthcoming season. But the rumors that are running over the internet are somewhere indicating that actors will remain in Season 6. However, don’t be surprised if you see any new faces in Lucifer Season 6.

The stars that can be seen in Season 6 are:

  • Lauren German will play her role as Chloe.
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt will replicate her role as Maze.
  • Rachael Harris will be seen as Linda Martin.
  • Aimee Garcia will deliver her role as Ella Lopez.
  • Kevin Alejandro will display the character of Dan Espinoza.
  • Scarlett Estevezw will reprise her role of Trixie Espinoza.
  • DB Woodside will portray the character of Amenadiel.

But I’m not sure that these characters will be seen in the next season as eight episodes of Season 5 are on the way where anything can happen. So, we have to wait till their arrival to make more exact predictions regarding the cast.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Lucifer Season 6?

Lucifer Season 6 release date

In last season we have 9 episodes including:

  • Episode 1: Really Sad Devil Guy
  • Episode 2: Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!
  • Episode 3: ¡Diablo!
  • Episode 4: It Never Ends Well for the Chicken
  • Episode 5: Detective Amenadiel
  • Episode 6: BlueBallz
  • Episode 7: Our Mojo
  • Episode 8: Spoiler Alert
And still, 8 more episodes will come after a few months. Now, you might be thinking that the forthcoming season will also have the same number of episodes but that is not going to happen as the TV line has cleared that Season 6 will consist of 10 episodes.


Is There Any News of Lucifer Season 6 Trailer?

We have no clues about the trailer for the upcoming season. But it is not going to arrive soon because just 2 months ago the cast has started doing the shooting for season 6 and it will take fair enough time to complete. We will let know if any update regarding the Lucifer Season 6 release date and trailer reaches us, till then you can again watch the thrilling season 5 trailer embedded above.

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