Lovesick season 4 release date

Lovesick is a United Kingdom sitcom whose beginning season was premiered on Channel 4 on 2nd October 2014. Later, the season was released on Netflix in April 2015. The series shows a story of a man who is now tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease and he needs to notify his previous sexual companions about this. The series got quite satisfactory responses from viewers as well from critics.

After seeing the performance of the drama Netflix accredited the second season without the participation of Channel 4. After the renewal, the second edition of the drama arrived on Netflix on 17th November 2016. Thereafter, the series again became successful in attracting the attention of viewers and it again got great reviews from them. That’s why showrunners launched another installment i.e. season 3 on 1st January 2018.

Now, fans are hoping to watch Lovesick Season 4 in the forthcoming months. But will it happen? – Here is everything that we have figured out so far –


Has Netflix Disclosed Lovesick Season 4 Release Date?

Lovesick season 4 release date
Source – Netflix

Till now, Netflix hasn’t given any indication regarding the renewal of season 4 which makes things quite difficult for us. One way the series has given unforeseeable order in the arrival dates of the latest versions, so decoding the order and predicting Lovesick season 4 release date isn’t possible. While, on the other way, Netflix doesn’t disclose streaming views of any show, so we haven’t any clues how many streaming views the series has received.

We have also seen that UK dramas generally have fewer episodes and fewer seasons in comparison to American shows, this is why we aren’t able to predict the Lovesick Season 4 release date. However, if we consider the craze of drama among fans and critics then Netflix should renew the fourth season. The series has got stunning 8.4/10 stars on the IMDb and an outstanding score of 96 % on Rotten Tomatoes.

Well, if we consider these parameters then showrunners can be ready to make the Lovesick season 4. So, if the creators gives green light to season 4 in the forthcoming months then it can arrive by the starting of 2022. However, this is just anticipation as everything is in the hands of Netflix and showrunners. If Netflix reveals any information about season 4 we will definitely notify you.


How Will Lovesick Season 4 Plot Be?

Lovesick season 4 release date
Source – Netflix

The episodes of the series tell us about a squad of companions who are living in the same house in Glasgow, Scotland. But one day suddenly a shocking and major hurdle arrives in their lives as a man from their team named Dylan turns out positive for a sexually transmitted disease known as chlamydia. Now, he has no other choice than to accept reality and he also has to do two tasks.

Firstly, he has to take care of himself and at the same time, he also has to notify the lady he slept about this issue. The best thing that makes the series entertaining is its frivolity and most part of the story is shown via flashbacks in order to provide insights into Dyan’s life and companions nowadays. The story of Lovesick season 4 will start from where the third season concluded.

There are several things that can happen in season 4. Luke’s recently developed liking for Jonesy, and her persistent celibacy from the complications of relationships. Angus’s enticing trading proposals and Dylan’s unpredictable interaction with Evie’s former boyfriend have placed several items in the bag for season 4 to go into with.

The third season of the series was filled with a quite despondent note but it’s seeming that season 4 will try to bring a brighter aura which will give a permit to characters to have their stories. And, it will also try to progress the plot which was almost appearing still in the previous season.

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Who Will Be Part Of Lovesick Season 4 Cast?

Lovesick season 4 release date
Source – Netflix


As I told you earlier that showrunners haven’t given a green signal to the fourth season of the drama, that’s why we can’t deliver you any authentic details about the cast of season 4. However, it can’t block us from making anticipations. We all have seen how superbly stars have acted in the previous seasons of the series. They have won the hearts of viewers by delivering top-notch performances.

Also, we have seen that in all of the previously released seasons story mainly revolved around Dyan and his friends. So, it’s seeming that this time too Dyan and his companions will return in Lovesick season 4. Some new stars can also be added to the series, however, the lead characters of the show will remain the same. According to this, the actors who will be seen in season 4 are –

  • Johnny Flynn will be seen as Dylan Witter.
  • Antonia Thomas will play her role of character Evelyn Douglas.
  • Daniel Ings will be seen as Luke Curran
  • Hannah Britland will deliver her role of Abigail Saunders.
  • Joshua McGuire will portray the character of Angus Baker.
  • Richard Thomson will display the character of Malcolm (Mal).
  • Klariza Clayton will present the character of Holly.
  • Yasmine Akram will play his role of Maria.
  • Susannah Fielding will deliver her role of Phoebe Morris.
  • Riann Steele will be seen as Cleo.
  • Jamie Demetriou will portray the character of Samuels.
  • Turlough Convery will display the character of McNeish.
  • Laura Aikman will present the character of Jo.
  • Stephen Wight will play his role of Jonno.
  • Jessica Ellerby will be seen as Jane Ansell.
  • Aimee Parkes will deliver her role of Helen.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Lovesick Season 4?

Lovesick season 4 release date
Source – Netflix

In the previous season, we have seen 8 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Andi and Olivia
  • Episode 2: Bonnie
  • Episode 3: Abigail
  • Episode 4: Evie
  • Episode 5: Martha
  • Episode 6: Queen of Cups
  • Episode 7: Tasha
  • Episode 8: Evie (Part Two)

No official details have been revealed yet regarding the episodes of the forthcoming season. You might have noticed that there were 8-8 episodes in two out of three previously launched seasons. According to this, the upcoming season should also have 8 episodes.


Is There Any News Of Lovesick Season 4 Trailer?


Creators haven’t even renewed season 4 so expecting its trailer now would be too early. The trailer will only arrive after the completion of the shooting. Filming will only happen if season 4 gets renewed. In this way, the trailer is far away from us. If showrunners reveal any details about the forthcoming season we will let you know. Till then you can watch last season’s trailer inserted above.

Source: Cinemaholic

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