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Love to Hate You! Love doesn’t exist in the life of a lawyer who despises falling short against men. Can you love someone to the point where they start disliking you? Love to Hate You, an all-new television program that debuted on February 10, 2023, is a name you can be familiar with.

Many viewers are still loving the program, and they are eagerly waiting for Love to Hate You Season 2 release date. Romantic comedy is identified as the program’s category, and so far, audiences have responded favorably to the show.

Afterward, what can we do, though? As I have previously stated, the television series premiered, and in the next four to five days it got a favorable score. As a result, people are hopefully looking at Love to Hate You Season 2 release date, or more appropriately, speculating as if the show will continue or end with this season.

Love to Hate You Season 2 – What Do We Know So Far

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So before directly jumping to the Love to Hate You Season 2 release date, let’s discuss what is the main story of the drama. On February 10, 2023, the love story Love to Hate You made its debut. But do you understand the central theme of the narrative? Don’t get fret. Now, we are going to narrate the entire storyline of the series.

The hero of the tale is an advocate who is hated for losing men and a performing artist who has a problem trusting females. He doesn’t understand what romance is, and this all occurs until they are pushed into a love affair.

The main characters of Love to Hate You Season 1 include Kim Yoo-jin (Park Min-jung) as well as Lee Hyeon-woo (Lee Hyun-woo) and (Kang Tae-oh in the role). Yoo-jin is a capable lawyer, but Hyeon-woo plays a charming medical professional.

Their separate universes come together, and they are forced to date because of an unexpected occurrence. When they invest more time with one another, they discover that they have many things similar to just distinct ways of life. As their feelings grow stronger, they must decide whether they will leave previous experiences and start again.

The two major protagonists have many funny exchanges, emotional circumstances, and violent conflicts. Fans are expecting to find more stuff like this in Love to Hate You Season 2.

The initial season of the drama aired in 10 episodes. Yeo Mi-Ran probably disliked attractive men. Mi-ran starts her new job at a predominantly male law firm, facing extremely disagreeable customers. However, after finding the truth about Kang-ho, Mi-ran confronts her to seek retribution for him. Subsequently, Kang-ho asks for help from Mi-ran, a martial arts specialist.

In the Love to Hate You Season 1 finale, we begin to see how Kang-ho and Mi-ran have developed a strong bond with each other. And when Mi-ran is damaged at a certain moment, Kang-Ho finds his love for Mi-ran has grown much deeper compared to what he anticipated to be. But as soon as their affair becomes public they will have to break up their relationship.

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Love to Hate You Season 2 Release Date – When Will It Air?

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Kim Jung Kwon, the show’s director, recently spoke with the media about the Love to Hate You Season 2 release date. Given that the series has just been released for the general public, he said it is too soon to predict the possibility of a second season.

But he stated his happiness over the overseas premiere of the show before Valentine’s Day and the kind of response fans gave it. He also mentioned that if Season 2 happens, he will try to come up with more captivating stories to include in the program. If Kim’s enthusiasm and the success of the series are taken into account, the audience of the series might just get what they want from Love to Hate You Season 2.

Whether Love to Hate You Season 2 is going to be extended or dismissed is yet to be made official by Netflix. Netflix started streaming the love-themed comedy-drama on February 10, 2023. Now, until Netflix issues a formal declaration, audiences are left to make predictions about the Love to Hate You Season 2 release date.

Without worrying about the second season, we just have to enjoy the first season. Several websites have reported the latest developments, But it’s unclear whether the program will come with season 2 or not. However, a new season of the drama could possibly air at the end of 2024 or the start of 2025.

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Love to Hate You Season 2 Plot – What New Will Happen In Season 2?

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The primary leads Kim Ok-vin as Yeo Mi-ran and Teo Yoo as Nam Kang-ho can be predicted to keep up their turbulent romance if Love to Hate You is given another season. Additionally, fans can look forward to a more comprehensive look at their personalities and parts played by other characters.

The two core actors could feature in additional instances to set up their bond and follow fresh romance chances. As Yeo Mi-ran and Nam Kang-ho arrive at peace with their affection for one another, it will be interesting to see the way the drama goes ahead.

In addition, Love to Hate You Season 2 is probably going to be about the pair while they go on more journeys and encounter further challenges in their relationship.

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Love to Hate You Season 2 Cast – Who Will Comeback In Season 2?

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Since the renewal of the program is still on hold, the ensemble of actors for the next season has not yet been revealed. But if the program returns for a second season, the original cast can also make a comeback. The actors who have been part of season 1 are –

  • Kim Ok-vin as Yeo Mi-ran
  • Teo Yoo as Nam Kang-ho
  • Kim Ji-hoon as Do Won-jun
  • Go Won-hee as Shin Na-eun
  • Lee Joo-bin as Oh Se-na
  • Kim Sung-ryung as Choi Soo-jin
  • Song Ji-woo as Hwang Ji-ye
  • Han Seo-jun as Yoon Sang-seop
  • Choi Yoon-so as Grace
  • Jeon Shin-hwan as Lee Jin-seo
  • Kim Ye-ryeong as Kim Eun-hee
  • Kim Do-yeon as drama series director
  • Jo Seung-hee as Kim Ji-woo
  • Tak Aeon as a stuntman

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Love to Hate You Season 2 Trailer – Is It Arriving In 2023?

As of now the trailer for Love To Hate You season 2 is not available. Neither Netflix nor the producers of the show have made any formal declarations regarding that. However, you can watch the trailer for season 1 that has been linked above.

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Is Love to Hate You Worth Watching?

Love to Hate You characters are posing
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The show Love to Hate You has got excellent reviews. It has been rated 7.9/10 on IMDb and has an audience approval rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. We have received a lot of evaluations for the program thus far. When the numbers will be revised, we will update things immediately.

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Where to Watch Love to Hate You?

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Love To Hate You season 1 can be streamed on Netflix. So with this, now we are concluding this piece on the Love to Hate You Season 2 release date. We hope we were able to provide you with all the necessary details. If any further updates will be made official, we will reveal them here.

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