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Created by Jack Burditt, Last Man Standing is an American show that has aired on ABC and FOX. This sitcom has successfully run for nine seasons starting from 2011 and coming up till 2021. Now the topic of discussion is the chance for the arrival of Last Man Standing Season 10.

The first six seasons of the show aired on ABC which did not renew the show for a seventh season despite its great performance. Here came Fox in the picture and revived the show and took it till its ninth season which was announced in May 2020.

Read on to know all the latest details about Season 10 that we have brought for you –

Last Man Standing Season 10 – About The Show

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Last Man Standing started as a sitcom show that is centered around a married man who has three daughters. This man, Mike Baxter, happens to be the marketing director and senior executive of Outdoor Man set up at Denver in Colorado.

Mike is a supporter of the traditional ways of life. Vanessa, his wife, is a geologist who later takes up the role of a science teacher. After some seasons, the major screen space is also shared between the spouses or partners of Vanessa and Mike’s daughters, Kristin, Mandy, and Eve.

Kristin, the eldest daughter of the Baxters becomes a mother in her teens and takes up the challenge of raising her child by herself. Mandy comes second to Kristin and is very much into fashion. The youngest daughter, Eve, is both strong and smart.

Mike attempts to keep his ‘manliness’ intact in his immediate environment that is dominated by females. Mike’s family does not share and believe in the same opinions in which he does. The dynamics and characters keep changing with Outdoor Man in the backdrop from season to season and take this sitcom forward.

Is there going to be Last Man Standing Season 10?

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The ninth season aired its first episode on FOX on January 3, 2021, while its last episode was released on May 20, 2021. By the fans of the show, a new season would always be welcomed, however, this chance would not arrive.

The broadcasting network has already announced that Last Man Standing Season 10 would not see the light of the day. The ninth installment is meant to stay the last in the series and mark its end. Since the series has already ended, there is no point in discussing another season.

If fans are proven lucky, at the most we can hope to have a special episode or short series reunion of the show someday like it has happened with many successful shows in the past. No promises though!

Who All Would Join Last Man Standing Season 10 Cast?

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Last Man Standing Season 10 would not be becoming a reality. However, if ever the makers decide to surprise the fans with a special episode or a short series in the future, the star cast is expected to stay the same as the previous seasons as the show revolves around the same characters.

For the nine seasons that have been released, Tim Allen has played the role of Mike Baxter with whom the series started. Nancy Travis has stepped in to play the role of Mike’s wife, Vanessa Baxter. The three daughters of Mike and Vanessa, namely Kristin, Mandy, and Eve have been played by Amanda Fuller, Molly McCook, and Kaitlyn Dever respectively.

Christoph Sanders has played Kyle Anderson who happens to be working at Outdoor Man and is Mandy’s spouse. Krista Marie Yu has portrayed the role of Jen who is Vanessa’s student and begins living with the Baxters starting from the seventh season. Jonathan Adams has played the role of Chuck who is a neighbour of the Baxters and takes up the position of the Head of Security at Outdoor Man.

Among others, Hector Elizondo has played Ed, Vanessa’s step-father, and Mike’s business associate. All these cast members and some more are expected to make a comeback if something related to Last Man Standing ever arrives on our screens.

Last Man Standing Season 10 Plot – What Do We Expect To Happen In The Tenth Iteration?

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Last Man Standing Season 10 is not going to happen. As per the information and details that have been put across, Season 9 is going to stay the last installment in the row for this series. Under such circumstances, it seems futile to engage in brainstorming about what would happen next since this ‘next’ is not likely to arrive.

However, if a change of plans ever occurs because of the demand of the fans, the makers may come up with a special episode or something interesting, if not Last Man Standing Season 10. This would naturally pick up from some time after where the ninth season has left.

Towards the end of Season 9, we(fiferst) saw Mandy and Vanessa trying to make Jen ready for a public campsite and eventually, make her join the Baxter Boot Camp.

Also, Mike is seen telling Kristin at Outdoor Man about how work-life balance should be essentially maintained in life. However, after Kristin puts across the position of work in her life, Mike acknowledges that not prioritizing the work that you love in order to take out time for the family is indeed difficult.

Kyle wishes to engage more at the Church and makes a request for him to be allowed to work on a part-time basis at his workplace. After some conversations and pondering, Ed gets convinced and signs up the form for Kyle.

Mike finally gets the last item for the restoration of the 1956 Ford F100 in his hold. Unfortunately, theft happens that very night and the truck is gone. All try to find the truck and the culprits but in vain. It is disclosed that the truck had been taken to a chop shop and it is nowhere to be found when the police reach the site.

Towards the very end, a memorial is tried to be held by Mike and all the characters are seen sharing their memories. This marks the end of the nine-season-long journey of Last Man Standing. 

Do We Have The Trailer For Last Man Standing Season 10?

No, we(fiferst) do not have the trailer for Last Man Standing Season 10 and as the facts and figures lying before we speak, we won’t be getting one.

Missing the series?

Here’s the trailer for Last Man Standing Season 9 for you to revive what you’ve been missing on –



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