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With the release of Kotaro Lives Alone, fans started to make predictions about the show and everything it would have to offer. As soon as the first season was released, rumours of Season 2 started to circulate. A slice-of-life comedy animation produced in Japan exclusively for Netflix, Kotaro Lives Alone is a translation of Mami Tsumura’s manga series.

Here is all we currently know about Netflix’s Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Synopsis – What Has Happened In The Anime Series So Far?

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Kotaro Lives Alone Season 1 was a sentimental manga that alternated between being heart-touching and depressing. We’re optimistic that Netflix will soon announce the series’ second season because there is still more of the manga that needs to be translated.

Kotaro Sato, a 4-year-old surprising new renter, moves into the Shimizu Apartments. Kotaro goes on his daily shopping excursion while carrying his toy sword around his waist. Kotaro, being young, is knowledgeable beyond his years and starts to have an impact on others around him as he demonstrates his resolve to live a solid life while waiting for the day he may be reunited with his parents.

The sorrowful and terrible events that led Kotaro to live alone were extensively explored in the Kotaro Lives Alone Season 1. The small child has had a continual attentive eye, though, due to Kotaro’s neighbour Karino, and as each day goes by, Karino grows more and more fond of the youngster.

Even though Kotaro still has plenty of little experiences in his neighbourhood to look forward to, he hasn’t yet learned that his mother has passed away because of Karino’s startling revelation. The boy’s father, who is still alive but abusive, is barred from seeing Kotaro because of it. Karino is currently the closest thing Kotaro has to a family member.

One of the hardest mangas to find on the internet with full translations for all 8 currently available volumes is Kotaro Lives Alone. So difficult, in fact, that the only copies of the manga that have been made so far are those being sold on the Japanese publishers’ websites.

What can be expected in Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2? Read on to find out!

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Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Release Date – Has The Sequel Been Called off?

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Kotaro Lives Alone has been premiering on Netflix for a long time, but the OTT platform has not yet mentioned if the series will be back for season 2. It’s unusual for a series to be greenlit on Netflix within a few days of its release unless it’s explicitly announced that it will.

We hope that Kotaro Lives Alone manga will be revived at some point in the near future considering the encouraging reviews of viewers. You will be amazed to know that the series has attained the top 10 in five different regions on Netflix. In Japan, where its greatest ranking was 3 on March 13, it has made it into the top 10 list, which is noteworthy.

If Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 ever receives a renewal, the new episodes may arrive by the end of 2023 or in the first quarter of 2024. It won’t likely appear again until the spring or summer of 2024, though, if Liden Films is awaiting authorization to create new episodes.

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Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Cast – Will New Be Actors Joining The Sequel?

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If the show receives a second season, the chances of the previous characters coming back are extremely high. The second season of the show may have a full cast of recurring characters. The list of characters that may appear in Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 are:

  • Kotaro Satō is depicted by Eito Kawahara and voiced by Rie Kugimiya.
  • Shin Karino is played by You Yokoyama and voiced by Toshika Masuda.
  • Isamu Tamaru is depicted by Katsuhisa Namase and voiced by Junichi Suwabe.
  • Mizuki Akitomo is represented by Maika Yamamoto and voiced by Saori Hayami.
  • Ayano Kobayashi is played by Kanako Momota and expressed byYumiri Hanamori.
  • Aota is voiced by Soma Saito
  • Ryōta is voiced by Kaito Ishikawa
  • Tōko Futaba is Portrayed by Natsuki Deguchi and voiced by Yūka Morishima
  • Takuya is voiced by Minami Shinoda
  • Tonosaman is voiced by Rie Kugimiya

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Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Plot – How Can The Series Storyline Progress?

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In Kotaro Lives Alone Season 1, we discover that Kotaro has experienced a number of unfortunate and upsetting events as a result of which he now lives alone. His parents have ignored him. His many hilarious eccentricities, including his love of Kleenex, are the product of prior trauma. Kotaro was forced to consume tissues because he was left to starve.

A young kid in the neighbourhood named Karino, who has been keeping a close check on Kotaro, made the startling finding that he is uninformed of his mother’s passing. Although Kotaro’s father is still alive, he abuses the youngster and avoids him.

Kotaro’s family is only known by the name Karino. As there is no update about Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 as of now one can assume that the sequel may unveil further secrets of Kotaro’s family and may also adopt the same storyline as the mangas.

The manga’s first two volumes are now available to read online thanks to a recent promotion. There are no English translations, and reading forward from volume 3 requires payment.

The first season would have finished around the conclusion of volume 4, according to what we could infer from what we discovered online. This means that the anime adaptation of at least four more volumes is waiting.

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Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Trailer – Is It Out Already?

The trailer of Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 is yet to be released. The program is still in its early stages, and a second season has not yet been ordered. However, many are hoping that a teaser may be published soon and that the series will be revived.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 1 trailer is currently available and can be viewed by clicking on the link above!

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Is Kotaro Lives Alone Worth Watching?

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Amazing animation graced the first season of Kotaro Lives Alone, which was produced by Asbirds and directed by Kana Matsumoto and Naomi Kinoshita. Renato wrote the first season, while Daisuke Shinoda provided the soundtrack. TV Asahi was Kotaro Lives Alone’s first network.

Kotaro Lives Alone was an excellent anime series, and all of its viewers are somewhat interested in the manga adaptation of the same name. Similar to the anime series, the Kotaro Lives Alone manga is rich and healthy, has a lovely graphic style, and is created simply. So don’t hesitate to read the Kotaro Lives Alone manga series; it’s really worth it.

Kotaro Lives Alone has received many favourable reviews from viewers, and the first season has received 8.4/10 on IMDb and 8.3/10 on MyAnimelist.

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Where To Watch Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2?

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Kotaro Lives Alone, an anime series, hasn’t been seen by many viewers yet. If you fall into this category, all of the episodes of Kotaro Live Alone Season 1 are accessible on Netflix. Therefore, if you want to view this programme, you should get an annual Netflix subscription and it is quite possible that Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 will also be made available on Netflix if it ever gets released.

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