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This year we have already got the opportunity to witness some of the fabulous web series like Avrodh and Undekhi on Sony Liv. But, before we feel even a bit boredom, again the OTT platform has announced another suspenseful and adventurous web series ‘JL50’. Although the JL50 release date hasn’t revealed by the makers of the series, yet it is expected to release very soon.

What tells the JL50 Teaser?

Just 4 days ago Sony Liv has published the ‘JL50 teaser’ over Youtube. It has crossed stunning 6.2 lakh+ views on it. The teaser depicts a story of a jet that went unknown more than 3 decades ago and it collided just 7 days before. What happened with that jet? How many suspicious facts are there in it?


Who are the Main Stars of the Web Series?

1. Abhay Deol

JL50 teaser
In the ‘JL50’ teaser, he is in the character of a surveillance executive. He is cross-questioning from a dubious guy, whose character is shown by Pankaj Kapoor. Through JL50 he is beginning his career in the digital industry. You could have seen Abhay in several super hit movies like Lucky! Lucky! Oye!, DevD and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

Even you may agree with the fact that it was his great skills that made him one the most liked and popular actors in India. Do you know he got the best supporting actor award for his superb acting for the movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’.


2. Pankaj Kapoor

JL50 teaser
The actor by seeing whom we spent our childhood days, I’m pretty much sure you could have seen in several TV shows. One of the most famous shows you may have watched in your childhood time would be ‘Karamchand’. Due to his dedicated acting in the movies like Raakh, Ek Doctor Ki Maut, and Maqbool, he received National Awards.

Through, JL 50 he too starting his digital career. This time you will see him in the role of a dubious man who is giving an answer to the questions of an officer who is from the Investigation Department.

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3. Piyush Mishra

JL50 Teaser
What kind of role he is playing in hasn’t been revealed before us by JL50 teaser. But before acting in this web series he previously worked in Voot thrilling web series ‘Illegal: Justice, Out Of Order’. Piyush has mainly worked more in theaters and along with working in theaters, he had also written lyrics of several tracks. Piyush also got the opportunity to work in lead character in ‘The Shaukeens’ movie which was released in the year 2014.


4. Rajesh Sharma

JL50 Teaser
Seeing his face, you may be thinking that you have seen him somewhere. Don’t worry I can help you to find out where you have seen him? If you have watched ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ you may have seen him the role of Dhoni’s cricket coach.

He was also part of several Hindi superhit movies like Special 26, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Bajrangi Bhaijan, Super 30, etc. If you have seen prime video’s ‘Pataal Lok’ there he played the role of Gwala Gujjar. In the JL50 teaser, his role is not looking much clear but it will be revealed very soon.

5. Ritika Anand

JL50 Teaser

Ritika is not only an actress but she is also a Producer. She is a multi-talented girl, you will be surprised to listen that in the initial days of her journey she has choreographed some shows too. She was part of the movie ‘Three Colors & A Canvas’ which was released in the year 2014. Now, after some time you will see her in the role of Bihu Ghosh in Sony Liv’s upcoming ‘JL50’ web series.

Along with these stars, the other members of the JL50 cast are Deepti Singh, Devendra Singh, Jubin Nautiyal, Manish Pal Singh, Pujarini, Robit Basfore. Shailendra Vyas is the one who has written and directed this thrilling JL50.

If we thoroughly watch the JL50 teaser, it shows that the cast of the web series had given their best efforts to make their respective characters superb. While if we consider background music it is also looking very suspenseful and thrilling. As per predictions, it is going to be a very intense and adventurous web series.

Sony Liv’s JL50 release date is not completely revealed, but it is expected that the web series will be released in the month of September. Also, the official release date of the JL50 trailer is not yet announced.

Source: The Indian Express

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