Inside Edge Season 3 release date

We are impatiently waiting for Inside Edge Season 3 after we enjoyed watching the past two seasons. The last season of the series was released on 10th July 2019 and from then people are excited to watch Inside Edge season 3. Most web show lovers are predicting that season-3 will arrive this year. I think you may be expecting the same.

But let me clear that you are a bit wrong. Do you know why? Because COVID-19 has affected a lot to the shooting phase of the series, that’s why we can’t expect from makers to release the series in the remaining 3 months of this year. But there are a few updates regarding the Inside Edge season 3, that you might not know. To know them, follow the article till last. So that you don’t miss any vital details of the series.

Is there Any Unknown Fact About Amazon Primes Inside Edge Web Series?

Inside Edge Season 3 release date

Yes, there is quite an interesting and unknown fact about the series that most people don’t know. Are you curious to know what it is? Hold your breath as I’m going to tell you that hidden fact about the prime video’s Inside Edge.

As I already told you that it has received pretty well reviews from the audience and critics. Also, due to its strong script and impeccable performances of Inside Edge Cast, the series was nominated for 46th International Emmy Awards in the category of best drama series.

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What Will Be The Inside Edge Season 3 Cast?

Inside Edge Season 3


There are maximum chances that actors will replicate their roles in the upcoming part too.

  • Vivek will be displaying the character of Vikrant Dhawan. He is the leader of a popular sports management firm.
  • Aamir Bisht will be seen in the character of Yashvardhan Patil/Bhaisahab. He is the president of ICB(Indian Cricket Board) and also the owner of the Power Play League.
  • Richa will be presenting the role of Zarina Malik. She is co-founder of Mumbai Mavericks and an actress who is constantly losing her respect and dignity in society.
  • Sapna Pabbi will replicate her character of Mantra Patil. She too is a co-founder of Mumbai Mavericks. The daughter of Yashvardhan and the lady love of Mantra.
  • Tanuj Virwani will portray the role of Vayu Raghavan. He is an aggressive popular player and captain of the Mavericks. He had remained in a relationship with Mantra.
  • Siddhant Chaturvedi will be delivering the role of Prashant Kanaujia. He is a crook pace bowler entered to Mavericks and that guy who smartly removed Vayu.
  • Angad Bedi will be depicting the character of Arvind Vashishth. He has remained an international player and skipper of the Mavericks. Thereafter, he also emerged as a skipper of Haryana Hurricanes.
  • Sayani Gupta will replicate the role of Rohini Raghavan who is a sibling of Vayu and chief analyst of Mavericks and Hurricanes.

What Will Be The Inside Edge Season 3 Story?

Inside Edge delivers a tale of the Mumbai Mavericks which is a T-20 cricket league team and plays in the Powerplay League. The complete series encircles around greediness, selfishness, and the power of money. It shows the successes and failures of Mumbai Marcericks in the tournament and traces the issues of spot-mixing and proprietorship of the team.

In the ending episode of Inside Edge Season 2, you might have seen that Mumbai Mavericks got banned for 20 years because the franchise was indulged in illegal issues like match-fixing. Therefore, Inside Edge season 3 will resume from here, and therefore, it will be quite interesting to see how Mavericks will encounter this problem? Will the team use any strategy or not? If not then which path they will be going to adopt to come out of this trouble.

Is there any specific Inside Edge Season 3 Release Date?

Inside Edge Season 3

Due to this pandemic, you might have witnessed that shooting of most of the upcoming web shows and movies got postponed. The same is in the case of Inside Edge season 3, they too are badly hit by this pandemic and therefore they haven’t worked more on the season-3 of the series.

But the one joyful update about the series is that the entire team has begun their basic working on Inside Edge season 3 and, it is looking that they won’t start until this life-threatening disease is gone. Therefore, we can expect that the Inside Edge season 3 will arrive till next half of 2021.

But we wish whenever it will arrive, it will meet our expectations. How the past two seasons performed and entertained us was amazing? we hope that it will do the same. Till then, stay connected with us for further updates regarding the series.

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