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One of the most amazing competition shows, Ink Master has gained a lot of hype! The audience has gone all cracked up for the Ink Master Season 15 release date. It is a reality television show that has adopted a very distinctive approach for tattoo artists to showcase their talent! Just like the name suggests this series shows the mastery level skills of the artists and allows us to have a sneak – peak into their workings.

This show gives elite tattoo artists a golden chance to portray their talent and at the same time gives us an epitome full of entertainment. If you’re also intrigued about what’s the update regarding Ink Master Season 15, be with us and keep reading, we’re sure you’d get answers to all your questions!

Ink Master Season 15 – What Is The Basic Theme Of The Drama?

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Ink Master is a competitive show wherein super-talented tattoo artists enter into a contest with one another and at the end, the show comes up with a winner! You can witness a brim-to-brim competition among the participants along with a lot of mind games, policies, and strategies to win the show!

The spellbound and outstanding artistic skills of the members shall leave you all completely thrilled and since it is a reality show it’ll add up extra spice when it comes to indulging you! You’d see how their imaginative qualities get life via their art. After all the hustle, one winner gets announced and is regarded as the ‘Ink Master’.

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Ink Master Season 15 Release Date – Will It Premiere In 2023?

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Ink Master has been a banger since it gained a lot of success and a considerable amount of popularity in its previous seasons! All 14 seasons were loved by the audience and inevitably the demand for Ink Master Season 15 release date has been increasing rapidly. Just like you, we’re also intrigued about the coming up of the next season!

Unfortunately, there has been no official approval by the creators when it comes to the launch of the next season but the good part is that, its cancellation isn’t verified as well! So definitely we can expect the next part and remain hopeful!

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Ink Master Season 15 Plot – What Will Happen Next?

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As we are already aware that there is no fixed official announcement of Ink Master Season 15 Release Date, so we can not really decide who will be participating next however just like the previous format wherein the artist is tested by a challenge and he/she will have to excel in nonrelated tattooing skills in the next season too!

Just like the previous seasons, the winner of this round will get the chance to pick up their human canvas and form a team. After that elimination will take place leaving over 4 contestants who shall be called back and rewarded as per their top two or bottom two positions!

Also if we talk with regard to previous seasons, there might be some familiar faces in Ink Master Season 15 and if we talk about the judges there are chances that some new entities would show up.

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Ink Master Season 15 Cast – Will We Get To See Some New Faces?

The cast members of Ink Master
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As far as the host is concerned there is no fixed face for the same! Earlier it was hosted by Dave Navarro for a long time whereas later on Joel Madden substituted him so we can’t really be firm on who is going to be the host for Ink Master Season 15.

On the other hand, if we talk about the judges they were Chris Nunez, Oliver Peck, Ami James, Nicko Hurtado, and many such profound personalities, earlier! In the next season, we might have them again or maybe some new faces come to us as judges.

Lastly, when it comes to contestants we are unaware as to who’ll be showing up as competitors in the next phase as it’s a reality-based competition! All we can do is wait for some new updates patiently.

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Where To Watch Ink Master Season 15?

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Ink Master has really taken into consideration the competition very seriously and the streaming of the same has reached to next level! If you are planning to watch the same you can do it by having access to Paramount Network as you can’t expect any more from a highly clouted show!

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Ink Master Season 15 – Is It Worth Watching?

This show is one of the most elite and eye-catchy shows of the present time! moreover, if we pay attention to the IMDb rating which is 7.4 out of 10, not only this it has received 36% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and a good rate of 3/5 from Common Sense Media Reviewer!

Considering the fact that people of the USA are too much into tattoos, this show is loved by Americans especially. Hence looking at the above information we can definitely say that this show is worth watching, so go ahead and don’t miss a chance!

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Ink Master Season 15 Trailer – Is It Officially Out?


Since we have no official update about the release date of season 15 of Ink Master we inevitably don’t have any clue about its trailer as of now! But you can have a look at the previous season’s trailer and refresh yourself!

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