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Sitcoms meaning ‘Situational Comedies’ is a genre that has truly created a fan base globally. This genre has truly been admired by all the sects of the audience. This concept was widespread in the late 2010s and then the creation of shows like I’m Sorry started to create.

The fan base for this ‘American Sitcom’ was high and this led back to a backdrop of its seasons. 

The comedy-drama has always been proved heart lightening for the viewers and comedy never fails to entertain the viewers. Sitcom and Comedy are the most hyped and flashed genres that the makers try to script upon because of their everlasting impact on the fans.

Now since 2019, the audience has been eagerly awaiting the drop of the brand I’m Sorry Season 3 because of the great concept and sitcom that has proved to highlight the glitz to the show. 

After the leap of 3years, the viewers are all set to head on for the release of the new season.

Let’s hope for the best, and curiously wait to enjoy the journey of a sitcom I’m Sorry Season 3 yet again!


I’m Sorry Season 3 – What do we know about the show?

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I’m Sorry is a comedy-drama television series that was well known for its American Sitcom. It was widely loved by the audience for its great genre. The show gained an 8/10 IMDb rating and great feedback for its performance. 

The first season of the show premiered back in the year 2017 with 10 impactful heart-winning episodes. I’m Sorry Season 1 & 2 just grabbed a great fan base because of their great performance and storyline. The show’s both seasons were released on the Trutv platform. 

In the year 2018, the consecutive release was announced but failed and was delayed. In 2019 the I’m Sorry Season 2 was yet again back with 10episodes and managed to spread its magic again.

The story of the show was all around the protagonist Andrew Warren who is residing in Suburban LA and served as a writer. Over the episodes of the series, the protagonist is seen exploring different ideas that include socialism, aspects of motherhood, arts of martial arts, and various professional careers.

The makers did an amazing job in creating this series because both the seasons gained a lot of popularity and great ratings. 75% of the percentage I’m Sorry successfully grabbed through Rotten tomatoes.

The credits of such impactful feedback were all because of gluing subplots and indulging plotlines. 

Now the arrival of a brand new season remains a question mark until now!

So this is what our sources could bring out for you! Stay tuned with the article for getting to know about upcoming updates of the show!

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I’m Sorry Season 3 plot – What awaits in the story next?

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I am sorry was telecasted firstly on the small OTT platform Trutv on 12th of July 2017, after almost 1 year the 2nd season was also dropped on the same ott platform that is on Trutv on 9th January 2019, and it score 8 points according to IMDb. The plot revolves around the real-life story of a working woman who deals with her work life as well as household life namely Andrea Warren in the show. She is a very good writer who mainly writes a script based on comedy from her life moments. 

She gives her best in this profession and she also tries to balance her life as a mother of her daughter. Additionally, she faced a lot of hurdles in her life especially when she start scriptwriting because some comments are offensive, racisms but she doesn’t bother about them which will try to keep motivating her towards her goal and future aspects.

In the concluding, I’m Sorry season 2’s tenth episode Andrea offered the last rites to her uncle and discovered several hidden secrets related to Jeniffer’s new boyfriend.

Now in I’m Sorry Season 3 the protagonist will be seen revealing the truth of Jennifer’s boyfriend and she will also be seen different hardships as a woman!

These are all the pre assumptions let’s see what is interesting awaits the audience in the drop of I’m Sorry Season 3.

Until then let’s eagerly wait for the comeback of the new season patiently!

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I’m Sorry Season 3 Release Date – Will the show arrive by 2022?

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Earlier also the platform of Trutv unexpectedly claimed about the cancellation of the comeback of I’m Sorry Season 2 and the following season unexpectedly released in the year 2019 instead of 2018.

Several rumours and buzz claimed the cancellation of I’m Sorry Season 3 and many reasons can be held responsible for the same. TruTv claimed officially about the cancellation of I’m Sorry Season 3 and following the comeback of the new season’s concerns, it stands cancelled until now.

Due to COVID restrictions and disruption of production networks, the season was probably delayed. The cancellation rumours and delay of the show led to distress amongst the audience.

Since the storyline and the concept of the show are quite engaging for the audience and the Sitcom concept has successfully created its separate fanbase. This has led to an impatient audience demanding the makers for the drop of a brand new I’m Sorry Season 3 with many interesting threads and struggles. 

So after rounds of discussions and several flashed headlines regarding the comeback of I’m Sorry Season 3’s drop after COVID has led to higher expectations of its viewers. 

Now assuming the show to be back by the wrap-up of this year 2022!

Keeping our fingers crossed, just wait for what awaits!

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I’m Sorry Season 3 Cast – Who will be part of the upcoming season?

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Earlier many rumours regarding the cancellation for the drop of I’m Sorry Season 3 were claimed. 

But since there’s no such official update and confirmation for the cancellation of the show from makers and production houses the expectancies of the audience have gained because of the long leap of almost 3years in the show.

Until the show’s update for a drop of I’m Sorry new Season 3 comes just have a glance at the leading cast of the show:

  • Andrea Savage as Andrea Warren
  • Tom Everett as Mike Harris played, Andrea Warren’s husband
  • Olive Petrucci as Amelia Harris-Warren
  • Kathy Baker as Sharon
  • Nelson Franklin as David
  • Judy Greer as Maureen
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Kyle
  • Martin Mull as Martin
  •  Lyndon Smith as Miss Shelly
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Brian, along with,
  • Steve Zissis as Sandy

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I’m Sorry Season 3 Trailer – Has the trailer yet dropped?

Until now the show’s release date remains a mystery to its audience. Whereas, the trailer is the feast for the audience’s eyes when it comes to the arrival of the show. The delay of the I’m Sorry Season 3 has led all the fan base into distress. Here’s the link to the trailer of the previous I’m Sorry Season 2’s trailer link. 

Until the time I’m Sorry Season 3 updates are released just roll through the previous seasons of the show and get nostalgic seeing the previous season’s trailer.

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