House of cards season 7 release date

House of Cards has remained one of the finest American political drama series ever made by Beau Willimon. People loved the concept of the drama a lot and that’s why it continued its journey smoothly till the 6th season. Now, last season was released on 2 November 2018 and since then more than 2 years have passed and we have not yet got the opportunity to watch its season 7.

If I’m not wrong you too have been trying to explore House Of Cards Season 7 release date for the last few months. But you might haven’t got any news regarding it. Now, I have discovered very accurate news about next season that you will surely want to know.

Firstly, I just want to clear to you that it isn’t good news. If you are a big lover of series then it is going to be heartbreaking news for you. So, let me tell you what it is?

Has Netflix Disclosed House Of Cards Season 7 Release Date?

House of Cards Season 7 release date

No, the official streaming partner of the political drama series hasn’t made any official announcement for the next season. Actually, many artists including Anthony Rapp, Roberto Cavazos, and Tony Montana have put the blame of molestation on the main star Kevin Spacey.

Now, seeing this big controversy that has surrounded the actor from all sides Netflix had planned to remove Kevin Spacey who had been playing the role of the central character of Frank Underwood.

They did so by displaying the suspicious death of Frank Underwood in season 6 after which his spouse was exploring the reality behind tragic death along with doing his duties as President of the United States. Presently, the creators have paused the project by saying that season 6 was the final part.

The cause behind this is what we have discussed earlier i.e. the dispute which is going into the life of the main actor Kevin Spacey. Because of it, it has become quite hard for them to create the next season in his absence because his character has gathered a huge fan base since the release of the series and also has got immense love from the audience.

However, it also doesn’t mean that season 7 will never be made. Maybe the creators renew the series after this controversy overs. So, we don’t have to lose our hopes and keep them alive. After the coming few months we may get to hear any positive updates regarding the next season.

What Is All About House Of Cards Plot?

House of cards season 7 plot

In the series, we have seen a story of a deterministic and enthusiastic Congressman Frank Underwood whose dream is to become the President of the US, and also he was given assurity to make him Secretary of the State. But he gets deceive and after that, he plans to extract avenge from fraudsters who did so with him.

Unfortunately, in season 6 he loses his life after which his spouse receives the crown of President of the United States. After, this she starts exploring evidence regarding her hubby’s demise because she believes that there was some sort of conspiracy behind Frank’s death. In the last of season 6, we see Claire Underwood murdering Dough Stamper with his knife.

In this way, the drama ends on an unsatisfactory note leading to several questions unanswered. That’s why it seeming that even late, but season 7 will surely be made. Hence, it will be interesting to see how the story proceeds in the next season.

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Who Will Be Part Of House Of Cards Season 7 Cast?

House of cards season 7 release date
The talks of creators hints they will go with the same stars who worked in previous versions. So, I think whenever the next season comes cast will be the same. Also, the actors have got overwhelming responses from the audience that’s why there are a few chances that they will be changed in the upcoming season.

At the same time, some new faces can be seen in season 7. So, If these predictions are going to be true then we will surely witness our favorite stars back in action in House of cards season 7 episodes. Hence we will again see them reprising their previous roles. So, as per that –

  • Robin Wright will be seen as Claire Underwood.
  • Kate Mara will portray the character of Zoe Barnes.
  • Michael Kelly will present the character of Douglas Stamper.
  • Kristen Connolly will deliver his role as Christina Gallagher.
  • Constance Zimmer will replicate his character of Janine Skorsky
  • Michel Gill will display the character of Garrett Walker.
  • Sebastian Arcelus will reprise his role as Lucas Goodwin.
  • Boris McGiver will be seen as Tom Hammerschmidt.
  • Sakina Jaffrey will play the role of Linda Vasquez.
  • Derek Cecil will present the character of Seth Grayson.
  • Lars Mikkelsen will potray the character of Viktor Petrov.
  • Campbell Scott will display the character of Mark Usher.
  • Patricia Clarkson will be seen as Jane Davis.
  • Diane Lane will replicate his role as Annette Shepherd.
  • Greg Kinnear will play the character of Bill Shepherd.
  • Cody Fern will present the character of Duncan Shepherd.

How Many Episodes Will Be In House Of Cards Season 7?

House of cards season 7 release date

In season 6 we all enjoyed watching 8 episodes including –

  • Chapter 66
  • Chapter 67
  • Chapter 68
  • Chapter 69
  • Chapter 70
  • Chapter 71
  • Chapter 72
  • Chapter 73

So, if season 7 gets renewal then as per predictions it will have 8-10 episodes.

When We Will Finally Get To See House Of Cards Season 7 Episodes?

House Of Cards season 7 release date

The drama has got fabulous 8.7/10 stars on the IMDb after receiving more than 4 Lakh+ votes. I think this parameter will play a major role in the renewal of the series. But on the other hand, the kind of ending we have seen in season 6 doesn’t indicate the returning of lead actor Kevin Spacey.

So, whenever season 7 will be made he won’t be there. The reactions and comments that makers have passed in the last couple of months signal the least possibility of renewal of season 7. It’s hard to say but perhaps you will never get to know about the House Of Cards Season 7 Release Date. However, if we get any positive news regarding it in near future we will let you know. Till then stay in touch with us.

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